Unstoppable Martial Arts: Starting from Attribute Points Allocation

Chapter 189 - 189: 135: Refinement, Breakthrough !

Chapter 189 - 189: 135: Refinement, Breakthrough !

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[The Pure Yang Martial Arts Canon and the Ten Thousand Suns Saint Heart Manual can be fused, and fusion requires a consumption of fifteen thousand Energy Values.]

Upon seeing this, Lu Yun’s brows slightly furrowed.

After a brief moment of contemplation, his expression gradually softened.

The Ten Thousand Suns Saint Heart Manual consists of three layers and can be practiced up to the Golden Body Realm. It only requires fifteen thousand Energy Values to fuse, meaning the real consumption isn’t that significant.

After all, once fused, every level of the Ten Thousand Suns Saint Heart Manual needs to be deduced and improved, and then fused with the Pure Yang Martial Art Canon. This would require a significant amount of Energy Value.

If the Ten Thousand Suns Saint Heart Manual were not one of the top cultivation techniques, the Energy Values consumed in deduction and fusion would probably be higher.

Having realized this, Lu Yun began to initiate the fusion.

Focusing his mind…

The moment Energy Values sharply decreased, the silhouette in Lu Yun’s mind appeared again.

This time, Lu Yun faintly felt that the grey figure’s facial features and body shape were somewhat similar to his own. In an excellent cultivation environment, the figure began to comprehend the mysteries of the Ten Thousand Suns Saint Heart Manual. They attempted to modify and enhance their original base, using it to deduce the subsequent techniques of the Pure Yang Martial Arts Canon.

As time slowly elapsed, the figure that closely resembled Lu Yun transformed from a youth to a strong man.

A powerful cultivation technique, after generations of painstaking efforts and improvements, was gradually enhanced.

The figure in his mind, using the Pure Yang Martial Art Canon as the basis and with the help of the Ten Thousand Suns Saint Heart Manual, managed to deduce and perfect it, eventually fully integrating it into the Pure Yang Martial Art Canon.

[Name]: Lu Yun

[Cultivation Technique]: Pure Yang Martial Art Canon, total of six layers (Enter Martial Chapter, Meridian Channel Chapter, True Qi Chapter, Transforming Origin Chapter, Origin Fluid Chapter, Golden Body Chapter) Current progress: Fourth layer, Transforming Origin Chapter (Entry Level 1%).

[Energy Value]: 7300 (One increase per day automatically)

When he saw that the Pure Yang Martial Arts Canon on the panel had indeed been deduced to the sixth volume, Lu Yun suddenly opened his eyes, an inexplicable smile on his face.

Next, before advancing to the Rune Seed Realm, he no longer needed to worry about cultivation techniques. All he needed to do was focus on accumulating Energy Values.


Just as Lu Yun was excited, an unexpected incident suddenly occurred.

There seemed to be two different types of Aura Origins existing within his Dantian, like two sworn enemies ready to unleash a fierce attack at any moment.

However, Lu Yun quickly intervened. Under his control, the two Aura Origins each found a suitable position within the Dantian, maintaining a state of mutual non-interference.

“Though the properties are close, they are, after all, two different types of Aura Origins, destined not to be able to coexist in the Dantian. The best solution is to strengthen the Pure Yang Aura Origin and swallow the Ten Thousand Suns Aura Origin.”

As soon as he thought, two thousand Energy Values disappeared.

[Name]: Lu Yun

[Cultivation Technique]: Pure Yang Martial Arts Canon (Transforming Origin Chapter, Entry Level 51%)

[Martial Arts]: Early Stage of Transforming Origin Realm.

[Energy Value]: 5300 (Two increase per day automatically)

He once again focused his mind and looked inward at his Dantian.

At this moment, the Pure Yang aggressive aura was suspended in the sky, occupying the majority of the Dantian space. The newly formed Pure Yang Aura Origin and Ten Thousand Suns Aura Origin were located below.

The three forces, similar in attribute but different in power and essence, shone like three dazzling suns.

Among them, the sun at the uppermost part, which was formed by the Pure Yang aggressive aura, gradually began to diminish.

At the bottom of the Dantian, the sun formed by the Pure Yang Aura Origin gradually grew stronger, starting to equal the existing space.

Another sun, formed by the Ten Thousand Suns Aura Origin, was shaking violently. If it were not for Lu Yun controlling it, it would have already begun to revolt.

About an hour later, the sun formed by the Pure Yang Aura Origin grew larger, and its radiating aura became stronger.

Then, Lu Yun released his control over these two Aura Origins.

Soon, the sun formed by the Pure Yang Aura Origin, resembling a famished beast, spotted a delicious food and transformed into a golden dragon, pouncing towards the Ten Thousand Suns Aura Origin.

Facing such a threat, the Ten Thousand Suns Aura Origin would naturally not surrender without a fight. It transformed into a golden snake, launching a vigorous counterattack.


