The Max Level Hero Has Returned!

Chapter 601

Chapter 601

Interesting individuals inhabited this world, and Davey was determined to stir up that hornet's nest.

Once the Peach Blossom Fairy had swiftly departed with Su-Yoon, he gently stroked Rinne's head, saying, "Rinne, from now on, change course and go to Han Ja-Seong."

"Rinne demands an explanation."

"You must go and secretly protect the child named Cheon Ji-Hee, who's by his side. If I'm correct, the one who teamed up with the Abyss will target her."

Davey sent her off with a little push on her back, and he was then left with the company of Yun Hee-Ryeong, a dangerous entity to guard against, and Perserque, a VIP whom he had to safeguard at all costs.

"Alright. Let's go shred the bastard who caused this damned mess."

Yun Hee-Ryeong frowned at his remark. "I still feel like a pufferfish is dancing on my tongue. How could anyone cook anything to have such a painful taste?"

"It's effective, isn't it?"

The effect wouldve been negligible given the inherent power of the Abyss Princess, but in her current state, the effect would be tremendous.

"So, how do we find them? That thing... You said it was formless. How do you plan to find something that disappears at will?"

Her question raised a valid point, and there was another thing to consider too. While Davey sought out the damned formless entity, he was also being pursued by the Countries of Hwan and Yu, and trying to prevent their collision.

Thus, an inevitable question arose. Why didnt the thing simply run away with the fragment of the Absolute Gem?

If it possessed the fragment, it could find the real Absolute Gem even faster than Davey.

The answer was actually quite simple. The thing no longer had the strength to return to its world and bring along with it the fragment it had. Since Sleesia died, the Abyss had significant problems when it came to dimensional travel, making it hard for Abyssal entities to come and go as they wanted.

This would leave the Abyssal entity no other choice but to buy some time. It also knew it was no match against Davey, and that left Isildi as its only possible defensive measure. But Davey planned to find the Abyssal entity before it could have a chance to awaken her. "It'd be nice if Princess Jadeflower would work hard in the process."

"What exactly did you ask Princess Jadeflower to do?"

"Pray," said Davey, causing Hee-Ryeong to look at him with puzzlement. "You don't even know the state of the world you live in, do you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Keep wondering. Follow me. Let's go, you guys."

Davey headed toward where he felt numerous energies, while the Fire Chicken, Rumble, and Whiteythe groggy White Tiger that had just woken up to groom itselftrailed dutifully behind him. Substantial time had passed since this commotion started. It was to be expected that the Embroidered Uniform Guards would barge in, since the information about Daveys presence must have spread like wildfire.

"Continental Criminal Davey! How dare a descendent of the Western Barbarians assassinate the Crown Prince! Accept divine punishment!"

As soon as Davey left the forest, numerous figures appeared. At first glance, it seemed like thousands, if not tens of thousands, were surrounding the three of them. If they had delayed any longer there, they would have eventually been found. Davey suspected that it was because of the borrowed power from the Abyssal entity that the guards were able to detect them despite their usage of the ability of invisibility that was similar to Rinnes.He couldnt think of any other logical explanation. The three Divine Beasts that were on Davey's command growled, showing their hostility as if demanding their master to call upon them.

"I did not kill him," Davey denied calmly, but he was gripping the throat of Yun Hee-Ryeong, while his sword was pointed threateningly at her neck. "You see this hostage? If you keep blocking our path, this woman's life will be over."

The hostage crisis he staged caused the Grand Commander of the Embroidered Uniform Guards to turn grim.

"Proceed! Did you think I'd fall for your wretched ploy! The death of that miss would not restrain us, the Embroidered Uniform Guards! On my command! Prepare for the Great Evil Annihilation Formation!"

Upon the Grand Commander's shout, dozens of figures clad in luxurious armor appeared, brandishing their swords as they took their places in a formation.

Not an iota of complacency could be seen in the determined look in their eyes. Not when they already knew that many experts at the martial arts tournament were beaten by Davey.

As the guards displayed an unwavering resolve to take Davey down even if it meant their death, Davey whispered quietly to Yun Hee-Ryeong, "Don't kick up a fuss; just follow."

