The Trashy PD Has To Survive as an Idol

Chapter 146

To cut to the chase, I didn’t go to the hospital.

Kang Ichae wasn’t someone to be taken lightly, but I wasn’t the type to just sit around and do nothing either.

By rambling on, hiding in the bathroom, and clinging to the bed, enduring until Kang Ichae’s eyes were about to roll back again, my body completely returned to its original state a little over 2 hours later.

I was almost dragged to the door, but I managed to convince him I was alright, barely stopping him.

Kang Ichae, with his eyes narrowed, checked my temperature and scanned my body thoroughly.

“36.2 degrees.”

After repeatedly ensuring it wasn’t a deadly illness, wasn’t a lie, and that I wasn’t sick at all, Kang Ichae crossed his arms.

“…Strange, isn’t it?”

He still seemed suspicious, but his expression somewhat improved.

Though he kept saying we should go to the hospital, there was no reason to risk turning this into a news story.

“I’m not going.”

As my condition returned to normal and my mind started working sharply again, I was incredibly pissed.

It was only after promising to visit a hospital known to the company upon returning to Korea that I was finally let go.

Of course, when we did return, Kang Ichae naturally tried to follow me to the hospital again, but as the manager pointed out, the more people involved, the higher the chance of drawing attention.

And we even took a taxi instead of the van.

However, somehow, the road manager managed to follow me into all the examination rooms and even where the doctor was seeing me, recording everything and later handed it all to Kang Ichae.

Although it was incredibly persistent, Kang Ichae finally calmed down after he heard the diagnosis and the doctor’s opinion that there was nothing wrong.

For some reason, he seemed to have decided to let this bizarre situation slide, just as he had with the hyperventilation incident.

…He really just cares if the people around him are healthy.

It seemed that me being alive was of utmost importance to him, more than understanding or logic.

“I’m glad you’re not sick.”


“Still, let’s get regular check-ups. All the members together.”

Looking at Kang Ichae’s faint smile, I felt sick.

This guy’s not right in the head either.

And at the same time, I felt a bit remorseful.

I thought I was the only crazy one in The Dawn, but there was another.

Having experienced Kang Ichae’s tyranny firsthand, I felt a bit sorry for the other members, but that feeling didn’t last long.

Seeing Kang Ichae’s attitude soften so quickly when he knew I was alright made me reevaluate him.

“…Are you going to tell the members?”


His answer was noncommittal, but Kang Ichae didn’t tell the members.


For some reason, that was fine by me.

“Hyung, hyung! Want to eat this?”

“I’m good.”

Jeong Dajun, oblivious to everything, offered me a snack while munching on a Tokyo Banana with his cheeks full, and I turned my gaze out the window.

Better avoid Kang Ichae’s mines for a peaceful and comfortable idol life…


The Dawn’s activities in Japan had all ended.

[Hoyun looks good today, thankfully ㅠㅠㅠㅠ]

[They caught the leak culpritㄷㄷㄷ It really was someone from insideㄷㄷ]

Whether the setup and items worked marvelously or not, the leaker, dragged to the police station for witness questioning, immediately went to the CEO, crying and begging for forgiveness.

The CEO, who wanted to quietly bury the incident, preferred to handle it internally and wrap it up quickly, but Seo Hoyun wasn’t someone to just stand by and watch.

Following the leak incident and the condition turmoil that led to the stage appearance, Daepaseong Entertainment was bombarded with protests and demands for official statements via email, phone, and fax.

The coordinated attack hashtags were still ongoing, even now.



Under the intense external pressure, the company atmosphere was already turbulent.

Mockingly, someone mentioned how interesting it would be if it was revealed that due to the unreasonable schedule, a vulnerable member vomited blood.

Of course, Seo Hoyun had no real intention of disclosing such information.

Then, the CEO, his voice trembling, asked,

“…What do you want?”

The answer to the threat was obvious.

“Add a few more people to fill the gap left by the leaker and bring in some more professional staff for The Dawn.”


“Did you stir up all this mess just for that?”

The CEO wanted to ask but could only nod in resignation.

In the end, everything was tidily arranged, and a comfortable working environment could be provided for Lee Jihyeon.

I wanted to promote Jihyeon to team leader.

But that would have been overstepping boundaries.

As the saying went, even a cornered mouse would bite.

We had to maintain some boundaries.

For now, being satisfied with creating a more specialized planning line for The Dawn was enough.