The moment the two forces collided, a tremendous turbulence abruptly erupted.

Luckily, Lu Yun’s Dantian, after undergoing numerous tempering, was extremely sturdy. The energy that burst out could not shake it in the slightest.

Under Lu Yun’s inner view, the dragon and snake clashed and fought continuously.

Gradually, the Pure Yang Aura Origin started to gain the upper hand and began to swallow the Ten Thousand Suns Aura Origin.

The Pure Yang Aura Origin was naturally more robust, and after the augmentation with the Energy Values, it occupied half of the Dantian. Swallowing the lesser in number and weaker Ten Thousand Suns Origin, naturally was not a difficult task.

It’s only a matter of time.

Not long after, the Pure Yang Strong Origin was completely devoured and transformed.

A large sun rises, producing a burst of brilliant light.

Another sun, made of solid gold, slowly descends.

The radiance and energy emitted from both intertwine, merging, and transforming each other.

In the process, an intense heat pulses, causing the starry sky in the Dantian to tremble slightly, like it might boil over at any moment. fre(e)

Lu Yun’s consciousness slowly withdraws from the Dantian, returning to the panel.

“Half of my Pure Yang aggressive aura has been transformed into Aura Origin. I must completely transform it. Otherwise, in my current state, it’s hard to unleash my full strength against others.”

Immediately after, there’s a sharp decrease in the Energy Value.

In his mind, Lu Yun once again experiences the process of the Pure Yang Martial Canon Origin Transformation Chapter advancing from Entry Level to Small Achievement.

[Name]: Lu Yun

[Cultivation Technique]: Pure Yang Martial Canon (Transforming Origin Chapter, Small Achievement 1%)

[Martial Arts]: Middle phase of Transforming Origin Realm

[Energy Value]: 3300 (it increases by two every day)

The moment Cultivation Technique makes a breakthrough, Lu Yun’s realm is smoothly advanced to the middle stage of the Transforming Origin Realm.

At the same time, the Pure Yang aggressive aura is fully transformed into Aura Origin.

In the Dantian, all that’s left is a single most yang and enigmatic force, Pure Yang Strong Origin.

The Pure Yang Strong Origin is much stronger and more refined, making the Dantian seem far broader.

Next, it absorbs the Heavenly and Earthly Spiritual Qi, transforming it into Aura Origin. When the Dantian is filled again, it will reach the state of Perfection.

As the Cultivation Technique operates, Spiritual Qi flows from heaven and earth into the body, transforming into streams of faint mist that gather in the Dantian.

The Pure Yang Strong Origin, like a miniature sun, slowly rises, devouring and refining these faint mists, developing its own strength.

In the adjacent living room.

Deng Yunhui and the others look towards Lu Yun’s room without making an appointment, their expressions slightly change as they meet each other’s eyes.

“That’s Lu Yun’s room?”

“Yes, he went straight back to his room after coming back from the Alchemist Union. If I’m not mistaken, his cultivation has made another breakthrough.”

“Judging from this commotion, it’s probably not as simple as a normal breakthrough.”

Exchanging words with each other, they feel both amazed and anxious about the sensation caused by Lu Yun’s breakthrough.

Time slowly progresses, Lu Yun never comes out, the ripples emanating from his room don’t stop, albeit not being as strong as before.

In a blink, several days pass by.

In the room, he finally finishes cultivation.

[Name]: Lu Yun

[Power]: Flying Spirit Martial Academy

[Cultivation Technique]: Pure Yang Martial Canon (Transforming Origin Chapter, Small Achievement 61%), Astonishing Wind Extreme Saber Manual (Fourth Level: Breaking Extreme 100%), Life Destruction Saber Techniques (First Level: One Strike End Sins 100%), Wind Thunder Manual (First Level: Chasing Wind At Lightning Speed:ioo%)

[Innate Talent]: Seven Stars

[Martial Arts]: Mid-phase of the Transforming Origin Realm

[Energy Value]: 6 (increases by two every day)

[Conception]: Slaughter Conception (First Rank 80%)

[Pill Refining Technique]: Level Four (2%)

Looking at the near-zero Energy Value on the panel, Lu Yun knows he has to continue working hard and rushing about in the future.

With his Seven Star Innate Talent, he cultivated day and night for five days, merely improving the Pure Yang Martial Canon Transforming Origin Chapter by six steps.

If there’s no Energy Value, it’s uncertain as to when it would be fully cultivated.

Moreover, he can’t spend all his time on the Pure Yang Martial Canon. Whether it’s the Astonishing Wind Extreme Saber Manual, the Life Destruction Saber Techniques, or the Wind Thunder Manual, they all need his cultivation.

In addition, the Martial Arts Conception also needs to continue advancing.

After such calculations, he completely gives up his idea of cultivating himself..

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