Warning : Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy

Chapter 760 - 760: Sir can read people's minds (19)_1

Chapter 760: Sir can read people’s minds (19)_1

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After all, this word had never been a good word since ancient times. It was easy for people to have a disdainful thought.

Bai jiaojiao’s words were meant to express that Fu Shang was not a good girl if he didn’t return home at night. However, she didn’t expect Fu Shang to embarrass her on the spot and stab her in the heart with a knife.

Bai jiaojiao cried, feeling wronged.

Her tears fell.

The teacher on the podium acted as if she did not see anything. She even rolled her eyes secretly, not having any intention of comforting Bai jiaojiao.

Don’t think that she didn’t hear what the female student had just said.


Green tea.

It was like the kind that was shown on television.


Fu Shang randomly found a seat and sat down again. The one beside her was … No, to be precise, someone was lying on the ground.

There was a book on his head, and his hair under the book was a light flaxen color with a slight natural curl. His arm was used as a pillow under his head, and his slender fingers were hanging casually by the side of the table.

Fu min casually glanced at the man and looked away.

It seemed to be a boy.

She did not pay much attention to this person.

During class.

In the beginning, Fu Shang took notes seriously but later found that it was unnecessary. She could recite everything the teacher taught.


Fu Shang’s arm was poked.

It was a slender finger.

“?” Fu Shang was confused.

She looked to the side and saw a beautiful face. It was a boy, but it had a feminine beauty. The other party’s amber eyes were staring straight at her.

Fu Shang was speechless.

He was a beautiful young man.

However, the big boss didn’t plan on paying attention to him.

Fu Shang turned his head away and ignored him. He continued to listen to the lecture quietly. The only thing he didn’t do was hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign beside him.

Qin ting was confused.

It’s this cold?

After all, this beautiful face had never been beaten by great Qin before.

He continued to poke at Fu min’s arm.

Then, they were smacked back by the Big Shot. The force was really not small.

Qin ting was speechless.

His fingers almost broke off.

Qin ting was an unruly Playboy. His family was rich, and he was the only son in his family. He had been pampered since he was young. He changed girlfriends one after another at a young age, and almost no girl could stay by his side for more than two weeks.

Qin ting’s reason was also very sloppy.

There was nothing new about it.

Are you going to stay home for the new year?

He was clearly scum.

Even so, there were still a lot of girls who threw themselves at Qin ting like moths to a flame. Each of them dreamed that they were the one who could make a scumbag fall in love with them, but they all ended up in a miserable state.

Although he had many girlfriends, they would at most hold hands and put their arms around his waist. Qin ting had never done anything too overboard.

This was what Qin ting thought. He only had girlfriends for fun. Since he could not give those girls a future, why should he ruin her innocence?

Qin ting had just broken up with Fu min a few days ago, so it was obvious that he had his eyes on Fu min.

The big boss’s temperament wasn’t for show, and with this beautiful face that didn’t look like a real person, it was hard not to be moved.

Young master Qin expressed that this was the 521st time he was moved.

After class.

Fu Shang packed his bag and left, but he didn’t manage to leave.

Because the strap of her school bag was pulled by someone.

Fu Shang furrowed his brows and looked back coldly. Then, his eyes met with the young man’s beautiful cat-like eyes, who was staring at him with a smile.

“Sister, why are you in such a hurry to leave?”

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