If twisting an arm got this result, it was a bargain.

The rumors about smoking subsided, and as for vomiting blood, one could think of it as just a few bad days in the grand scheme of life.

Thus, by weighing the situation and conditions to maximize efficiency, a more comfortable planning team environment was established.

There was just one unexpected variable.

“Ah~, I’m a bit thirsty~.”

It was Kang Ichae.

“Ichae wants to drink banana milk~.”

“…I’ll buy it for you.”

“Kidding, I want a double-yolked ssanghwa tea.”

“Where do I even get that?”

“I was hoping my dear hyung would make it from scratch for me~.”

Kang Ichae said this while stretching out on the recording studio’s sofa, chewing gum vigorously.

I had been appeasing him for days and gritted my teeth in frustration.

If only I hadn’t been caught by that guy.

Then, this affair of trading my skin to save another’s neck could have ended quite beautifully.

“You… You’re using me because you haven’t told the others, right?”

“Such a Seo Hoyun-like way of thinking.”

“I would have been better off hitting your head to make you lose your memory.”


Despite having resolved the issues with rumors, the leaker, and the planning team, Kang Ichae knew I was alright and smiled brightly, but he kept teasing me relentlessly.

Feeling somewhat guilty and having misspoken, I was pressing down my foul temper, trying to endure it, but I was almost at my limit.

“Seeing how rude you are, you seem healthy, which is nice.”

“Crazy bastard.”

After that, Kang Ichae acted as if he was fine, but his eyes sparkled wildly.

Madness overflowed in his tone.

Clearly, I had crossed a threshold at that time, as he veiled his malice with all sorts of complaints.

Banana milk and ssanghwa tea were mere child’s play.

Teasing members was a given, and whenever it seemed like things were about to cross the line and I would get angry, he would take a step back and feign weakness.

“You’re too nice to Ichae, hyung.”


That sly fox!

Watching Kang Ichae driving me to anger made my blood boil.

Just! I’ll endure it for two more days.

If he was still like that after two days, I decided to spill everything and find a way to make Kang Ichae die and me live.

Anyway, thanks to Kang Ichae, I was on edge, ready to kill anyone who crossed my path.

Not only the company people but even the manager tiptoed away from me, but we couldn’t just not work.

Then, Lee Jihyeon, who unlike me was very happy with the improved work environment, handed me a proposal.

It was a proposal for the final part of the Apocalypse trilogy following last year’s end-of-year stage.

[The Dawn – The Rising Dawn and the Doomed World]

Receiving the document and flipping through it, I couldn’t help but rejoice.

I couldn’t miss this opportunity that seemed like a gift from heaven.




Before we began shooting for Shining Star Season 2, The Dawn’s first self-produced content was uploaded on YouTube.

[OMG, it’s been a while since we got a teaser from them lol]

It was mid-February. The weather was still cold, so the shoot was indoors.

[Seems like the kids are over-immersed in the apocalypse concept;;]

[OMG I’m so excited ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ]

[How do you even over-immerse in apocalypse…? Do you just scream that the world is ending?

└Jeong Dajun would do so well

└└Ah, knew it from the maknae’s sensitivity at the birthday party]

[But Seo Hoyun… ㅋㅋ]

The Noeuls realized this during the surprise birthday party.

Being shameless was an understatement for Seo Hoyun; it was clear he’d pop up smirking cheekily as always.

[This guy will probably be counting his fingers in his pocket like during the student council election]

[Senior soldier Seo Hoyun

└Ah ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

The day the self-produced content was released, the Noeuls’ mouths fell open.


From the start, Seo Hoyun appeared wearing black techwear that seemed modified from the an American SWAT team’s uniform.

With the sound of military boots and the screen slowly panning up, Seo Hoyun’s expressionless face was revealed under a cap and black body armor.

[OMG, thank the heavens]

[Bowing in a place with great energy]

During “Second Chance,” Seo Hoyun was part of the government forces, so the fans had seen him in various uniforms, but this was the first time he wore full techwear.

And they screamed in excitement.

Then, Seo Hoyun went up to the podium. Behind him, The Dawn’s logo fluttered on a banner.

[And he’s not a senior soldier anymore!!!!]

[OMG, what’s with Seo Hoyun’s posture, the crazy guy??]

Seemingly unaware of what was happening, Seo Hoyun coldly glanced over the four members huddled and whispering in front of the platform, and nonchalantly recited the proposal fluttering in his hand.

