This Lady Is Trying to Kill Me

Chapter 405 - 405: The Oriole Behind (1)

Chapter 405: The Oriole Behind (1)

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A thunderous sound that resembled an earthquake suddenly appeared on Dragon Creek Alley. By the time the surrounding people reacted and went over to take a look, the battle was already over. Three figures rushed over the houses at an extremely high speed.

Shi Yanfeng held the bronze staff and ran for his life toward the nearest northern city wall. The disbelief in his eyes even outweighed the urgency of his life hanging on by a thread.

After all, he had met Jiang Zhahu in his early twenties and had started practicing the Golden Scale Picture not long after. His talent was not bad either. Now that he was over 50 years old, he had long reached a state of invulnerability.

He originally thought that with his Golden Scale Skin, he would be able to hold on for a while even if he encountered one of the Eight Chiefs. But now, he realized that he had overthought things. Facing a Martial Chief, who had no flaws in all aspects, what determined one’s life and death was always their shortcomings. As long as his reaction couldn’t keep up and he couldn’t dodge, a Martial Chief could kill him as long as they penetrated his flesh. There was no need to stab at the places with thick skin.

After rushing out of Dragon Creek Alley, Shi Yanfeng realized that Ye Jingtang seemed to be the only one from the Imperial Court. There were no other experts around, so he should be able to escape if he could get rid of him.

Unfortunately, even though Ye Jingtang was carrying someone, he was still flying faster than him, who had internal injuries.


On a building behind, Ye Jingtang held Dongfang Liren’s waist with one hand and flew across the roof as fast as lightning, his gaze locked on the figure in front of him.

However, the big Dumdum, who had a slender waist, a voluptuous butt, and a proud chest, definitely wasn’t light. It wasn’t that easy to chase after him.

Dongfang Liren had her arms wrapped around Ye Jingtang’s neck. She also understood that she was a burden because she was tall and big. She said anxiously, “Why are you carrying me? Just go after him!”

Although Ye Jingtang wanted to investigate the Golden Scale Picture, he wasn’t muddleheaded. First, he was the Prince of Jing’s guard, and second, he was an official. If he abandoned his target of protection for a vagabond of Jianghu, he would be putting the cart before the horse. “It’s okay. He can’t run far.”

Ye Jingtang flew at full speed on the buildings. In an instant, he closed the distance between them to around 80 feet.

Dragon Creek Alley was already at the uppermost reaches of the Southern Breeze River, and it was less than a kilometer away from Yun’an’s northern city wall. But Ye Jingtang was in good condition. Even if Shi Yanfeng left the city, it would be meaningless.

Shi Yanfeng could clearly hear the sound of wind breaking behind him and knew that it was impossible for him to escape. In the desperate situation, his eyes showed courage. When he landed on a wall, he suddenly swung his bronze staff.


A thunderclap sounded in the air, and the eyebrow staff instantly split into three pieces.

Ye Jingtang reacted the moment the opponent made the strange move. He unsheathed his saber at his waist and prepared to attack. But he found that the opponent’s weapon had been split into three sections. He immediately raised his saber to block the head of the three-section staff to prevent it from sweeping over his head and hitting his back.


Sparks flew!

Shi Yanfeng swung his staff down with all his might and smashed Ye Jingtang from the air to the ground. But before he could continue to escape, the King of Hell behind him bounced up again.

The moment Ye Jingtang landed on the ground, he put Dongfang Liren on the ground and jumped into the air. He held his saber with both hands and slashed horizontally in the air.


Shi Yanfeng’s reaction was extremely fast. He had already retracted his three-section staff and protected his chest. But he didn’t expect the saber in front of him to flash and cut through the iron ring connecting two bronze sticks. Then the snow-white blade swept across his chest.


A muffled sound came as the blade entered flesh, and a bloody wound appeared on Shi Yanfeng’s chest. Although it wasn’t deep, it stretched from his left ribs to his right shoulder.


Shi Yanfeng held the two pieces of the broken staff. Before he could make a reasonable counterattack, a saber light flashed in front of his eyes again.

Ye Jingtang struck the same wound twice with perfect accuracy.

This time, the damaged Golden Scale Skin could no longer block the blade. Blood splattered in midair, and the blade entering flesh cut off several ribs diagonally, practically opening Shi Yanfeng’s chest.

“Cough!” Shi Yanfeng let out a muffled groan like a dying tiger and threw away the bronze staff in his hand. After landing on the ground, he clutched his chest and fled crazily.

But his chest was almost cut open. If he didn’t receive treatment in time, he wouldn’t survive. He wouldn’t even be able to run many steps before fainting from massive blood loss.

Ye Jingtang quickly turned around, picked up Dumdum again, and followed behind Shi Yanfeng. “If you keep running, you will definitely die. If you cooperate with the government obediently, you might be able to get a lighter sentence.”

Shi Yanfeng and Jiang Zhahu were sworn brothers. Even if he died, he could still maintain his loyalty and brotherhood. But if he were afraid of death, surrendered, and betrayed Jiang Zhahu, even if the Imperial Court didn’t kill him, he wouldn’t live past this year.

For this reason, even though Shi Yanfeng knew that he would definitely die, he still had no intention of stopping. He only lowered his head and ran wildly toward the northern city wall, searching for a slim chance of survival.

Unfortunately, Shi Yanfeng had not run far from the house when an almost inaudible sound suddenly came from under his feet.


This sound was extremely familiar to the people of Jianghu. It was the sound of a tripwire snapping!

Shi Yanfeng’s footsteps suddenly stopped. At the same time that his eyes were full of despair, a trace of doubt flashed across them.

Ye Jingtang, who was chasing after Shi Yanfeng, knew that there was a trap the moment he heard the sound of the wire snapping. In order to avoid the flying knives and hidden weapons, he pressed Dongfang Liren into his arms and landed on a roof.


Under the immense force, a hole was directly trampled in the house, and the two of them sank into it.

But to the surprise of both parties, the trap set up here was far more elaborate than they had imagined!


Amidst the shocking bang, the house under Shi Yanfeng’s feet instantly expanded. Flames engulfed his entire body, and the shock wave sent him flying. His robe and long hair were all burnt and tattered!

“Damn it!”

As soon as Ye Jingtang stepped through the roof, he saw sparks quickly flowing in the house. He used all his strength to turn over in the air and protect Dumdum in his arms. His left hand grabbed the roof beam to pull his body up.


The next moment, a shocking explosion came from the house below.

Ye Jingtang felt an irresistible impact coming from behind. The robe on his back shattered, and his entire body was sent flying into the sky..

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