The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2

Chapter 300

Chapter 300


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The group stage matches of the World Champions League have officially begun.

The games proceeded smoothly.

[Victory against U.K, 3:1! The Korean national team finishes the game in four matches.]

[Complete victory against Saudi Arabia, 3:0! Supporter Sophia and Map showcased their true abilities.]

[Another 3:0 win against Canada, no surprises.]

The Northeast Asian League, known as one of the toughest leagues in the world.

Yet, the Korean national team, coming in first from that region, found the main event group stage matches much easier in comparison.

This is easier than the regional league.

Back then, not only were the opposing countries strong, constellations kept popping out, it was no joke.

Right. This time, its very comfortable.

Even when facing Taiwan, the lowest ranked in Northeast Asia, they had been troubled by Dongbang Saks avatar appearing.

The national team players felt at ease advancing to the main event.

And on top of that,

Even if the Supporter map comes out, we wont be pushed back since we have Sophia.

Wasnt the Saudi supporter in the top five? Beating him with a buff is impressive.

The buff effect is impressive indeed.

The newly added force, Supporter Sophia.

Although it was just one person added, she greatly contributed to raising the power of the Korean national team.

Originally, if the Supporter power was strengthened like this with just one addition, the opposing country could ban that player to halve this power-up effect.

But Korea had a player that must be banned unconditionally, Seong Jihan.

Since player Seong Jihan keeps getting banned, the other players are doing great.

But its not like they can not ban player Seong Jihan either.

Our country seems to have really gotten stronger.

As long as we dont get sniped with a Mage map like against U.K, I think we can really win the championship this time?

The Korean national team, who only suffered 1 loss against U.K in the 3 group stage matches.

That was the result of a Mage-only map being selected and Seong Jihan being banned.

The U.K proved the only way to deal with Korea through this match.

But this was only possible if Seong Jihan was banned and the map selection aligned.

It was a victory formula that relied heavily on probability.

However, there was one thing that bothered even the triumphant national team.

[Seong Jihan, who hasnt played even once, will he be able to break through the 50% probability in the tournament?]

[What is the probability of being banned four times? 6.25%. Its time for it to be unlocked at least once!]

The ban that opposing countries cast on Seong Jihan as if it was natural.

It was hitting the mark too well.

-I wanted to see Seong Jihan play, but hes just sitting on the bench

-Its actually good lol since the opponents in the group stage are all weak, its fine if he gets banned here, and if he gets unbanned in the tournament, its good

-But its an independent event. Theres no guarantee he wont get banned again

-Well, except for maybe the US and China, even if Seong Jihan is banned, it seems manageable With Yoon Sejin, Yoon Seah, and Sophia added, theres a key player in each position.

-Sophia joining the national team was a masterstroke.

Nevertheless, because they had achieved complete victories in the group stage, people didnt take this phenomenon too seriously.

Even though the probability of getting 50% four times in a row was slim, it was undoubtedly possible.

In fact, Korean fans felt even more invigorated by the strengthened national team despite Seong Jihan being banned.

Sophia is getting a lot of praise. She should have come to Korea sooner.

I wanted to come~ But its fun. Even the national team. Its a shame not being able to play with Jihan, though

Uncle is really good at getting banned. Does 50% probability hit this well?

In a waiting room at the BattleNet Center.

Seong Jihan and his group were resting there, discussing the recent 3 matches.

Still, Jihan, youll get through in the tournament, right? You wont keep getting banned forever.

Even if I keep getting banned, Koreas power is now reliable so its fine. Lets ride this wave all the way to victory, shall we?

Eek, but it seems difficult to beat the US or China without Uncle

Thats right. And you have to win to clear the quest, right? Jihan has to play no matter what.

In the waiting room with only Seong Jihans family and Sophia.

Sophia, thinking everyone here was trustworthy, brought up the quest Seong Jihan received.

Then Yoon Sejin, his eyes sparkling with interest.


Ah, you didnt know?

Dad wasnt there at that time.

Yeah, I didnt know. Jihan, was that the situation you had to win for?

He asked Seong Jihan curiously.

Outwardly, it seemed like a simple question from family but

The light is shining again.

Seong Jihan once again spotted a golden light in Yoon Sejins eyes.

A subtle golden light that others wouldnt notice.

Yes, but, Your eyes are emitting a golden light.

He openly talked about this.

What? A golden light from my eyes?

Yes, how is your constellation these days? Did you do well with the task ordered by the King of Humans? That light is very similar to that constellations.

Is that so? Strange. I couldnt feel it at all. Where is it?

Listening to Seong Jihan, Yoon Sejin looked at himself in the mirror in the waiting room. He tilted his head, as if doubting, and widened his eyes to see his own eyes more clearly.

Cant you see it with your eyes either, brother-in-law?

Thats right Well, since the gap with you is so huge, you can probably see what I cant.

I couldnt carry out the task given to me by the constellation well.

Is that so?

I was told to find an artifact from ancient times, and although the location was roughly indicated, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. I had to come back because of the national team schedule. Ill go back after the work is done.

As if he couldnt find the golden light no matter how much he looked, Yoon Sejin turned his head away from the mirror.

And somehow, he had a satisfied smile on his lips.

I cant see it in my eyes, but its good that the constellations golden light is shining on me

Is that good?

Of course its good! Doesnt it mean the power of the great The King of Humans is dwelling in me? I should strive to receive more power by following his orders.

Dad. Is the Constellation such a great presence to you? It sounds like believing in a god.

