War God Supreme

Chapter 507 - 507: Xiaobai's Realm (1)

Chapter 507: Xiaobai’s Realm (1)

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A pitch-black demonic sword tore through the air.

The sword light of the Tianyu Sword carried a supreme sword aura. With a swing of the sword, the space trembled non-stop.



There was a slight sound in the air as the two terrifying sword lights finally collided.

The sound was as if space was torn apart. Following that, a crashing sound was heard, and the two sword lights disappeared.

However, just as the two sword rays disappeared, Li Lingtian and the old man disappeared in a flash.

The air where the two of them were standing was pierced by a strange aura, and the space was penetrated.

“Myriad Swords Return to the Origin.”

Li Lingtian dodged the attack and kept the Tianyu Sword in his hand. The Heavenly Fault Sword appeared in his hand. The two Holy Weapons were identical but only Li Lingtian could differentiate them.

The Heavenly Fault Sword continued to spin in front of him. At the same time, a ball of light appeared and exploded. A world of swords was formed within a thousand meters of Li Lingtian.

The sharp swords spun and connected with each other. The sword silks and sword gleams formed a sword net. Li Lingtian guided them with one hand and ten thousand swords flew together. The earth and sky trembled.

The other two battalions stopped as well to observe Li Lingtian’s movements.

“Dark Demon Lie Ying.”

The old man was shocked when he saw Li Lingtian’s Sword Formation. He had not seen Li Lingtian kill Maha before he had cast such a Sword Formation.

He had been paying attention to Li Lingtian’s moves. He thought that he would be able to kill Li Lingtian if he could master Li Lingtian’s moves. He never expected Li Lingtian to have so many heaven-grade Divine Powers.

Immediately, the surging Demonic Qi from his body surged out and formed tens of thousands of Demonic Shadows. They rushed toward Li Lingtian in an attempt to corrupt his Sword Formation.

“Sisi, Sisi.”

The sword formation was filled with countless demonic shadows. Wherever they passed, everything turned into nothingness. Even the powerful demonic shadows disappeared in front of the sword silks.


With an explosion, the ten thousand swords struck the old man’s body. The destructive sword silk sword net completely enveloped the old man.

The evil demonic Qi was constantly torn into pieces by the sword silks. The sword formation was also getting smaller and smaller, and the space for the old man to move was getting smaller and smaller.


Li Lingtian’s expression did not change when he saw the old man trapped by the sword array. He waved his hand and the Heavenly Fault Sword that was hovering above the sword array struck down.

A peerless saint artifact mercilessly crushed him.

The saint artifact turned into a sword beam and rained down on the old man’s body.


With a scream, the old man emitted endless demonic qi and sword qi. The sword qi emitted from his body was penetrated by the sword qi and he fell to the ground.


With a muffled sound, the ten thousand swords mercilessly turned the space in front of them into nothingness. Even an Almighty would be killed.


The old man was killed. The two demon experts in the distance were also incomparably shocked. They did not expect their strongest companion to be killed in such a manner.

While they were shocked, the Myriad Returning Swords came over with a destructive aura.

Long Da and the other ten guards moved away from their opponents in a flash. However, the ten Martial Emperor’s guards had also executed their Combined Attack Formation.



With two shocking explosions, the Myriad Returning Swords struck the Nine Heavens Devil Clan. At the same time, the Combined Attack Formation also struck down.

The destructive attack caused the Ninth Heaven Martial Emperor Devil Race to vanish into thin air.

Between heaven and earth, the Demonic Qi, Sword Qi, and force wreaked havoc. Li Lingtian guided with one hand and the myriad swords vanished. A ball of light appeared in his hand and the Heavenly Fault Sword transformed into a stream of light that entered his glabella.



In the distance, Xuanyuan Qing was fighting with a Ninth Firmament Martial Emperor from the Devil Race. Their strength was almost the same, but when the Devil Race saw that their two companions were killed one after another, their fighting spirit disappeared. Now, they only wanted to escape.

However, Xuanyuan Qing was extremely excited when he saw Li Lingtian’s domineering attitude.

Even though Li Lingtian was the young master of the Xuanyuan family, the powerhouses were still loyal to him. However, they still looked down on Li Lingtian. They never expected Li Lingtian to kill a Ninth Heaven Martial Emperor with just a casual strike.

His strength was several times stronger than the others. Furthermore, he had only seen a few simple moves from Li Lingtian. There must be countless trump cards that he had yet to unleash.

As their fighting spirit decreased, Xuanyuan Qing also suppressed his attacks.

“Empyrean Demon Flame.”

” Li Lingtian’s face revealed a sinister expression. With a wave of his hand, a ball of flames appeared in his palm. Instantly, a strange aura appeared in the world.

Endless demonic qi was constantly burning, and the flames became stronger and stronger.

The smile on Li Lingtian’s face widened when he saw how powerful the flames were. It would be best to use the Internals ‘moves against them.

“Empyrean Demon Flame?”

The Asmodians had also noticed that the Blazing Flames in Li Lingtian’s hands were different from the rest. They exclaimed as they thought of something.

Just as he was exclaiming in shock, Xuanyuan Qing’s destructive attack came crashing down. The Infernal Demonic Flame in Li Lingtian’s hand vanished as well. When it reappeared, it was already on the Infernal Tribe.



