The Sacred Land Is Going Bankrupt, I Invented a Mobile Phone!

Chapter 82: Attacking the Sinking Market! (2)

Heavenly Origin Sacred Land…

Elder Wu’s spirit was a little bit a little bit uninspired after his great revenge was avenged, under the great joy and sorrow.

And so, the crowd stopped bothering and dispersed.

The Foreign Affairs Elder had business matters to report to Ye Chen, and the two stood above the sea of clouds.

“Saint Master, the major powers that are substituting for us are applying for more materials, saying that their production has increased greatly nowadays.

“But I’m a little hesitant to oblige them.

“After all, as it is today, although the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator is still hot, the sales rate is no longer quite as fast as it used to be. If we expand production, we may not be able to sell out all of them every day.

“Isn’t it fine to continue with the current production?”

The Foreign Affairs Elder was a little unsure about this matter and asked Ye Chen for advice.

Ye Chen sniffed but waved his hand, “It’s good that the production scale of the OEM forces is expanding. Don’t be afraid of how much production capacity they have and how much do we charge.

“Wait for sales to fall in a few months! Just start lowering the price to ship and penetrate the sinking market!”

The Foreign Affairs Elder froze at his words.

Reducing prices?

Wouldn’t that profit become lower?

He was a bit reluctant.

Ye Chen patted the Foreign Affairs Elder’s shoulder, “Don’t be afraid of lower profits, what we want is popularity!

“You’ve seen the money-making ability of the Immortal Net Auction House.

“In the future, there are more money-making programs that will be launched.

“The more people who use the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator, the more we earn.

“Compared to that, this little profit from the sale of the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator is worthless. There is no need to care about it at all.”

Although the Foreign Affairs Elder somewhat didn’t quite understand the Saint Master’s words, he was greatly shocked.

The thought process of his Saint Master was something that he really couldn’t keep up with.

But it didn’t matter.

Many things had already proven that listening to the Saint Master was the correct move.

The Foreign Affairs Elder looked at Ye Chen and asked the thing he had been curious about.

“Saint Master, when did you cultivate the Way of Derivation, so much so that you can even see through the inheritance of the Heavenly Chance Pavilion!

“The murderer that the Great Mystery Sacred Land couldn’t find for twenty years, you deduced everything in a few breaths. It’s really unbelievable.”

Ye Chen smiled faintly, “I got a chance when I went out to cultivate before. I just cultivated casually. It’s not worth mentioning!”

The corners of the Foreign Affairs Elder’s mouth twitched.

Casually cultivated?

Saint Master, you are pretending!

The word “pretending” was still something I learned from the Saint Master’s mouth back then.

But going out to cultivate?

The Foreign Affairs Elder had a confused look on his face, “Saint Master, when did you go out to cultivate?

“You were famously cautious when your cultivation wasn’t high.

“Other disciples would start going down the mountain to do missions and train to look for opportunities when they reach the late stage of Qi Refining or Foundation Establishment.

“But you just don’t go, saying that you have a great future ahead of you, and that there is absolutely no need to go down the mountain to cultivate.

“You even said at that time that you would only go down the mountain unless there was a Nascent Soul Realm, and also a late Nascent Soul Realm Elder, who would always be behind you to protect you!

“You even said that it would be better if you could invite a Supreme Elder, so that it would be a bit safer!

“Your master was furious with you at the time, but you just wouldn’t come down the mountain. In the end, he could only make an exception and allow you to not do the mission.

“Speaking of which, Saint Master, you’re the only disciple in the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land who hasn’t done any quests and hasn’t gone down the mountain to cultivate.

“When I think of how you looked back then, I still remember it vividly.

“For so many years, you are the most courageous… and cautious disciple I have ever seen, bar none!”


Hearing his own black history, Ye Chen’s face darkened.

You were just trying to say that you’ve never seen a timid disciple like me before!

However, Ye Chen felt that what he did was completely fine.

With the Money System, he was bound to become an immortal and an ancestor in the future.

Why did he need to go down the mountain to cultivate?

What if he encountered danger down the mountain?

If he died in the middle of the journey, he wouldn’t even be able to cry.

That’s why he had been cultivating in the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land for twenty years.

Ye Chen had only been down the mountain a handful of times.

And every time, he either followed his master, or he followed a late stage Nascent Soul elder.

To be honest, even if this was the case, Ye Chen felt that it wasn’t safe.

What if another Sacred Land felt that his talent was too strong and threatening, and a Deity Transformation made a move against him?

The truth was that his own Supreme Elder had been in seclusion, and during the twenty years, Ye Chen hadn’t even seen the other party once.

Otherwise, it he necessarily follow the other party in order to have a sense of security.

And this time out of the mountain, it was because Ye Chen felt that his strength was almost unparalleled.

Even if he faced the Deity Transformation Realm, he could still escape if he couldn’t beat them.

That’s why he went out to show a wave of sainthood in front of people.

But to be honest, Ye Chen still felt a little unsafe.

He should still break through to the late Nascent Soul REalm.

When he broke through to the late Nascent Soul Realm, then he would almost be able to beat the early stage of Deity Transformation.

It wasn’t even impossible to arm wrestle with a mid Deity Transformation.

So, this was going to be a breakthrough.

“The Immortal Cultivation World is so big, with countless strong people and dangers, the chances of me encountering danger are dozens of times higher than other disciples.

“After all, I’m so gifted. I’m sure to be a target, and all the major Sacred Lands will see me as a thorn in their eyes and a thorn in their flesh.

“The possibility of laying hands on me is too great.

“If I had gone out to cultivate in the past, I would have fallen long ago. And then, how could I have gotten this far.”

Ye Chen’s words caused the corners of the Foreign Affairs Elder’s mouth to twitch.

Saint Master, aren’t you a little too narcissistic?

However, thinking of Ye Chen’s talent, the Foreign Affairs Elder was a bit self-absorbed again.

A heavenly pride who had achieved the mid Nascent Soul Realm in twenty-one years.

It really didn’t seem to matter whether it was experienced or not.

The Foreign Affairs Elder was a bit struck down, “Saint Master, you have struck out today with great joy. I have a few jars of good wine brewed a hundred years ago there, should we have a drink to celebrate?”

Ye Chen waved his hand, “Next time! After the strike, I had an epiphany, I’ll go for seclusion first!”

The Foreign Affairs Elder’s eyebrows jumped as he listened.

The Saint Master had only broken through three months ago, right?

And now he’s had an epiphany and is going into seclusion?

You can have an epiphany even in a fight.

Do you think epiphanies are like eating and drinking water?

The Elder of the Foreign Affairs Department was a pride of his generation, having reached the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

But at the moment, he was cut off.

I kneel for you, Saint Master!

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