Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

Chapter 1778 God Vulcan's Pantheon: Lioness Goddess Sekhmet & Cat Goddess Bastet

The bustling City of Sunhaven offered a plethora of activities and sights, with various businesses catering to a diverse clientele.

As noon approached, Eren, Reen, and Arman had already explored a substantial portion of the city. Aware that Arman would be hungry after serving as their tour guide, Eren and Reen decided to treat him to a nearby restaurant, a suggestion that had subtly originated from Arman himself.

The scrawny kid from the outskirts eagerly anticipated the visit to the restaurant, reassured by Eren's commitment to cover the expenses without deducting them from his compensation. This would be his first time entering such a lavish facility. As such, he couldn't contain his joy and started talking excitedly.

Located at a relatively less-crowded corner of Sunhaven, away from the bustling main street, was a charming fantasy restaurant known as Mystic Hearth.

This unassuming eatery, with its simple yet enchanting exterior, stood as a go-to spot for both locals and visitors seeking respite from the city's lively atmosphere.

The entrance was adorned with hanging vines and colorful crystals that softly shimmered in the sunlight, giving the place an elegant charm. As patrons stepped inside, they were greeted by the warm glow of mystical orbs suspended from the ceiling, casting a soft, ethereal light over the rustic wooden tables and chairs.

The aroma of herbs and spices wafted through the air, enticing guests to explore the diverse and imaginative menu. The culinary offerings at Mystic Hearth were a fusion of traditional mortal fare and magical ingredients, creating a unique gastronomic experience.

However, the delicacies with mana-enhanced ingredients in them were only reserved for the Practitioners to consume. As such, these delicacies weren't made in advance but prepared only after the Practitioners visited the place.

Dishes such as Glowing Ember Stew and Enchanted Blossom Salad promised not only delightful flavors but also a touch of magic in every bite. The only reason they were retained on the menu was because the Practitioners visiting the city as guests liked to order them.

The majority of the dishes on the menu were suitable for mortal consumption. The restaurant staff, dressed in simple yet elegant attire, moved with grace between the tables, delivering impeccable service.

The ambiance of Mystic Hearth was further enhanced by a talented minstrel playing gentle melodies on a mystical harp in the corner. The soft hum of conversation and the occasional laughter created a harmonious symphony, making the restaurant a perfect place for both quiet contemplation and lively gatherings.

The enchanted atmosphere extended to the outdoor seating area, where guests could dine under a canopy made of giant green leaves and enjoy the fresh air. Whether seeking a quiet meal for reflection or a lively celebration with friends, Mystic Hearth offered a simple yet memorable culinary experience in the heart of Sunhaven.

'Aaaah! These people are really weak, Erni,' Reen expressed her astonishment to Eren as she surveyed the surroundings. She sheathed her aura even more carefully than before to ensure that she didn't give nightmares to people passing by.

'Yeah. Control yourself and try not to break anything. Everything is so fragile here,' Eren responded to Reen while taking a seat by the table, which had been placed at a quiet corner inside the restaurant.

Eren and Reen found themselves in a surprisingly uncomplicated eatery, one notably lacking in magical elements. It was a departure from their usual dining experiences within the realm of Rankers, where even Anfang and the City of Osan were heavily influenced by magical practices.

The City of Sunhaven embraced a simplicity crafted by and for mortals. The avoidance of magic was evident throughout, from the staff to the patrons. In this establishment, Eren and Reen appeared to be the sole Practitioners of the Path, surrounded by a predominantly mortal ambiance.

Arman didn't waste any time and ordered a variety of dishes that he wanted to eat for a long time. The restaurant served food meant for the Practitioners. However, it was meant to be consumed by low-level Practitioners, which didn't really sound tempting for Eren and Reen. As such, they chose to order mortal food along with Arman as well.

"Big bro Eren, did you know that Sunhaven's patron deity, Goddess Sekhmet, is said to be the sister of Cat Goddess Bastet?" Arman inquired, savoring the appetizers served before the main course.

"Hmm? Is that so?" Eren arched his eyebrows, processing Arman's revelation. Having recently encountered a devoted follower of Cat Goddess Bastet with the unique ability to revive herself nine times, Eren was genuinely impressed by the feline goddess's formidable blessing.

If Sekhmet was indeed Bastet's sister, Eren speculated that her power might be equal, if not surpassing. He couldn't help but find it intriguing that two sisters from the same divine lineage had transcended their mortal existence to become Immortals—

an occurrence with seemingly abysmally low odds.

"You bet," Arman affirmed, taking a gulp of water to cleanse his palate. Wiping his lips with the back of his right hand, he continued.

"Cat Goddess Bastet and Lioness Goddess Sekhmet are considered close sisters, revered by mortals across Labh Salem. Temples dedicated to them choose a select few followers from among the mortals and low-level Practitioners.

The chosen ones partake in a symbolic ritual where they consume offerings associated with both goddesses. It's a source of great pride for the chosen mortals and their families to be devoted followers of these revered deities. We often—"

Cough. Cough. Cough.

Arman's words were momentarily interrupted as he choked on a mouthful of food, attempting to convey his thoughts while indulging in the appetizers.

"Hehe. Take it easy, Mr. tour guide," Reen chuckled, offering a soothing pat on Arman's back along with a glass of water. "The food and we aren't going anywhere. You can take your time," she reassured him, playfully ruffling his hair.

"Haha. My bad sister Reen," Arman laughed awkwardly, recovering from his cough. Despite the interruption, his appetite remained undeterred, and he promptly refocused on the delectable spread before him.

"Hmm. What more can you share about Goddess Sekhmet, Arman?" Eren inquired, observing Arman return to his usual eating pace.

"Hmm? Not much, I—" Arman replied, meeting Eren's gaze as he attempted to recall any information about the goddess. Suddenly, a realization struck him, bringing to mind an important detail about the sister deities.

"Wait. I just remembered. Big bro Eren, both of these sister goddesses are recognized as fire deities within the same pantheon. This pantheon, in turn, is said to be headed by the fire god Vulcan," Arman casually mentioned, attempting to multitask by stuffing more munchies into his mouth.


Eren concealed any surprise on his face upon hearing the name of the fire god associated with Goddess Sekhmet and Goddess Bastet. Anfang's history, as revealed within Sansara World 1.0, quickly flashed through his mind.

'Could he be the same asshole Nira Nightshade mentioned?'


AN: God Vulcan was mentioned in chapter 1072. He was first introduced in chapter 577.

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