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Chapter 48: The Emperor

Chapter 48: The Emperor

It had been almost two months since we had left the fortress. We were getting closer to the Empire, just a little bit more with each passing day. The battlefield was gradually approaching, and it felt like the slow, leisurely days of traveling by carriage were coming to an end.

Since we started marching, the number of mercenaries has decreased by about ten percent. It seems that some of them grew tired of the strict restrictions on looting and deserted as a group.

However, they haven’t touched the supplies provided by the coalition army. They probably wanted to steal but gave up because Jude was always resting near the supplies.

By this time, they were probably raiding some unlucky village somewhere along the road. With the central front having calmed down, it was likely that formidable fighters from the coalition army, like Alexandre’s renowned ‘Dragonblood Knights’, would subdue them if they caused any trouble in the vicinity….Well, whether those lawless individuals succeeded or failed, it didn’t concern me.

“Hmm-hmm-hmm. If I connect this here and extend this over there… Hehehe!”

Since parting ways with Hatakeyama, Orvo has been in the same state all this time. Using his spiritual arts, he manipulated some wires to create intricate three-dimensional patterns that resembled designs of spiritual circuits.

Obtaining the ultimate pastime of creating three-dimensional spiritual circuits, Orvo spared no time on his complaints and wholly focused on designing circuits without even a moment’s hesitation. Although he no longer grumbled and complained during meals, he would still try to work on circuit designs even while eating, causing Mikka to struggle with him. It seemed quite challenging, indeed.

As for me, I was completely absorbed in my fighting spirit and spiritual power control training. There was nothing else to do, and after a few days of our march, the stories I could hear from mercenaries no longer had the freshness they initially had. Still, the results of my training were showing, without a doubt.

(It seems that my prior speculation about being able to control the body, just as I could control my mind, seemed to be correct….Although the level of difficulty in body control is significantly higher compared to mind control, posing a challenge.)

I had been gradually improving my body control through rigorous daily training. Finally, I succeeded in gaining control over my own body. However, the changes were not drastic. At present, I am only able to transform the tip of one finger’s nail into that of a soft human species’ nail using my external exoskeleton.

Nevertheless, the mere fact that this is now possible is of great significance. If I could transform both my hands, feet, and lower jaw into those of a human species and shorten my tail as much as possible, I might be able to blend in with humans. This way, when the time comes for my escape, I could potentially survive without being detected.

On the other hand, if I could transform my limbs into a more aggressive shape or extend my tail, it would undoubtedly enhance my combat abilities. I didn’t know how long it would take me to become proficient in these transformations, but I was determined to continue my training.

“All right! I did it! I’ll send this to Grandpa!”

Orvo activated his spiritual art on the cargo bed. Right then, a thin, pitch-black disk floated in the empty space. Orvo dropped the blueprint of the three-dimensional spiritual circuit made of wires onto the disk. However, instead of falling down, the blueprint disappeared.

It was likely that Orvo was using a spiritual art that manipulated space to send the blueprints to Hatakeyama. In just two months, Orvo had sent him at least six blueprints that I was aware of.

Still, I wondered if creating three-dimensional spiritual circuit blueprints was really that easy. Despite my lack of knowledge on the subject, it didn’t seem like a simple task. Orvo must be exceptionally talented. After all, he was the first spiritualist in the world to create a synthetic beast using human species as a main material.

“Lord Orvo, the Imperial Army is approaching.”

“Oh? Ah, I see. Well, then I’ll go outside.”

As soon as Mika called out to him, Orvo swiftly moved from the cargo bed to the driver’s seat. After a while, the carriage came to a halt, and voices discussing something could be heard outside. By eavesdropping, I gathered that the carriage’s coalition army soldiers that arrived from the central front were to be replaced by soldiers from the Imperial Army, taking over their mission of escorting the carriage.

The soldiers from the Imperial Army quickly assessed the situation and boarded the cargo bed. They immediately noticed me in the cage and seemed to be aware of my presence. They exchanged murmurs like “Is this the one?” before departing from the cargo bed, assuring that there was no issue.

After that, the march continued, but we took a different route from the mercenaries. It seemed that the Emperor of the Empire had declared that he wanted to see my abilities. I was relieved that I wouldn’t be immediately thrown into the battlefield, but at the same time, I felt uneasy about being exposed to curious eyes again.

After parting ways with the mercenaries, the speed of the carriage noticeably increased. While we had to match the marching speed of the mercenaries on foot before, now we were riding with the ease of cavalry escorts. Not only were we able to increase our pace, but we were also traveling on the well-maintained roads of the Empire, which made a significant difference. Despite the increased speed, the swaying of the carriage had significantly decreased, providing a smoother ride.

We made our way through villages and towns, and after about another month of travel, we arrived at the imperial capital, where the Emperor resided. As expected of the capital of the largest country on the continent, its size and vibrancy were incomparable to Harlasia’s capital city. If my perception was correct, it was nearly five times larger than the capital city.

“The Empire is truly amazing. It’s been a while since I last came, but the energy here is different,” Orvo remarked with admiration.

“Well, it’s quieter now compared to before the invading army arrived,” A soldier replied.