“Good day to you all.”

Having been extremely sensitive due to Kang Ichae, he was very pleased with the apocalypse military-themed self-produced content that legally allowed him to hound the members

Over the past few days, Seo Hoyun, his face noticeably flushed from holding back his anger, had endured Kang Ichae’s smirking face by bowing deeply.

Kang Ichae, you bastard.

“Starting today, I’ll be in charge of training.”

You’re dead today.

The shooting day came after the two days he had decided to endure.

“Wow~!! So handsome~!”


Jeong Dajun, who had been particularly influenced by Kang Ichae recently, teased Seo Hoyun, causing his eyebrows to twitch slightly.


Kim Seonghyeon and Seong Jiwon exchanged glances.

Leaving Jeong Dajun aside, who had yet to grasp the situation, the hyung line realized at that moment that things were taking a serious turn.

“…Today’s self-control challenge will be in accordance with the apocalyptic worldview. Penalties will be imposed if your actions do not meet these standards.”

[ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋBut seriously ㅋㅋㅋ what are we gonna do with this concept]

[Let’s destroy everything, Dajun]

[But Seo Hoyun, I thought he’d just lazily shove his hands in his pockets… His icy, precise demeanor is just perfectㅠ Is this what an idol who had done their military service is like?? Clap clap]

[The natural use of formal speech is insane….

└Reminds me a bit of PD Lee Jeonghunㅠㅠ]

Seo Hoyun was an idol who moved strictly according to business performances, but today was not an act.

[His icy acting is killer]

It was genuine.

He was genuinely in a bad mood.

“What’s the penalty?”

When Seong Jiwon raised his hand to ask, the corners of Seo Hoyun’s mouth slightly lifted.

“Jeong Dajun thought he was in a dessert-making challenge until an hour ago and was busy whipping meringue.”


“Ah! So that’s what was going on??”

Jeong Dajun, still smelling sweetly, shoved his palm under Kim Seonghyeon’s nose.

At the same time, someone from afar approached with a mobile tray, carrying a plate covered by a stainless-steel lid.

Seo Hoyun removed the lid, revealing the dishes inside.

They were all made by Jeong Dajun.

“Tuna macarons, gochujang sandwiches, and so on….”


“Dajun, why on earth did you do that?”

Seong Jiwon’s soft tone yet pointed question made Jeong Dajun shout in frustration.

“No, I tried to make it unique and creative! And those were the only ingredients available, okay?? No matter what, you can’t expect me to make gochujang macarons, right?!”


“You could’ve just made a tuna sandwich….”


With a realization dawning on him, Dajun smacked his forehead with a thud!

[Ya, you idiotㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ]

[I love Dajun, but I can’t eat tuna macarons

└It would be madness if I did.]

As they considered matching Jeong Dajun’s food with a penalty, Kim Seonghyeon raised his hand with a worried look.

“So, what’s the penalty?”

“This one.”

“…Excuse me?”

“Eating the dessert made by Jeong Dajun.”

Everyone’s faces turned pale.

“—Or you can run on the treadmill for ten minutes and do a sexy dance.”

“I’ll do the sexy dance.”

Their expressions instantly brightened.

Despite Dajun’s sulky glare, he couldn’t change the firm minds of his hyungs.

For reasons unknown, Dajun, having recently become an adult, was passionately diving into cooking.

He was especially serious about fusion cuisine.

“Jeong Dajun, would you eat jjajangmyeon if I added strawberry jam to it?”


“Ah, it’s unfair!! I usually do a good job! And jjajangmyeon with strawberry jam could taste good!”


“These narrow-minded people, how could you think it’s bad without even trying?”

[Dajun, you have to try it to know if it’s shit or soybean paste, right?

└Guess he wants to dip to see if it’s jjajang or strawberry…

└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAh tlqkf ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

No one was listening to Jeong Dajun.

Beside him, Kang Ichae tilted his head, puzzled.

“Being passionate is good, but who is going to be the judge?”

“I will.”

“Isn’t that too much? It’s just whatever Hoyun-hyung wants.”

Seo Hoyun tapped the podium with his finger, then flashed a sly smile at the members.

“If you have complaints, you should have taken your concept seriously from the start.”



Looking at Kang Ichae, Seo Hoyun asked,

“Kang Ichae, are you going to keep talking informally?”

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