With a crack, it was as if an item had been cut open. One of the demon’s arms was missing.

However, what made the demon suffer was not the disappearance of his arm, but the endless flames on his body. The flames directly destroyed his demonic qi, and his mind, meridians, and everything else were destroyed in an instant.

As the scream fell, the demon turned into ashes. The flames spun in the air, absorbing and burning the endless demonic qi in the air.

Following Li Lingtian’s recruitment, Blazing Flames disappeared after returning to his hand.

Three powerful Ninth Level Martial Emperor Realm demons were killed just like that.

Xuanyuan Qing was shocked by Li Lingtian’s methods. To be honest, Li Lingtian was the one who killed the three Ninth Heaven Martial Monarch Realm experts. They had merely held back two of the Asmodians.

“Let’s go to the Cold Demon City.”

Li Lingtian’s body flashed as he flew into the distance. The ten guards, Long Da and Xuanyuan Qing did not enter the Divine Dragon Ring.

After entering Youzhou Province, this was the world of demons. If he was not careful, he might be killed here.

He might be able to deal with a ninth level Martial Emperor. However, if there were a few more, or a Martial Saint, he would really be finished.

Cold Demon City was the first city after entering Youzhou for 30 million miles. It was also the closest city to humans.

This was the territory of the demon race, but most of the people here were demon cultivators. In other words, only humans cultivated the demon race’s cultivation techniques. Although the demon race did not have a good opinion of demon cultivators, they did not rule out demon cultivators.

After all, more demonic cultivators could increase the strength of the demons. At least during a war, the demons could control the cultivation of the demonic cultivators.

In the Cold Demon City, the number of demonic cultivators and demons was almost the same, but the strength here was not simple. It was even stronger than the East River City.

Li Lingtian did not attract much attention as he was a human.

After all, other than demonic cultivators and demons, there were also many humans who came here to trade.

After entering the city, Li Lingtian found an inn to stay in. The inns here were also run by the Devil Cultivators and the Devil Clan. They welcomed Li Lingtian and the others with joy upon their arrival.

After all, in the eyes of the devil cultivators, the humans who could come here were all extremely powerful existences. The humans were also very generous.

The demons were jealous of the human race’s resources and had always wanted to unify the Divine Martial Continent. However, the demons had always been suppressed in the remote Youzhou Province.

They all wanted to receive human experts. Although humans and demons were irreconcilable, that was a matter between the most powerful higher-ups. There was no hatred between the demons and humans below, only conflict of interests.

Unless a great war broke out between the demons and the humans, who would want to fight?

No matter when or where, the real war was decided by the ruling class at the top. For the sake of power and benefits, the people below were all in a fiery state.

“Be careful. It seems that in less than five days, the experts of the demon race will catch up to us.”

Li Lingtian told Long Da and the others after he entered the courtyard. At the same time, he summoned the other guards from the Divine Dragon Ring. Thirty guards were stationed, including Xuanyuan Qing and Long Da.

Li Lingtian could finally rest in peace. He had come here to lure the Asmodians here and destroy the Demon Sealing God Array Blueprint in front of countless Asmodians.

“This subordinate will obey.”

Long Da and Xuanyuan Qing replied respectfully.

After Li Lingtian returned to his room, he entered the Divine Dragon Ring with his Divine Consciousness to check the cultivation progress of the demonic beasts.

Needless to say, Xiaobai had been cultivating in there for nearly two years.

Ever since the Lost Forest, Little White had been cultivating in the Divine Dragon Ring.

It had been two years since then. In just two years, Little White’s cultivation base had skyrocketed. Even Li Lingtian was shocked by its cultivation speed.

Little White was a dragon and the princess of the dragon race. She was the only one who could cultivate a Nine-Colored Divine Dragon.

In the past, she had never cultivated seriously, but when she did, her cultivation speed was naturally incomparable. Coupled with the Dragon Qi of the 3,000 worlds, her cultivation had now reached level 7.

Li Lingtian was rendered speechless by this state.

Whitey was already powerful, and its fourth rank was stronger than the other fifth ranks.

Now that she was at level seven of the seventh rank, her cultivation was equivalent to a human at the seventh level of the Martial Emperor Realm. Coupled with the dragon race and her own monstrous strength, she could even crush a demonic beast at the peak of level nine of the seventh rank.

Even a Ninth Heaven Martial Monarch Realm expert could only flee in front of her.

Li Lingtian’s face turned numb when he saw this.

“What’s wrong? Do you still want to cultivate?”

Li Lingtian came before the Three Thousand Worlds ‘Dragon Energy and looked at Little White’s peerless grace. At this moment, the higher Little White’s cultivation base was, the more charming it was. It was no different from Ji Yi.

Little White, Ji Yi, and Xuanyuan Yingying all had the aura of a goddess.

“Brother, how long have I been cultivating?”

Li Lingtian’s face darkened when he heard Xiaobai’s words. Could it be that he had forgotten the time during his cultivation?

He immediately understood and laughed.

” It’s only been two years. Go, go out, you little girl. ”

Li Lingtian’s face was full of smiles. It turned out that this little girl had lost track of time during her cultivation. Otherwise, this playful little girl would not have cultivated for two years straight.

However, it was good to continue cultivating like this. He had reached such a realm in two years. If he cultivated for a period of time, it should not be a problem for him to reach tier 7 or tier 9..

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