Who Would Fall in Love After Being Reborn?

Chapter 175: A Peaceful Christmas Eve Among Good Friends

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As soon as the word “scram” was shouted, Cao Guangyu instantly became like a jammed gun barrel, with the words he was about to say abruptly choked back.

“Is that cup a gift from Ding Xue?” Jiang Qin glanced at him.

“Who else could it be if not her?” Cao Guangyu’s mouth twisted awkwardly.

“Heh, shameless. Clearly a couple, yet using a ‘good friends’ cup. Trying to shirk responsibility? What a jerk.”

With a cold, righteous sneer, Jiang Qin strode into the dormitory.


Cao Guangyu was utterly baffled, thinking to himself how odd Jiang Qin was behaving, mentioning a ‘good friends’ cup when the cup clearly had ‘husband and wife’ written on it!

Entering the dormitory, they were greeted by a warm atmosphere.

Ren Ziqiang and Zhou Chao were both there, each lying on their beds reading s, completely engrossed in the stories.

Ever since Cao Guangyu started dating and Jiang Qin’s business became increasingly busy, these two had begun to keep each other company, attending classes, eating, and reading s together in the dorm, living a lazy and carefree life.

Especially after the launch of the group-buying service, they practically nested in the dormitory.

A warm dorm, cozy bed, meals delivered downstairs, lying down with a in hand – what could be more blissful?

Jiang Qin had Feng Nanshu, and Cao Guangyu had Ding Xue, which was quite enviable.

But at that moment, they felt that their own lives were not so bad, perhaps even better in some respects.

“Bro Jiang, Bro Cao, where did you get those cups?”

Seeing the two with identical thermoses, Zhou Chao couldn’t help but poke his head out from under the covers, his small eyes filled with immense curiosity.

“It was a gift.” Cao Guangyu replied briefly, uncharacteristically low-key.

“Is there a Christmas event giving away thermoses? Where can I get one, at the college supermarket or the front plaza? Ren and I will also go get one.”

Zhou Chao had no resistance to freebies, but to his surprise, neither Cao Guangyu nor Jiang Qin responded, instead quietly sitting down and turning on their computers.

Cao Guangyu booted up his computer to log into QQ and continue his online romance with Ding Xue, while Jiang Qin turned his on to discuss work matters with Lai Cunqing at Keda.

“Bro Cao, where exactly are they giving them away? Can I still make it?”

Zhou Chao looked at their matching thermoses, itching with curiosity.

Such a cup would cost at least fifty or sixty yuan, perfect for use in class during winter. He had been wanting to buy one, but with the end of the month approaching and funds running low, he would be thrilled to snag one for free during a promotion.

Cao Guangyu smiled subtly and nonchalantly uttered five words: “A gift from my girlfriend.”


Hearing this, Zhou Chao and Ren Ziqiang immediately flopped back, staring blankly at the ceiling for a long time, thinking how despicable the two were for flaunting this in their faces.

The joys and sorrows of humanity are truly diverse and unique.

Watching their expressions, Cao Guangyu felt immensely satisfied, as if the little devils on his shoulders were dancing wildly.

He still remembered the scene at the beginning of the semester when Jiang Qin mentioned going out to eat with a girl, stirring up the entire dorm. He never imagined that he, the ordinary Cao Guangyu, could stand shoulder to shoulder with Jiang Qin and share the same view!

The most important thing was that Jiang Qin’s relationship had stalled, whereas his own love with Ding Xue was blazing hot!


Perhaps one day, he could even surpass Jiang Qin!

Just then, Cao Guangyu suddenly noticed Jiang Qin pulling out a pink and white wallet from his pocket, thick and bulging, with the corner of a stack of red notes peeking out.

“Jiang Qin, why are you using a pink wallet? That’s so effeminate.”

“It’s Feng Nanshu’s.”


“I lied to her that I was broke, and she insisted on supporting me, giving me all her money. I remember I didn’t ask for it, so how did it end up with me?”

Jiang Qin smacked his lips, placing the wallet on the table, planning to return it to the little rich lady the next day.

Hearing his response, Cao Guangyu’s smile gradually stiffened and he turned his head away in silence, the light in his eyes extinguishing in an instant.

No way to tease, no way at all.

Jiang Qin’s love life was too fantastical, beyond even his imagination.

The following evening, on Christmas Eve, light snow fell, deepening the twilight.

Jiang Qin sat in the boss chair of Room 208, leaning against the heater, reviewing the 8 PM orders. He sifted through the data to find the dormitory with the highest number of orders that night.

“Section C, Building 2. Let’s see which department it is.”

“Oh, the Construction Engineering department. Not surprising.”

“On this night of couples going out to have fun, it must be the sunny and cheerful boys of the Construction Engineering department who are unwaveringly supporting the group-buying.”

Jiang Qin twisted open his cup lid, and before taking a sip, he involuntarily looked at the five words on the bottom of the cup.

“My husband, drink more water.”

He realized he had unconsciously developed a bad habit of needing to look at those words before drinking. If he didn’t, it felt like something was missing.

“What a fine Christmas Eve, and no one to keep this boss company?”

