The Elysium Across Deep Space

Chapter 352: Came For The King

In outer space, in a different realm. Chen Yongjie sat cross-legged at the bottom of the blood pool, where the trans material surged. His mind and body were clear, feeling as if he transcended. He felt that he was shone upon by the great sun, enveloped in purple aura, and bathed in Buddha's light.

"Buddha and Tao coexist, and I seem to see the truth of cultivation," he couldn't help but groan at the end, feeling completely at ease.

With his right hand holding the Soul-binding Bell, left hand grasping the blood-red talisman of the red skinned monkey, and a snow-white conch shell in his mouth, he guarded Wang Xuan, preventing any attacks. Throughout this process, he also gained immense benefits. He followed along in mutual advancement, from initially being burnt by the red mist to the brink of despair, to now being as stable as an old Buddha.

While Wang Xuan saw the rolling purple mist descending from the sky and baptizing his spirit in the meteorite. Chen Yongjie saw the purple mist arriving from the east. In his view, Wang Xuan was enveloped in purple smoke. Following the principle of not wasting, Old Chen employed the esoteric arts of the Taoist tradition, absorbing the overflowing energy towards him.

He first practiced the Purple Aura Arrival Technique from the Purple Palace Tao Scripture. Then, he practiced the Visualization of the Great Sun from the Sutra of Shakyamuni.

At one point, the Tao and the Buddha resonated together. Blurry figures appeared on either side of his body, with the great purple sun covering him and the other two figures.

The energy of the Golden Dan within Chen Yongjie's body became even more concentrated, it started to display colorful hues. He felt extremely fulfilled, as he was on the verge of breaking through. Meanwhile, on the outside, the immortals and demons were cursing as all of them were losing their cultivation level.

Outside, there were others like him that were feeling ecstatic. Looking around and seeing nobody present, they couldn't help but shout, "Ahhh, this tremor is……so good!"

It was none other than Master Huang also known as Huang Ming.

He, along with Kong Yun, Zhou Shiqian, Cao Qingyu, Chen Yan, and others, were among the first to step out of The Great Veil as descendants of flesh and blood. They belonged to the earliest tier of combat prowess, and were considered the most formidable figures at the time.

In Master Huang's words, "I too have once overlooked the world!"

Although it was only a few days, it was indeed close to the truth.

However, the continuous tremor of the mortal world had caused tragedies for all of them. Their cultivation level dropped one after another. At his lowest point, Huang Ming dropped to the fourth or fifth stage.

Until recently, this group of people had bounced back. Huang Ming healed the dozen or so broken bones that were caused by the border crossing event. He also took secret medicines, and restored himself to the point where he was near the sixth stage. He was no longer dropping in cultivation levels.

The intense aftermath of the tremor primarily targeted the transcendent-level creatures, pressing them down from atop. The top level has seen several batches of replacements, always with someone tall taking the brunt.

People like them who were once at the top, were now almost on the floor. While the aftermath of the tremor still affects them, it's not as deadly anymore.

Relatively speaking, they had fallen into a safe zone now after dropping two or three stages overall.

Not long ago, Master Huang was still very anxious, but he discovered that he was as stable as an old dog, and nothing had happened to him at all.

"I feel like my Tao foundation has been solidified," said Huang Ming, with his golden hair and sharp features. His eyes shone like golden beans, he continued, "Let it shake. This isn't a bad thing. The more it shakes, the more we can consider ourselves gold that was refined through hot fire."

As he witnessed the tragic reversal of fate for those demon saints whose eyes were on top of their heads, he stood firm amidst the tremor. He felt exhilarated and tempted to shout.

Kong Yun gave him a stern look and said, "Keep your voice down. Don't attract trouble." Kong Yun was considered one of the top geniuses of their generation, but compared to the offspring of the Demonic Ancestor like Qi Lian Dao and the descendants of the Demonic Saints like the Blood God Ape, he was certainly inferior.

"Indeed, a little tremor isn't bad," Chen Yan chimed in.

Zhou Shiqi smiled in agreement.

