The Rise Of The Tamer Family

Chapter 507 - 507: The Secret of the Yaoguang Realm

Chapter 507: The Secret of the Yaoguang Realm

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“But that’s just an ‘if’.’1 Ye Yuan sighed.

Every time he saw the history of this place, Ye Yuan wished he could lend his lifespan to the Illusory God.

Unfortunately, that was just a joke.

Then, Ye Yuan continued,” In the following period of time, history has been repeating itself.

Every time the evil demons plan to completely annex the Alkaid World, our Alkaid World can give birth to a god and lead the Alkaid World to turn the tide.” “There seems to be some kind of power maintaining the balance between the

two sides.”

“But this balance was broken 100,000 years ago.”

He was here!

Chen Yang’s mind moved. 100,000 years was an extremely sensitive number. The Alkaid World 100,000 years later was completely different from the Alkaid

World 100,000 years ago.

100,000 years later, no more gods were born in the Alkaid World, but they did not feel the threat of the evil demons at all.

Perhaps, the turning point was during this period of time.

As expected, Ye Yuan continued to explain,'”‘At that time, a shockingly talented god was suddenly born in the Evil Demon Realm.”

“The strength of this God far surpasses any God in the past.” “According to the Saints ‘guess, this evil god should have broken through to the second realm of god.”

“Under his leadership, the Alkaid Realm is immediately at risk of destruction.1 “And at this time, a god was born in my Alkaid World, the Array God!”

“The Great Dao that the Array God has comprehended is the Array Formation Great Dao, which is ranked 12th on the Great Dao Rankings. He knows many powerful array formations.”

“It’s precisely because of the appearance of the Array God that my Alkaid World

has today’s stability.”

Array God?

Yang Chen was a little confused. Didn’t they say that the evil god seemed to have broken through to the second realm of god? How could he be stopped by a god who had just broken through?

As if he could see the doubt in Chen Yang’s heart, Ye Yuan continued to explain,”After the Formation God broke through, the Gecaaaos knew that their strength was no match for the evil gods.”

“Then, the Array God used the Alkaid World as the foundation and set up a divine array!”

“This divine formation can unleash the power to exterminate gods when attacking, and it can defend against the attacks of evil gods when retreating.” “It was precisely because of this grand array that the demons were unable to annex my Alkaid World.”

“There are a few passages left behind in this formation.

This channel was limited in its capacity to accommodate the demons, so it had been handled by the internal forces of the Shaoguang Realm. This was also the origin of the Land of Demons.”

“Right now, the Array God is outside the Alkaid Realm. He uses the array as the foundation to resist the evil gods. And inside, we’ll be the ones defending against the demons of the Land of Demons.”

After listening to Ye Yuan’s explanation, Chen Yang finally knew the origin of this land of demons.

It seemed like this Array God was also a shockingly talented existence. He wasn’t weaker than an Illusory God.

Although he wasn’t as valiant as an illusionary god, he was still able to defend against a second-stage god.

Thinking of this, Yang Chen suddenly reacted,” So the Array God is still alive?” “Naturally, he’s alive.” Ye Yuan smiled and said,”If the Array God dies, only death awaits my Alkaid Realm.'”‘

“I see.” Yang Chen nodded and asked,””Then in these 100,000 years, there hasn’t been another god born to help the Array God?

“This is what I want to tell you next.”

Ye Yuan smiled and looked at Chen Yang.” Chen Clan Leader, do you think that with the Array God’s attainments in array formations, he might have left a few passages behind?”

Yang Chen shook his head.

This was also the question he had wanted to ask earlier. Why didn’t the Array God seal it once and for all, but instead, a few passages had leaked out?

“Actually, this was intentionally left behind by the Array God.’Ye Yuan laughed.

“Did you leave it behind on purpose?” Yang Chen looked at Ye Yuan in astonishment.

“That’s right, he left it behind on purpose.”

Ye Yuan slowly explained,”You should know about the Great Dao Crystal, right? It’s a treasure that can help martial artists comprehend the Great Dao.””

“But do you know how this Great Dao Crystal was born?

Yang Chen shook his head. How would I know?

