The Last Commander of the Red Alert

Chapter 448: This Secret Must Never Be Told to a Second Person!

At an unknown time, a message gradually spread among the high-ranking Humans.

"I have a secret here. I'll only tell you if you're close to me. I haven't told anyone else."

"What secret?"

"This secret must never be told to a second person! To be honest with you, the secret is..."

This so-called secret spread only among the high-level Human leaders, and they all thought that only they and their closest allies knew about it. However, in reality, all the high-level leaders knew about this secret!

The acting skills of the City Lord-level Experts were not to be underestimated. You couldn't tell from their appearances that they knew about the secret. They all believed that only they knew.

"Cough cough, recently I feel like I'm about to make a breakthrough. I'm planning to seclude myself for a few days. It's not related to the major events of Humanity's survival, so don't look for me." One of the bigshots said.

"My wife is expecting our second child. She's been a bit emotional lately, so I'm planning to be with her for a few days. Don't bother me unless it's something significant, or my wife will get angry, and you all know what that's like." Another bigshot even used his wife as an excuse.

"It seems like I've found my second wind. This is related to my happiness for the rest of my life. No one can stop me!" A white-haired old-timer shamelessly declared.

After going around in a circle, everyone had their reasons to be absent. Now they looked at each other, thinking that there should still be someone at headquarters, right?

"As usual, draw lots to decide who stays behind."

The result of the draw was that the bigshot who claimed to have found his second wind was the one who had to stay behind, and he had a gloomy expression.

"Oh, my dear flowers, could it be that I've missed out on my chance this time?"

The other bigshots secretly rolled their eyes; this old coot, wasn't he far beyond his second wind? He's practically breezing through his tenth spring!

After all the bigshots left, they all headed secretly towards a certain location. To decrease the chances of being discovered, they didn't notify anyone, not even their close friends. They believed that their friends would definitely show up.

And so, all the powerful Humans gathered in one place. When they saw that everyone around them was a familiar face, numerous expressions turned bewildered.

"Sir, didn't you say you were going to be with your wife for her second pregnancy? Why are you here?" An eighth-order strongman asked.

The bigshot blushed.

"Sir, didn't I hear that you felt a breakthrough was imminent, and you were planning to seclude yourself?" Another eighth-order strongman looked at another bigshot.

The bigshot remained composed, but the hand behind his back trembled slightly.

At that moment, all the lies of the bigshots were exposed, and those eighth-order strongmen held a certain disdain in their hearts.

"Cough cough, let's not dwell on this. Since you all know about this news, I want to know: who was the first to know about this message?" One of the bigshots stepped forward to silence the room.

They looked at each other, and to their surprise, they found that no one knew who was the first to spread the message.

The bigshots furrowed their brows; something didn't seem right.

"This isn't good. Could it be a scheme by the Ghost Clan?" someone exclaimed. Instantly, everyone went into a state of battle-readiness. However, after a while, there were no traces of the Ghost Clan around. Now they were left speechless, unsure of the situation.

"The secret is that there are multiple Star Cores here. It's said that these are the graves of the Small Galaxy experts from history." One strong individual spoke up.

"We've never heard of the burial sites of those Small Galaxy-level experts from history. Maybe this secret is true?"

"Or could someone be spreading false information? But why would they bring us here? What's the purpose?"

They were certain that there were no Ghost Clan members around, making the situation even more baffling.

"Since we're here, let's take a look around. Who knows, maybe the secret is real?" someone proposed.

No one objected, as searching this area wouldn't take much time.

But after searching for a while, they found nothing. The place was just an ordinary valley.

At that moment, the strongest among them saw something in his eyes and said, "Ghost Clan is approaching. Everyone, hide."

With their strength, they could easily hide, practically invisible to ordinary people.

They concealed themselves in various locations, watching as a considerable number of Ghost Clan members arrived in their flying vessels. They started arranging things, behaving quite oddly.

The Human experts carefully observed the Ghost Clan members. The lowest among them were at the Seventh Order level, and there were even eighth-order strongmen supervising!

"What are they doing here?" an eighth-order strongman transmitted his voice.

"I don't know. It looks like they're setting up a base here, but what kind of base would attract Ghost Clan members of Seventh and Eighth Order?" the other eighth-order strongman pondered.

Just then, an eighth-order Ghost Clan member below shouted, "Hurry up! This is a significant collaboration among several Ghost Masters. We can't mess this up. Got it?"


Upon hearing this, the faces of the Human experts changed slightly. A collaboration among Ghost Masters? Common sense told them that a collaboration of this magnitude, focused on the Ghost Masters, could only mean one thing: it was directed against the Humans.

They were actually planning something unfavorable to Humans here. How could they bear it?

Just as someone was about to act, a bigshot stopped them, saying, "Don't be hasty. Let's see what they're up to."

As time passed, they finally gleaned some information from the conversations among the Ghost Clan members. It seemed that the Ghost Masters were preparing a trap here to lure all the Human experts and capture them in one fell swoop. And the bait for this trap was none other than Star Cores!

Upon hearing this, the Human experts exchanged puzzled glances.

Remember, they came here because of a secret. But instead of discovering that secret, they stumbled upon a scheme by the Ghost Clan. What shocked them even more was that the Ghost Clan's scheme and the secret they knew seemed to align perfectly!

What on earth was going on?

"Could it be that someone within the Ghost Clan got wind of our secret and couldn't directly inform us? So they intentionally gathered us here to witness this scene?" someone speculated.

"Very likely. Think about it, if we had directly received a message from the Ghost Clan saying they were plotting against us, we probably wouldn't have believed it. But now that we've seen it with our own eyes, we can't deny it."

"What I'm curious about now is who was the first to receive this message from the Ghost Clan and spread it among all of us?"

They all paused in thought. Indeed, who had such extraordinary abilities to get information even before they did, and then stage such a spectacle?

"Sir, what should we do now? Should we confront them directly and ask for details?" someone asked.

"No, no, that's not the best course of action. The real strategy is to outwit them!"

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