"It would be best if such things didn't happen during our travels. The last time when we traveled from Terra Nova to the Old World, the journey was so bumpy that it made me want to vomit as soon as I got on the carriage," Huang Ming added.

Instantly, both Zhou Shiqi and Chen Yan glared at him fiercely. They had been victims last time. As newly rising innocent singers, their names were dragged into salacious news because of it.

Wang Xuan darted forward like a bolt of lightning, clearing the way with the Godslaying Banner. He was ten times his original speed as he approached the real world!

"The Silver Beast Skin Scroll has undergone such a change. Is it a map?" He said and examined it closely. There were arrows marked on the beast skin that pointed to a location. It seemed to conceal something significant.

"Since it was found in the Old Land, I'll search thoroughly once I return to the real world. Is this meant to be a surprise for me?" Wang Xuan said with anticipation.

The beast skin was affected by the approaching real energy which prompted it to reveal a map of mountains and rivers near the meteorite crater, showing its complexity.

As he entered the realm of life soil, he ascended rapidly. He caught a glimpse of the Life Essence Furnace and two Heavenly Herbs.


The ground cracked open. As the three-headed, six-armed Blood God Ape turned around, he kicked aside a demonic cultivator that was blocking his path. That demonic cultivator didn’t even know what happened when he died.

"Don't come too close to me, you're annoying!" The Blood God Ape felt irritated. He was originally a cultivator at the third stage of Transcendence, and was aiming to break through to the fourth stage.

However, he plummeted to the second level after the last violent tremor, only to plummet further down due to the aftershock.

Strictly speaking, he was currently in the realm of perfection of the first stage, which was quite miserable.

His face was as dark as deep water, and he was annoyed with everyone. He wanted to tear anyone who dared to block his path into bloody pieces. His bestial side was ready to erupt.

Step by step, he approached the blood pool, killing the demonic cultivators around him. Naturally, he took greater pleasure in brutally dispatching those who had encroached upon his territory.

He wanted to vent, to release his pent-up anger. Moreover, the person involved was related to the ancient Godslaying Banner, which was his prey to hunt down.

Qi Cheng Dao sat cross-legged in the thunderstorm, opened his eyes. He had resisted, but in the end he could only watch as his cultivation level was mercilessly shaken down.

"Qi Cheng Dao, don't obstruct me. I'm not in the mood to play with you right now. I want to kill. How dare those low-level beings that are like chickens and dogs enter my blood pool. How stupid can they be? They deserve to be blown apart for invading my territory. Both people and things that are in my territory belong to me!" said the red-furred Blood God Ape that was towering and muscular. It exuded a daunting aura with his three heads and six arms. The trans material suffused the air, making those nearby feel suffocated.

Qi Cheng Dao's expression was grim. Today's losses were too great. He spoke coldly, "I can join you in the assault. I'll go protect Ming Xi's body."

"Do you need two people to kill a wild cultivator at the seventh stage of the mortal realm? I can't afford to lose my face!" The Blood Ape stomped, cracking the ground beneath it. Fissures that were half a foot wide and densely packed extended for dozens, even hundreds of paths, spreading into the distance.

"You can go ahead and kill him, but the ownership of the Godslaying Banner is another matter to be discussed!" Qi Cheng Dao added calmly. He was adamant that this item must not fall into the wrong hands.

"What did you say? He's on my turf, which means he’s my prey. Whether he lives or dies, everything belongs to me. What's it to you?" The halo behind the Blood God Ape buzzed, emitting a dazzling light.

Zhou Qinghuang approached with graceful and light steps. She said, "Both of you act as if no one else matters, treating each other as prey. Especially you, Qi Cheng Dao, aren't you concerned about Ming Xi being in his hands?"

She dressed very modernly, with a short skirt that showcased her long legs, and her stockings were slightly torn. She even broke off the heels of her high heels to avoid affecting the fight.

However, whether it was the Blood God Ape or Qi Cheng Dao, they were both indifferent to her beauty. They behaved like typical macho men in front of her.