Davey took out a branch adorned with bells and lightly shook it in a repetitive, flicking motion. freeweb .co m


The surrounding air began to change as the clear sound of the bell rang out. Thousands of the members of the Embroidered Uniform Guards felt uneasy with the sudden shift, but Davey did not stop.

"Good. Go ahead and make a show of it."

Come out, yall.

Lightning poured down from the skies that blazed with red flame.


"What the... what is that?!"

"I've given you a chance, but you wasted it. Now, I'll completely destroy the Country of Hwan and hunt down the devious Sect Leader of the Ak Rim Sect and those hiding behind him." Davey declared as loud as a lions roar, while a chillingly murderous aura emanated from him.

Now everyone who needed to hear had heard.

"Such insolence!"

"How bold of you to say that youll destroy a country by yourself! Traitor!"

"I wasnt even born in Hwan, idiots. Go now, kids." As he spoke, the ground rumbled, and the giant White Tiger revealed itself, appearing to guard Davey's rear.

Following the White Tiger, the enormous Azure Dragon emerged from the thick clouds in the sky. At the same time, the Vermillion Bird arose from the fiery flames that burned there. It was completely clear that they were already doomed, even if the Black Tortoise had not made an appearance yet.


"The Divine Beasts?!"

"Why would the Divine Beasts protect such a rude and treacherous person?!"

"Go ahead!" Davey shouted.

The faces of Rumble and the Fire Chicken began to display fierce intentions for battle. They seemed to be blaming everything on the guards.

The Vermillion Bird, which now had better anger management, viciously summoned scorching flames, making a grand display of its innate rage. Then the Azure Dragon, surrounded by thunderclouds, began to intimidate the Embroidered Uniform Guards.

"Grand Commander! No matter what, we can't just"

"This Black Magic! The wise Divine Beasts would never follow such a cunning man! Remember, that man is an outright devil who dared to assassinate Prince Wol Gye-Woo! Don't let him tarnish the dignity of the Embroidered Uniform Guards!"

Drawing his sword, the Grand Commander released an energy that showed he was in the Transcendent realm, exuding a formidable aura, and the three Divine Beasts too revealed their powerful aura in response.

Then, unable to hold back any further, Fire Chicken initiated the fight, and a battle between the Embroidered Uniform Guards and the three Divine Beasts commenced.

"Perserque, let's go."

Davey promptly cast warp magic and spoke to the three beasts, Rumble, The Fire Chicken, and Whitey.

"Don't kill too many. You can kill some of them, but total annihilation is out of the question."

It wasnt certain if the Divine Beasts heard Davey while they were in the midst of their ferocious rampage that was driving back the Embroidered Uniform Guards. It was making Yun Hee-Ryeong shudder all over. In this land filled with magical power, the strength of the Divine Beasts was incomparable to their strength in Tionis. Plus, in this place...

"The Yellow Dragon will be here as well."

It was the king of the Divine Beasts, and its presence mattered a great deal.

"You are?!" As strange lights burst out from Davey's body, the Grand Commander shouted.

"Is dragging things out like this okay for you guys? The most efficient way to destroy the Country of Hwan is to shatter the Imperial Palace. Right after, the Country of Yu will be next. Whichever is first, the outcome is the same."

Davey was the Master of the Divine Beasts, and he had emerged unscathed and victorious against numerous experts.The Grand Commander was able to connect these dots together and concluded that Davey could do anything. The realization made him turn deathly pale. He would most likely try to somehow convey this news to the Imperial Palace.

An intense light enveloped Davey, Perserque and Yun Hee-Ryeong, and the scenery in front of them changed. They reappeared in the high skies, getting a view of the battlefield in utter chaos beneath them. It was an incredible view.

"Wa Waaaaaaah?!"

Unfamiliar with the Flight Magic, Yun Hee-Ryeong was terrified, and she started squirming. On the contrary, Davey was feeling so comfortable being above ground that he even took out the fragment of the Absolute Gem and tossed it back and forth in his hands.

"Is this how it's done?"

The Absolute Gem and its fragments resonated with each other. They were all interconnected. So if Davey possessed the fragment, he could find the rest, and the more Davey had, the easier it got to locate the Absolute Gem, as well as other fragments. The number of fragments he had was too few for an accurate detection right now, but after a few trials and errors, Davey pinpointed the Abyssal entitys direction.

"Found you, you little shit."