After drinking, Jiang Qin looked around the office and found that everyone from 208 was out, leaving the office completely empty.

“Boss, I’ll keep you company!”

As he spoke, a head suddenly popped up from behind a desk.

Jiang Qin turned to see Lu Feiyu, who was apparently willing to grovel to the powerful.

“No need, you go have fun. I’m used to being alone,” Jiang Qin waved him off.

Lu Feiyu remained motionless in his chair. “Boss, I’m not like those heartless ones. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you.”

“You can’t find a girlfriend?”



Three minutes later, Lu Feiyu was kicked out of the entrepreneurship center by Jiang Qin, cursing as he left, resenting the threat of a salary deduction.

Jiang Qin watched him go, thinking that Lu was quite filial, but it was just not the right time.

Christmas Eve with another guy? What would that look like?

He wrapped himself tightly and looked up at the sky, noticing the snowflakes that had started to fall, quickly blanketing the ground in white.

According to fairy tales, it wouldn’t be strange for a princess to appear in such a setting.

Jiang Qin exhaled a cloud of white breath, not bothered by the cold, and sat down on the steps.

Before long, Feng Nanshu walked through the snowy night towards him. She wore a white down jacket paired with a ladylike short skirt, thick black tights covering her shapely legs, and small sheepskin boots leaving footprints in the snow. Snowflakes clung to her long hair, captivatingly beautiful.

“She really does look like a princess…” Jiang Qin stood up, his gaze somewhat dazed.

Feng Nanshu approached demurely, slipping her right hand into his pocket: “Is everyone here?”

“You’re not in luck. There’s no one in the office. Seems like they’ve all gone out to party.” Jiang Qin reached into his pocket, holding her hand and gently squeezing it.

Feng Nanshu lifted her face, her eyes soft and warm: “Jiang Qin, I want to watch a movie with you.”

“Then let’s go.”

Jiang Qin led her into the entrepreneurship center, pushing open the door of Room 207.

The sofa, originally against the wall, had been moved to the center of the room. In front of it, a table displayed a television borrowed from the college. Though it lacked a stand, a converter connected it to a nearby computer, allowing it to serve as an extended screen.

Additionally, the coffee table in front of the sofa was laden with snacks, and a blanket for warmth was draped over the back of the sofa. Everything was prepared thoughtfully.

“Wow, who knew exactly what we wanted and set this up in advance?”

Jiang Qin feigned surprise as if seeing it for the first time.

“He must be a good person.”

Feng Nanshu’s eyes sparkled, then she raised her arms, inviting Jiang Qin to help her off with her down jacket.

Coincidentally, both of them were wearing the ‘good friends’ outfits they had bought from the Wanzhong Mall, a choice made without prior discussion, purely based on their tacit understanding.

“Go sit on the sofa.”


Feng Nanshu settled on the sofa, untying her bootlaces. Her small feet, encased in thick tights, emerged from the boots and curled up on the sofa.

After ensuring she was comfortable, Jiang Qin locked the door, turned off the lights in Room 207, leaving only the glow of the television to light the room, instantly creating a dim atmosphere.

“Jiang Qin, what movie shall we watch?”

“I pre-selected a few. See if there’s any you like.”

Jiang Qin joined her on the sofa, moving the mouse to open a folder titled “Movies to Watch with Your Best Friend on Christmas Eve.”

The previous night, while chatting on QQ, the little rich lady had expressed her desire to watch a movie with him on Christmas Eve, but not in a theater. So, Jiang Qin had spent three hours collecting and downloading movies.

The folder contained classics that were not overly romantic, devoid of nudity or passionate scenes, suitable for all ages, and wouldn’t corrupt the little rich lady. There were eight movies in total, like “Spirited Away,” “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale,” “The Pursuit of Happyness”…

Especially “The Pursuit of Happyness,” with a storyline of a man going through divorce and hardships, raising a child alone, was a standout choice.

Feng Nanshu shifted forward, snuggling up to Jiang Qin. Her pretty face neared the screen, her beautiful eyes reflecting the light from the monitor.

“You choose. Here’s the mouse.”

Jiang Qin turned away from the screen, leaning back on the sofa, his arms hanging loosely. Suddenly, in the dim light, he felt a stocking-clad foot.

Feng Nanshu giggled, saying it tickled, then changed her position from half-kneeling to sitting sideways, just like on that rainy day. She draped her leg over, placing her warm foot back in his hand.

I am a gentleman.

Jiang Qin reminded himself of his gentlemanly demeanor while enjoying the sensation of the small foot in his hand.

“Actually, they all seem nice. Just pick any.”

Feng Nanshu pursed her lips softly, speaking in a gentle tone: “Jiang Qin, what if I want to watch them all?”

Jiang Qin waved his hand dismissively: “You wish. Eight movies? We’d be watching till dawn. We’re only picking one tonight.”

“Big brother, let’s watch all eight.”

“If you call me ‘big brother’ again, I might just eat you up!”

Jiang Qin suddenly lifted the foot in his hand, threatening her fiercely, appearing quite serious.


“Big brother.”

The look in Feng Nanshu’s eyes seemed to ripple like water.

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