You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter C.942 (The Frustrated Officer)

Chapter 942 (The Frustrated Officer)

The entire training room echoed with Lin Cheng's angry roars. His furious little fist struck directly at Ye Yan's chest.

Lin Cheng felt a surge of excitement; finally, he was about to defeat him. He wanted everyone to know that he, Lin Cheng, could also knock down Ye Yan and become an elite disciple. The idea was good, but reality was quite harsh.

Ye Yan looked at the small fist on his chest. The fist was already scratched and oozing blood from hitting the wooden stakes, looking quite miserable.

'At this moment, should I put on a little act? After all, Lin Cheng is working so hard. If I show no reaction, what if it affects him? What if he gets discouraged? Then I would be the culprit.'

Seeing Ye Yan seemingly hesitating, Lin Cheng was surprised. After all, his fist had just hit Ye Yan's chest. Wasn't this the expected reaction?

"Ah! It hurts! It's so painful!" Ye Yan immediately took a step back, clutching his chest.

Ye Liu, sitting on the side, chuckled lightly. Her brother really knew how to deal with people; this was too much of a blow.

Lin Cheng looked at Ye Yan clutching his chest as if he was dying, and his eyes seemed to spew fire!

It wasn't like this just now.

"You're a master; I can't beat you," Ye Yan said in pain, clutching his chest. He was genuinely concerned, hoping that Lin Cheng could feel his care.

However, Lin Cheng didn't feel it at all. Pointing at Ye Yan, he shouted, "Do you still look down on me? Show me your true strength and fight me!"

'If I really unleash my true strength, you'll be done for. The gap between us is destined to be an unbridgeable chasm.'

Ye Liu sighed with relief and leaped lightly to the side. "Alright, don't waste time. Lin Cheng, go back and rest."

"No! I want to fight him!" Lin Cheng looked at Ye Liu, unwilling to give up.

"You're not his opponent; go back," Ye Liu persuaded again.

Ye Yan also stopped pretending and said to his sister, "Liu'er, don't tease him."

"Brother, it's almost enough. We have more important things to do."

Lin Cheng clenched his small fists, realising that he wasn't doing something important. They completely looked down on him!

'I, Lin Cheng, will prove it!

You will all kneel before me and repent for today's mistake. I swear I will achieve it!'

The two siblings watched the departing figure, feeling helpless.

"Liu'er, you're really too much. Don't do this in the future," Ye Yan, as the older brother, still wanted to maintain a good image.

Ye Liu chuckled lightly, "Brother, you are even more ruthless. You could have just knocked him down, and he would understand the vast difference. He wouldn't hold any illusions."

"Ah, if life has no fantasies, what's the difference from being a salted fish?"

"Brother, stop using daddy's way of speaking; you have no aura at all," Ye Liu said, feeling completely unimpressed.

"Ah, really no aura at all? Why can't I learn daddy's style? It's so charming." Ye Yan sighed in dismay; in this life, besides being a musician, becoming a man like daddy, who could stand out just by standing there, was the only goal. That kind of style was so captivating.

"Brother, you still need some practice, although it may not necessarily be effective," Ye Liu said, walking over to the opposite side of Ye Yan.

"Liu'er, you're really good at undermining people; I'll definitely learn it," Ye Yan responded.

"Alright, let's start practising," Ye Liu waved her hand, indicating that she was ready.

Ye Yan nodded and asked, "What intensity should I aim for?"

"Don't be too exaggerated," Ye Liu replied.


The two siblings began sparring in the training room, and the sounds of their impacts echoed within.

Lin Cheng, standing outside, glanced back at the training room and then turned away. The outcome of their match was still uncertain!

Even Ye Hua probably couldn't have anticipated such a significant change between the children. Ultimately, blood ties prevailed. They were all born of the same mother.

However, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi now regretted it. This shameless Ye Hua, whether possessed or misguided, acted like a tyrant, constantly demanding without end.

Regrettable to have encountered such a man for eight lifetimes. If you want to punish us, at least tell us what we did wrong. Can't we correct our mistakes in the future? But he never mentions the key points, just tormenting us endlessly.

Divorce! Can't go on like this.

This was what they thought in their hearts, but their bodies told a different story.

Feels so good, so happy~

Daji, who was waiting outside, looked envious. The master and madam hadn't come out for days; she really wanted to share the damage with the madam.

Just as Daji was fantasising, Luo Hu, holding a white fan, appeared at the door. "Your subordinate Luo Hu pays respects, Your Excellency."

After Kai Yun and Yue Hua left, Luo Hu took over the management of all internal and external affairs in the city. Now, facing a problem, he wanted to consult Ye Hua for guidance.

Lowering his head, Luo Hu saw no response. He smiled at Daji, "Miss Daji, please inform Your Excellency."

How could Daji disturb her master's peace? She casually replied, "Your Excellency has been busy these days."

"I really have an urgent matter to discuss with Your Excellency," Luo Hu pleaded.

This scene reminded people of those foolish emperors. Loyal officials came to report outside, seeking an audience with the emperor for urgent matters. However, the emperor, inside his room, indulge in pleasures, seemingly ignorant of the outside world.

"Your Excellency is currently unavailable," Daji calmly said.

"I truly have urgent matters to discuss with Your Excellency," Luo Hu implored.

This situation brought to mind those incompetent emperors. Devoted officials knelt outside, urgently seeking an audience. Yet, the emperor, enjoying his time with beautiful women, was the harbinger of a fallen kingdom.

"Your Excellency is busy right now," Daji said casually.

Luo Hu dared not force his way in. After all, it wasn't a critical matter. It was just that there had been many fights and brawls in the city lately. Originally a simple matter, but due to these fights, things had become complicated.

In the city now, a small faction expressed support for the foreign race, believing that there were good people among them. As a result, those who harboured resentment against the foreign race became even more hostile. The enmity kept escalating, and they eventually resorted to violence.

Now, there were both good and bad among the foreign races. But because of this hatred, the situation worsened, leading to brawls and fights.

This situation has become quite serious. It's escalating from minor skirmishes every day to bigger fights every two days, and group clashes every three days.

Now, the question arises: whom should we detain? Currently, Ye Hua advocates for peaceful coexistence. If we detain those who support the foreign race, wouldn't that alienate them? On the other hand, if we detain those who harbour hatred towards the foreign race, wouldn't that be perceived as supporting the foreign race? The problem is, now is not the right time for such actions; it could lead to significant consequences.

Therefore, Luo Hu is undecided and wishes to seek guidance from Ye Hua on how to handle this delicate matter.

However, at this moment, Ye Hua is still peacefully sleeping with his two charming wives. He plans to continue with his affairs when he wakes up, not making any public appearances for at least a month. After all, they dared to call him trash; Ye Hua holds grudges quite well.

"Miss Daji, if Your Excellency comes out, please inform me," Luo Hu asked.

"Alright," Daji replied casually. However, in reality, she had no intention of informing him. She was busy serving Ye Hua and had no time for such matters.

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