“This Great Dao Crystal is refined by experts above the Dao Origin based on the aura of the universe.”

“Although it is said to be refining, most of the energy is wasted.

If he could directly absorb the aura of the universe, the effect would be far stronger than this Great Dao Crystal.’

“And the array formation of the Array God indeed cuts off the connection between the Alkaid Realm and the universe. The aura of the universe will only be born in this demonic passageway.”

“This is also the reason why in the past 100,000 years, not a single god or even a demigod has been born in our Alkaid World.”

“When the illusory god was around, the Alkaid World also welcomed 100,000 years of peace. At that time, there were endless gods in the Alkaid World.” “And now, it’s also peaceful, but not a single deity or demigod has appeared. The reason was because of the array that the God of Formations had set up.” “And if it weren’t for that demonic passageway, even Saints wouldn’t have appeared in the Alkaid World.’Ye Yuan said with some hesitation.

From this aspect, the Array God was indeed dragging down the development of the Alkaid Realm’s martial dao.

But if there was no array god, then the Alkaid Realm would have long perished, and there was no need to talk about martial arts development.

Now, the entire Alkaid World, including the Array God, was praying that a monster who could break through to the God Realm could appear in this Alkaid World that could be called a desolate land.

If another god appeared, he would be able to defeat the evil spirit. At the very least, more of these passageways could be opened, and the possibility of a god appearing again in the Alkaid World would be greater.

“As for the aura of the universe, you can understand it as the origin left behind by the 3,000 Great Dao in the universe.”

“The universe aura is also extremely easy to identify. Every strand of universe aura is a seven-colored light.

As for whether it was a universal Great Dao universe aura or an exclusive one, you would know after you captured it.

“This is the reason why I sent your Chen Clan to guard the Land of Evil


“Of course, I won’t let your Chen family go now.

The Taoist Faction has decided to let your Chen Family develop for another 30 years. After 30 years, we will officially head to the Land of Evil Demons.” -When the time comes, you can choose to send your entire clan or a portion of your people.”

“However, let me say this first. Once I go, I will definitely be in charge of a territory. I hope that Chen Clan Leader can understand this.”

Yang Chen nodded. He had already thought of this.

Since he was going, he couldn’t just slack off and enjoy without giving anything.

Seeing that Chen Yang agreed, Ye Yuan smiled and said,”Since that’s the case, you should make preparations.””

“By the way, there’s something I forgot to tell you. Your agreement with the Beast Tamer Sect is invalid, but you can use resources to buy cultivation techniques. You need to discuss this with the Beast Tamer Sect.”

“In addition, you can also buy the Dao Law of my Dao Sect. There are no additional conditions, as long as the resources are in place.”

“Also, the Saint Clan has a cultivation technique that leads directly to the God Throne. You can also buy it, but the prerequisite is that you have to have the resources to move the Saint Clan.

“This is a benefit that the Saint is giving you, and also a pressure that the Saint is giving you.”

Hearing this, Yang Chen’s eyes lit up.

Everything else was not important. He could buy the follow-up cultivation method, but it solved Yang Chen’s urgent need.

He was about to break through to the Void Piercer King realm, but this cultivation technique had not been found yet.

Now that he had a channel to buy it, it was naturally for the best.

Yang Chen smiled and said,”Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give you resources that will satisfy you.””

After that, there was nothing else to do. Yang Chen followed Shen Renxu back to the Shen family.

As for the resources to buy the cultivation technique, Yang Chen had already thought it through.

In the entire Alkaid World, was there any resource more precious than the Great Dao Crystal?

By then, Yang Chen would remain in the Land of Demons and would not come out unless he collected enough Demonic Crystals.

After returning to the Shen family, Shen Renxu asked Shen Daokong to escort Yang Chen back.

Shen Daokong was the one who requested this. After seeing that Chen Yang had broken through to the Origin of Dao Realm, Shen Daokong wanted Chen Yang to continue receiving the inheritance of the Universe Saint.

Shen Renxu did not refuse.

However, before he left, Shen Renxu told Yang Chen a piece of news. “Yang ‘er, I’m afraid you can’t go personally to the Sage Sect Token..’1

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