Wilderness Livestream: Other People Struggle to Survive While I Became Famous by Looking After a Cat

Chapter 308 - 308: Chaotic Gossip

Chapter 308: Chaotic Gossip

Translator: Zayn_

The box office of Murder of the Rose broke through 200 million on the first day, bringing more popularity. At the same time, it also caused Song Qingyou’s fans, Zhong Jiayin’s and Fu Chen’s fans to tear each other apart even more intensely.

In between the cracks, Shengshi Entertainment’s new drama, The Editorial Room, was officially announced to be completed and would be broadcast soon.

Song Qingyou, who was at the center of the storm, quickly forwarded the news posted by the production team’s official Weibo account.

Almost as soon as she reposted it, Shen Xiyan’s The Perfect Lawyer was also officially announced to have finished filming and even bought a trending search.

Now that Murder of the Rose was in the limelight, everyone thought that The Perfect Lawyerwovld only be trending for half a day at most.

Mo Zhenning also thought so.

In the end, after a night, the hashtag # Perfect Lawyer’s filming ended# did not fall from the trending list. Instead, it was showing signs of becoming the top trending topic.

Shen Xiyan’s team clicked on it and saw a lot of articles with highly similar content:

#Shen Xiyan stepped on Lin Siya, saying The Perfect Lawyerwas ‘perfect’#

#Shen Xiyan VS Lin Siya? Shen Xiyan said that The Editorial Room was not as good as The Perfect Lawyer#

#Shen Xiyan: I’m younger than Lin Siya#

#Gu Xingchen supports Shen Xiyan#

# The Editorial Room? The Perfect Lawyer? Which urban workplace drama is better?#

#Can the scriptwriter of The Editorial Room, Qing Meng, create another viewership legend?#

Lin Siya’s fans were already in an uproar.

If this continued, Shen Xiyan’s popularity would be ruined.

Mo Zhenning woke up early in the morning and was informed to look at these things. He instantly felt uncomfortable and immediately drove to the Shen family’s house.

After waiting in the living room for more than half an hour, Shen Xiyan finally came down from upstairs.

“Why are you in such a hurry? Why can’t we talk about it in the afternoon?”

Shen Xiyan glared at her agent with dissatisfaction.

Mo Zhenning was already used to the other party’s temper. He went straight to the point and asked, “After filming for The Perfect Lawyer, did you accept any media interviews?”

“Yes, I did.” Shen Xiyan reached out to admire her fingernails. “You weren’t around that day and a few reporters suddenly appeared. I couldn’t keep quiet.” “What did you say?”

Mo Zhenning took out a few copies of the press release that he had printed out and pushed them in front of Shen Xiyan.

Shen Xiyan looked down. “What can 1 say…”

“Everyone outside is saying that you’re stepping on Lin Siya.”

“I’m not stupid. Of course 1 won’t say this.”

Shen Xiyan’s expression changed as soon as she saw the press release.

“No wonder those people kept asking me if The Perfect Lawyer or The Editorial Room was better. As the lead actor of The Perfect Lawyer, 1 would naturally say that the drama 1 acted in was better!”

Who would step on Lin Siya?

Shen Xiyan felt that the media was too disgusting.

Mo Zhenning was really speechless.

The young miss in front of him had been in the industry for so long, but she had never learned what it meant to be “outspoken”!

If he hadn’t been watching, who knew how many accidents would have happened!

“Alright, don’t look at me like that. I know 1 was wrong. In the future, when you’re not around, 1’11 try my best to ignore those media outlets. Isn’t that fine?”

Shen Xiyan snorted. “What should we do now? I remember that we just bought it yesterday. Why did it suddenly become so popular?”

“Because of Gu Xingchen.” Mo Zhenning frowned.

“Who?” Shen Xiyan put down the tool that she used to polish her nails and looked surprised.

“Gu Xingchen. He posted on Weibo last night that the introduction of The Perfect Lawyer looks pretty good. He’s looking forward to it.”

With Gu Xingchen’s involvement, it made it impossible for them to turn a big matter into a small one or turn a small matter into a minor blip.

Shen Xiyan pouted. “Is he sick?”

“I don’t know if he’s sick or not, but Gu Xingchen and Song Qingyou had a scandal some time ago. The two of them seem to be very close,” Mo Zhenning said.

“Are you saying that Gu Xingchen is helping Song Qingyou against me?”

Shen Xiyan pointed at herself and then sneered, “Who is Song Qingyou? To deal with me for her, and not to take the Shen family seriously, is Gu Xingchen really sane?”

“It’s just a guess,” Mo Zhenning said noncommittally.

“What guess? Gu Xingchen has nothing to do with me. Someone must have instigated him to suddenly post such a Weibo post!”

Song Qingyou had been like this since she was young. With just a few words, she could make everyone around her side!

“Let’s not bother about Gu Xingchen for now. I’ll complain to Dad later.”

Shen Xiyan snorted. “What should we do now? Tell me.”

“I suggest apologizing to Lin Siya first.”

“Don’t even think about it.” Shen Xiyan gave a fake smile.

Lin Siya and Song Qingyou were together now. What was the difference between apologizing to Lin Siya and apologizing to Song Qingyou?

“Instead of asking me to apologize, why don’t we think of a way to stop The Editorial Room from broadcasting?”

In this way, no matter how hard she pushed Lin Siya, the other party could only hold it in.

“Too late.” Mo Zhenning said, “They’ve already signed contracts with a few local stations.”

“Then let’s turn the news into reality.”

Shen Xiyan looked up. “I don’t care what method you use. The Perfect Lawyer’s reputation and viewership ratings must be number one!”

“I’ll try my best,” Mo Zhenning said helplessly.

Previously, Chang1 an Elegance had been taken down because of the fake data.

Was The Perfect Lawyer going to repeat the same mistake?

The agent left the Shen family with a heavy heart, thinking about how to achieve the goal set by Shen Xiyan.

After several failures, he had never considered whether this drama could compete with The Editorial Room.

Once Gu Xingchen posted on Weibo that he was looking forward to Shen Xiyan’s new drama, the two of them inevitably had scandals.

Even though the two of them had almost no interaction before, it did not prevent the media from pairing them up. They also racked their brains to think of the phrase ‘well-matched’ and said that the probability of the two of them getting together was very high.

Gu Xingchen saw the change in public opinion on the Internet and immediately congratulated Song Qingyou on Weibo for her first movie. The box office on the first day had exceeded 200 million.

Perhaps some people felt that the news that was flying around wasn’t chaotic enough, so they followed up with the news of #Yu Muhuai meeting Song Qingyou at night# and attached photos of the two of them walking side by side, with Song Qingyou sitting in Yu Muhuai’s car.

Gu Xingchen and Shen Xiyan’s scandal could be said to be groundless, as if it had been orchestrated.

But Yu Muhuai and Song Qingyou were clearly not.

Thus, it caused a huge uproar.

The good publicity for the TV series and movie instantly turned into a ridiculous scandal that was suspected to be a love affair.

The biggest winners were probably The Editorial Room and Lin Siya.

They didn’t need to do anything, and the entire Internet was already discussing their upcoming project.

Song Qingyou didn’t expect Yu Muhuai to be involved.

She looked at the photos that had gone viral on the Internet and thought about them for a long time. Then, she dug out from the corner of her memory palace what happened after Yu Muhuai’s scenes were completed and the crew had a dinner together.

At that time, didn’t Yu Muhuai say that he saw the paparazzi delete the photos with his own eyes?

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