A cold smile was etched on Davey's lips. He grabbed the still-struggling Yun Hee-Ryeong and put her on his shoulder like she was a piece of luggage. He then gathered his mana and cast Teleport once more.

* * *

Oedon, the Abyssal entity, was a formless monster, but it now resembled a strange slime with dozens of wriggling tentacles. One of them had a black stone embedded into its tip.

It slowly whispered in a chilling, hushed voice, "Everything is perfect. He shall never achieve it all."

Davey ORowane. He was the greatest enemy of the Abyss, and he would surely come for Oedon, and take his chance while it did not have the strength to return to the Abyss with the Absolute Gem.

And if he did come, the final trap would then unfold.

The black stone was obtained from Urd, a fellow Abyssal being, to set up exactly that.


Gliding along the forest, which now tarnished in black, Oedon saw multiple presences in the distance and straightened its tentacles, making them look like spikes. Then it began to send forth its will.

'Go. Fulfill your reason for existence and plunge this place into destruction and chaos.'

The Ak Rim Sect Leader, the pirates stationed along the eastern coast, and the Green Forest Banditsthey all began to move, shaking the entire land. Oedon had prepared a trap far beyond imagination, something that would sweep Davey away in an instant.


One of Oedon's tentacles jerked, and on top of it, red eyes emerged.

"You've come," Oedon's chilling voice echoed.

Davey grinned. "Yeah. Youve been hiding here for so long and this is all youve got?"

"Even though I concealed myself with my power..."

"Well, such a sloppy barrier from an Abyssal lackey? Oh, sorry. I did not realize it was a barrier and I just breezed past. It shattered."

It was an overt provocation, and Oedon struggled to suppress the bubbling hatred inside. But it pondered as it watched the queen and mother it sought for, the Heart of the Abyss, who stood beside Davey. Next to her was the Abyssal Princess, who was stupidly stripped of her memories and strength.

Just a bit more time, Oedon thought as he flicked the black stone in his hand.

"Your arrogance ends here. Let's see if you can still speak so boldly after seeing this."

The black stone emitted a mighty force and started to tug at a massive being from beyond space.

It had black-tinted scales, four sturdy, thick legs, and the pale red eyes of a reptile. A colossal beast that looked like a dragon. It was none other than Shandra Minea, the King of Mythical Beasts.

"This powerful being was corrupted by Urd. You may be strong, but you won't be able to beat this one so easily."

If this Shandra Minea can hold you off for even a brief moment, that would be enough to give me a chance to awaken Isildi and make my escape.

However, Oedon's expression hardened at Davey's following words.

"I was wondering where you'd hidden it, turned out you sealed it to corrupt it. That's good." Davey clapped as if the situation was to his advantage, and two swords, red and blue, floated beside him.

The swords moved as if they knew the steps to a dance, and before Oedon could react, they sliced through a portion of his tentacles.

"Gah! Oedon cried out in pain. Move, Shandra Minea! Devour him!"

The corrupted King of Mythical Beasts, Shandra Minea, unleashed enormous strength and opened its maw wide at Davey.

"Last time was your avatar? Now it's your actual body. Sorry, but I'm not the one to thrash you this time."

Strange power began to surge from Davey's body. When he was undergoing the Metamorphosis, he had adopted genes from a hero from the Hall of Heroes, and in that moment, the genes of the Mythical Beast Summoner, Shane Scrift, manifested their power.

Guided by his will, space twisted and shattered, awakening an extraordinary force that even the Divine Beasts could not compare to. The King of Mythical Beasts, Megalodria.

"Go, Megalodria. It's your friend."

Appearing as a dark flash, the Azure Sky Storm Dragon King snatched Shandra Minea and soared up high. Shandra Minea, surprised by the sudden arrival of a peer, shrieked in alarm and flailed around, but it was futile. The power difference between the mindless Shandra Minea and the conscious storm Megalodria was immense. After all, they knew each other too well.

"Shandra Minea is at its peak on land. You've made a mistake, you bastard."

As Shandra Minea was whisked skyward by Megalodria, Oedons defense was left with a gaping vacancy, so it hastily altered its form, and took on a quadrupedal shape. Oedon then quickly extended its tentacles and thrust them at Davey, but...


In an instant, Davey's red sword precisely cleaved Oedon in half.

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