The Substitute Bride: Indulged by the Obsessive CEO

Chapter 482 - 482: Trash

Chapter 482: Trash

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At school, Tang Beibei, who had just finished class, still didn’t know she was being followed.

Suddenly, she heard her phone vibrate. She unlocked it and saw that it was her husband.

The corners of her lips curled up. Her sweet smile was sweeter than the candy she ate.

She picked up her phone and went outside to answer the call. Then, she heard her husband ask, “Bayberry is on the market now. Do you want to eat it?”

“Is it sour?”

“It should be a bit sour. I’ll give the sour ones to Ruan Qi and leave the sweet ones for you.”

The man’s voice was gentle and filled with affection.

Tang Beibei thought about how Ruan Qi said she wanted to eat something sour yesterday. Song Zhou must have gone to find something to eat.

“I want to eat.”

“When will your training end tonight?”

During this period, she had been very busy every day. She practiced dancing until midnight.

“I’m doing my homework to look up some information. After I’m done with my homework, I’ll go to the dance studio. I’m going to practice vocal music today. Hubby, the teacher said that I sing well. Wait for me to sing for you.”


Tang Beibei counted the time. “Hubby, you should pick me up at seven. It’s boring if you come early.”

“I’ll listen to you.”

Thus, he worked overtime until six o’clock.

“Hubby, I’ll go do my homework now.”


Jiang Jingchen thought that she would hang up immediately, but he heard the woman say with a smile, “Hubby, I love you.”

“Obedient Beibei.”

“Du du du du…”

This woman hung up the phone shyly.

Jiang Jingchen was in a good mood. He looked at the bayberries that Song Zhou brought over and tasted one. His brows were tightly knitted.

“So sour!”

Song Zhou coughed lightly. “Young Master, the red and black ones are sweet. These fresh ones are bright red and might be a little sour. Try again.”

Jiang Jingchen looked at him doubtfully, picked a black one, and put it in his mouth.

“Young Master, how does it taste?”

“Pick out the sour ones and give them to your wife. Leave the rest for my wife.”

Song Zhou was stunned. He was the one who bought it. Why did he have to give all the sweet ones to Jiang Jingchen’s wife?

He gloomily went to get the bag and started picking the bayberries in the office.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Jiang Jingchen picked it up. It was Wen Sang.

“Brother Jingchen, do you want to have dinner together?”

Song Zhou heard a woman’s voice, but it was not Tang Beibei’s. He immediately looked at him.

He had promised his wife that he would keep an eye on his young master so that he wouldn’t be seduced by another woman.

Jiang Jingchen said, “Sorry, I have an appointment.”

“Is it with your wife?”


“Then let’s go together. I still want to talk to you about work.”

Previously, he had cooperated with the Wen Corporation and set the Jiang Corporation tp, causing Jiang Xing to be in danger.

Now that he was in charge of the Jiang Corporation, he wanted to change the name of the corporation. He needed to seek some strong cooperation if he wanted to run it well.

The Wen Corporation was a good choice.

However, he was still considering it.

Working with the Wen Corporation had its pros and cons. Besides, his wife did not like him to be too close to Wen Sang.

“Sorry, my wife is still in training. I’ll just eat a little for dinner. She’s very busy and doesn’t have time to go out.”

Wen Sang was a little disappointed. “Brother Jingchen, let’s meet at noon then. You don’t have to accompany your wife at noon, right? I want to help you.”

Jiang Jingchen said politely, “I’m quite busy now. Thank you for your love, Miss Wen. I’ll hang up now.”

Without waiting for Wen Sang to speak, he hung up the phone and rubbed his eyebrows. He wanted to block her again.

He could understand what Wen Sang meant to him.

He had also told her clearly that he was married and that they couldn’t be together. However, Wen Sang still seemed unwilling to accept it.

He did not like to be entangled with others.

If she wanted to talk about work, she could come to the office and negotiate in public instead of talking to him during private meal time.

“How are the preparations for the name change going?” Jiang Jingchen asked.

“It’s already been registered. The trademark hasn’t changed. The logo has also been printed. The new product will be under a new name.”

The Jiang Corporation was an old brand that had been around for more than ten years. A sudden name change would indeed affect the company.

Therefore, with the approval of the higher-ups, they took a series of measures to subtly let this name enter the ears of the customers and make them slowly accept it.

The Jiang Corporation was renamed Bei Yi International.

Jiang Jingchen looked at the list of companies under the Jiang Group. He crossed out two and threw the document that he found problematic to Song Zhou.

“For such a problem to occur, it seems that their attitude towards work is not rigorous. Merge these two departments and list them under the assessment system. Whoever doesn’t complete the assessment will get lost.”

Song Zhou heard the seriousness in his voice and knew that this was a serious matter. He did not dare to slack off and immediately took the documents out.

When he walked out of the office, he saw Jiang Xing’s former assistant talking to someone from the secretary department. He paused for a few steps.

Assistant Wang was very calm and even greeted Song Zhou with a smile.

“Hello, Assistant Song.”

Song Zhou thought to himself, “Seeing you here, I have a bad feeling.”

However, he still smiled politely. “Assistant Wang, since you’re free, why don’t you go to the marketing department? They’re short of people.”

“If this is the CEO’s transfer, I accept it.”

“You can ask the CEO. The office door is open.”

Assistant Wang followed his finger to the room and looked at the half-open office. The corners of his mouth twitched and he went to the office.

“Hi, Eldest Young Master.”

Jiang Jingchen responded politely.

“Call me CEO. There’s no young master here, only Jiang Jingchen.”

Assistant Wang nodded respectfully. “CEO, you want me to go to the marketing department, right?”

“You can choose to go or stay in the secretary department.”

Assistant Wang was a little confused. “CEO, why are you so ruthless to the former CEO? He is your father.”


Assistant Wang coughed lightly. “I’m just curious. I want to hear your thoughts.”

“Why should I be responsible for your curiosity?”

“…” Assistant Wang choked.

Jiang Jingchen continued to read the document. After turning a page, he said, “You used to lead the secretary department. You should know better than me about the situation of everyone in the department. Now the department is slacking off. What do you think?”

“Wei… Remind them that if they make a mistake, their money will be deducted?”

Jiang Jingchen looked up at him. He closed the document that hadn’t been signed and threw it directly to him.

“Let the person who wrote the document check for the mistakes. Inform the secretary department to hold a meeting in half an hour. If anyone doesn’t show up, the person will be fired!”

Assistant Wang did not manage to catch the document. It fell to the ground with a thud.

He was sure that the people outside had heard the commotion inside.

He was deliberately making an example out of him to warn the people in the secretary department.

The people in the secretary’s department were all led by him step by step. If he were to leave, it was inevitable that everyone would have some emotions. With emotions, they would slack off in their work.

He looked up at Jiang Jingchen. This cold-faced man was even more ruthless than Jiang Xing.

He took the document out and handed it to the people in the secretary department. He told them to be careful. If they made mistakes again in the future, he would not be able to protect them.

“Assistant Wang, we can’t bear to leave you.. Can we discuss with the CEO so that you won’t leave? Or how about we all go with you? Anyway, I don’t want to serve Jiang Jingchen, this trash!”

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