"Glasses girl, stay away from here and don't meddle with us. With your fair and tender appearance, slender arms, and long legs, you seem quite tender to be eaten raw. Don't provoke me!" threatened the Blood God Ape.

Zhou Qinghuang was on the verge of exploding with anger. She really wanted to use an energy cannon and blast off his monkey head.

Why did he make her feel more resentful than Demon Four?

"Zhou Qinghuang, you've bewitched Ming Xi. Look at what you've become now!" said Qi Cheng Dao with a cold voice. He expressed his extreme dissatisfaction with her.

Zhou Qinghuang smirked and said, "Men are all good for nothing. Right now, your mind is only focused on the remnants of the treasures. Don't you care about Ming Xi's life anymore?"

"You devilish woman!" said Qi Cheng Dao as his expression darkened slightly.

"If you still care about Ming Xi, then protect her physical body and don't let this red-haired monkey cause trouble," Zhou Qinghuang said.

"The celestial maiden that is renowned in the demon clan does have extraordinary beauty, worthy of being called a charming beauty. Come, stand by my side. As fellow members of the demon clan, I will protect you all." said a voice.

Someone approached, wearing a faint smile. However, there was also a deliberate suppression of madness. This man with thick, disheveled hair looked very difficult to deal with at first glance.

Zhou Qinghuang immediately stepped back. She became very vigilant as she recognized his identity at a glance. It was Qi Liandao, whose reputation and background in the demon clan were quite significant.

His status was extremely high, being the progeny of the demon ancestor. No one would dare to oppose him. Even as a member of the demon clan, Zhou Qinghuang felt particularly wary of him.

"Don't be afraid. Everything will be great for a woman that’s by my side. The future is bright, and even if there's a decline in transcendent power, I can still ensure your safety," Qi Liandao chuckled.

No matter how you look at it, the intense mental fluctuations deep within him were abnormal. He was now brimming with murderous intent. Failing to advance his cultivation and getting his cultivation to drop in levels, he was infuriated to the point of wanting to massacre everyone!

When he emerged from the secret realm and learned that Wang Xuan had entered the Thunder Pool, he rushed over immediately. He intended to take out the person who had slashed him a dozen times.

"Now, what's there to argue about? Let's go into the blood pool and drag out Wang Xuan to smash his brain out!" Qi Liandao said coldly.

His suggestion was extremely firm. Forget about the debate over the Godslaying Banner for now. Kill the target first, only then shall they discuss.

At the bottom of the pool, Old Chen vaguely heard their conversation. His face changed. He cast the Guiding Scripture, calling out to Wang Xuan, hoping he could hear it in the unknown.

"Wang Xuan, wake up quickly, there's trouble. Some big shots have arrived outside. If they really come down here, I probably won't be able to hold them back. How about I carry you away?" Chen Yongjie whispered softly.

The group in the Thunder Pool officially began to act.

"Alright, let's tear that weakling apart first. So that the annoyance is cleared up. Since he's come to my territory, I'll take the first shot." The Blood God Ape turned around and dashed forward. He was eager to be the first to kill Wang Xuan.

His eyes revealed his cold intent.

If I really killed that cultivator and obtained the Godslaying Banner, who would bother reasoning with them? Whether they were descendants of the ancestor of heavenly immortals or offspring of the demon ancestor, they could all scram! Urged by Gu Mingxi within her, Zhou Qinghuang was the second to act. She was truly afraid that the big ape would tear her body apart.

Qi Liandao also moved swiftly.

The offspring of the demon ancestor didn't wait either, leaping up and crossing several hundred meters in an instant.

Splish splash!

Blood-colored waves splashed up, and the several powerhouses all went in.

"Poor Wang Xuan, targeted by several experts. His death will be extremely tragic. No treasures of his can withstand it. Is he still thinking about seclusion?"

In the Thunder Pool, many people that witnessed this scene, couldn't help but shake their heads.

Was there still any suspense?

At the bottom of the pool, Wang Xuan suddenly opened his eyes. His bright gaze was more dazzling than lightning. Purple energy filled the air around him. He remained calm, and sat cross-legged without standing up.

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