God? The King of Humans is a being greater than gods. If I devote myself to the constellation, I can also rescue your mother.

Even Mom?

Yes. The constellation said if I faithfully carry out the given mission, they will solve this matter too.

No, even when he first received a sponsoring constellation, he didnt show this kind of reaction.

Seong Jihan frowned.

This somehow reminds me of when he was obsessed with Shizuru before.

Although not obsessed with a woman like back then, Yoon Sejin was now starting to show religious faith in the constellation.

Yoon Seah, seeing that, seemed to recall past memories.

She also watched Yoon Sejin with a gloomy expression.

Hmm It reminds me of the Shizuru incident from before.

What, how can you compare Shizuru with the constellation! Shizuru simply brainwashed and used me, while the constellation showed me the way!

Yoon Sejin raised his voice at Yoon Seahs words.

Ah, okay. Dad. Why are you getting excited?

Ah, hmm Im sorry, Seah. I got worked up suddenly. I didnt mean to

Uh, well, it could happen, right?

Ill just step out for a moment to clear my head.

As if startled by his own words, he apologized to Yoon Seah and left the room.

Whats up with Dad?

That, the Sword Kings constellation is the King of Humans, right?

Yeah, thats right.

I heard players who have the King of Humans as their constellation have quite a strong faith. Some even build temples, saying the King of Humans is the savior.


Well, players have a lot of money. They were building these huge mud towers.


Yes, here

Swish! Swish!

Sophia searched the US players SNS and showed it to Seong Jihan.

Top rankers solemnly bowing in front of huge mud towers they built.

Among them were several players who participated in the previous guild battle.

[Pay respects to the savior of humanity, the constellation King of Humans. All of humanity is indebted to him. Worship him and show the savior the minimum courtesy.]

-What the heck

-Has Louis gone crazy?

-No, why is the man who broke crosses saying there are no gods doing this?

-Once someone like that falls into a cult, its even harder for them to get out

-Who the heck is the King of Humans? There are quite a few players like that.

Louis, a top ranker from the US.

He was famous for being a troublemaker, posting photos of drinking, gambling, and inappropriate sexual photos with top stars on his SNS.

But since having a constellation, he had practically converted to a religious person.

This guy has become a decent person.

Thats true, but isnt it scarier that hes doing something he didnt do before?

Right. Ugh, Dad too Will he end up like that later?

Just a few years ago, he was the proudest father in the world.

Now, Yoon Seah had wrinkles on her forehead from worrying about what kind of trouble he would cause next.

Seong Jihan left after seeing that.

It was to confirm Yoon Sejins appearance once again.


Jihan, you came out too.

Are you alright?

Im fine. Sorry for making you worry for no reason.

Yoon Sejin bowed his head slightly to Seong Jihan with a composed face.

Then he soon spoke with a joyful expression.

The constellation gave me a message. The constellation said they will always fully support you.

Is that so?

Yes. To do this, the constellation gave me something.

What is it?

A class.

Yoon Sejin opened his status window and showed the class section to Seong Jihan.

This is.

Yes. The constellation eliminated the Korean teams weakness.

In his class section was added Mage.

* * *

With the Space League, the tournament schedule is tight.

=The round of 16 opponent has been decided as Germany!

=Due to the Space League, we only have a 2-day break before the next match!

=Im worried about the stamina of our Korean players.

=The first match is starting. Once again, it seems that Seong Jihan has been banned.

In the tournament where Seong Jihan was banned, The player who received the most attention was none other than Yoon Sejin.

Of course, this was partly due to the strength of the Sword King, but also because of the situation in which the Mage map was selected.

=Ah! The Mage map is selected.

=Then the 1st match will be a bit difficult!

=Huh! But Player Yoon Sejin is participating?

=What? Thisthis is a Mage map, you know?

But more than that, the sight of the Sword King participating in the Mage class map brought even greater surprise to the viewers.

-What the?

-The Sword King was a Magic Swordsman?

-No, but even if a warrior is summoned, the distance between the two towers is far

-?? What are you talking about? The Sword King flies around with his sword, LOL.

-Seriously, you dont know anything about the game LOL. The game was already set when the Sword King was summoned.

With Seong Jihan banned, the Mage map, which was Koreas only weakness, was targeted by Germany.

Suddenly, the appearance of the Sword King completely crushed this strategy.

=The Sword King! Hes slaughtering all the mages!

=And hes even faster than before! His skills have improved tremendously!

=The German staff members look bewildered! They needed to secure the win in the first match, but they dont know how to deal with the sudden appearance of the Sword King!

=We cant believe it ourselves, what about them!

The Korean national team, with their weakness eliminated, naturally won the round of 16 with a score of 3:0.

And this trend continued in subsequent matches.

=Ah, player Sword King. Hes even overpowering player Maseid!

=Argentina was also defeated 3:0!

=We easily crushed the quarterfinals. Aside from the loss to the U.K, we havent lost a single game!

The quarterfinals against Argentina ended with a 3:0 victory.

=Player Seong Jihan! He finally plays in the 3rd match of the semifinals! Its his first appearance in this Champions League!

=Ah, as soon as he appears, the Indian players base is blown up!

=The Indian players lose the will to resist the overwhelming force

The semifinals against India ended with a 3:0 victory.

After the Sword King obtained the Mage class, the one-sided trend continued until the finals.

And then

=Our opponent in the finals is the United States!

=Well meet the defending champions from last year in the finals!

The World Champions League now has only one game left, the final match against the United States.


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