“Is that so? I heard that other frontline countries are funeral like… This must be because the Empire has a different level of self-sufficiency,”

As Orvo spoke in amazement, a few imperial soldiers who were escorting us outside the carriage snorted proudly. It seemed their patriotism for their homeland was quite strong.

As we continued through the imperial capital, I kept eavesdropping. Most of the conversations I overheard were shopkeepers calling out to customers, but occasionally there were discussions about the war. However, the information I heard was mostly what I already knew, such as the Empire struggling in battle or plans for a counterattack.

“Please wait a moment,” one of the soldiers said.

“Sure, sure,” Orvo replied.

The hustle and bustle of the city gradually faded away, and the carriage came to a stop in an area that seemed to be a noble district. One of the guards stepped away to confirm our affiliation with someone in a brief exchange, then quickly returned, and the carriage started moving again.

We should be in a place like a noble district, but… how much longer will we go on? It’s definitely slower than when we were on the main road, but even so, quite a long time has passed. I wonder if the noble district here is several times larger than the capital city’s.

“We have arrived,” A soldier announced.

“Finally, we made it,” The carriage came to a halt, and Orvo eagerly jumped down, stretching his body as he landed on the ground. Meanwhile, Mika, along with the escort soldiers, got into the back of the carriage and carried my cage outside.

As everyone stepped out of the carriage, I observed my surroundings with my compound eyes. The ambiance of the building resembled that of the capital city, but the size and grandeur were incomparable. Despite the building’s relatively low height, its spaciousness and imposing presence exuded an aura of dignity.

Unfortunately, my observations were limited as my cage was covered with a cloth, rendering its contents invisible from the outside, and it was carefully carried away after a while and placed gently on the floor.

Through the cloth, I could discern a few things. This was an indoor space, large and spacious, with the presence of numerous humanoid beings, including around five warriors of Alexander’s caliber and over ten individuals with significant power.

Just like when I had visited the fortress before, they would probably introduce me. However, unlike last time, the warriors didn’t seem to be on high alert around me. Perhaps my track record of obediently fighting on the front lines had earned me some trust.

“Raise your face. You have permission to speak.”

A deep masculine voice resonated through the silent room. Though the voice lasted only a moment, I could feel the tension in the air rise sharply. Even Orvo seemed slightly nervous.

Though I didn’t know the identity of the speaker, considering the situation, there was no doubt that they held the highest position in the room. The masculine voice sounded intellectual, but also carried a hint of ruthlessness.

“Yes, Your Majesty. As a humble being like myself…”

“Enough with the pleasantries. Show me your creation without delay.”


Orvo was about to offer a polite greeting, but the Emperor, the owner of the voice, interrupted and ordered him to reveal the creation. Orvo obediently complied and removed the cloth covering my cage. As soon as those in the room laid eyes on me, they expressed surprise and murmured among themselves.

However, among them, there was a male who didn’t even flinch or show any change in expression. He was an elderly man sitting on a luxurious chair positioned a few steps higher than the floor where I was kept.

He was of average height, as thin and frail as Georg, with pure white hair and beard that he let grow long. He wore a simple attire, consisting only of a glossy white cloth draped over his shoulders, but made up for it with elaborate adornments. He had a golden crown on his head, fashioned to resemble a vine of plants. There was no doubt. That was the Emperor himself.

“Hmm… Very well. Show us your abilities. Someone, step forward and battle it in front of me.”

“I’ll do it!”

The Emperor ordered someone to come forward and test my strength. The first to volunteer was a young male who stood one rank lower than the Emperor. He had wild, golden hair and a sturdy physique that rivaled Alexander’s.

Although his unhidden fighting spirit was strong and his spiritual power was abundant, I sensed that he was likely not as strong as Alexander or even myself. Among the formidable individuals present in the room, he would probably rank towards the lower end. Nonetheless, I knew better than to underestimate him, as he was still a formidable opponent.

“Remus, huh… Very well. Go and fight with the intention of killing each other. Is that not acceptable to you as a spiritualist?”

“Yes, sir.”

After Orvo unlocked the cage and removed the shackles restraining my limbs and tail, I confirmed it and stood up, stepping outside the cage with my eyes open. The young man known as Remus confidently descended the steps and stood at the same ground level as me, wearing a self-assured expression.

As we faced each other in this manner, his size became apparent. Remus looked down at me with a daring grin, as if he had never even considered the possibility of losing.

“Well, well, you freak! Make it somewhat entertaining, will ya?”


A freak, huh? It’s true; I’m not a natural creature. “Freak” wouldn’t be an inaccurate term. However, just because it’s accurate doesn’t mean I don’t feel insulted and uncomfortable.

I was planning to finish the battle with no further bloodshed, but hearing those words now changed my mind. The Emperor said it too, didn’t he? “fight with the intention of killing” Well then, I’ll take you up on your offer and beat you to a pulp until you’re on the brink of death before smashing your arrogant nose…physically!


TN: some information if anyone had forgotten: the empire is called Rakil Empire and it’s fighting the invaders on the eastern front, it is part of the coalition army.

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