The Deeds Of An Extremely Arrogant Villain Aristocrat

Chapter 70: The Intersecting Ones

In the Imperial City, there is a residence where the most senior among the nobility children who work mainly as servants live.

A corner of this residence was provided as a temporary abode for Luke and his companions. Normally, when nobles from other countries visit the Empire, it is common to secure an imperial noble’s mansion or a monastery for them. However, the case is different for kingdom nobles.

Treating them similarly could potentially pose a risk to the Empire. Hence, as a special case, a corner of the Imperial Palace was provided as their temporary residence.

Of course, this decision was reached after several heated court meetings.

“This is not a bad country. It truly lives up to its reputation as a nation of knights. The kingdom knights are no match for them.”

“As a former kingdom knight, that is a painful thing to hear.”

“Kuku, I don’t know about the time you were there.”

Under Alfred’s assistance, Luke slowly slipped his arms into his sleeves. In his line of sight, the imperial knights, forming a beautiful formation, were swinging their swords.

In a slightly distant place, there were also those undergoing practical training. Naturally, they were using “skills.”

The imperial knights, so to speak, are the main force of this country. It involves military matters, but showing this openly was also decided after the meetings.

The intention is to divert attention from what they truly want to hide while declaring that there is no intention of rebellion whatsoever.

“What do you think, from your perspective?”

“Yes, just as Luke-sama said. Even those at the bottom could be considered first-class in strength in the kingdom.”

Hearing Alfred’s answer, Luke smiled thinly with satisfaction and continued speaking.

“So, what about that guy from yesterday?”


Alfred pondered for a moment, quickly understanding who Luke was referring to.

“To be honest… I have no choice but to say I don’t know.”


The day Luke suddenly alighted from the carriage had not only greatly disturbed the citizens of the Empire but even the First Prince.

(The girl who possessed extremely unique magic in her “left eye” caught my interest first, but…)

It was the man near her, so distinctly different, that quickly captured Luke’s attention. He felt an incomprehensible power similar to “Abel.”

“As a warrior, second-rate… I think.”

“Kuku… what’s this, you’re quite evasive. Well, I can understand why.”

Luke and Alfred’s assessments were largely in agreement. From his actions, they could somewhat discern his capability as a warrior. What they felt towards the man was “mediocrity.”

His physique was well-trained, but beyond that, there was nothing notable about him as a warrior. Nor did he seem to excel in magical power. However,

“My intuition tells me he is a ‘strong’ person, incomparably so.”

“Yes, I too felt he was a strong individual based on intuition, not logic… I almost drew my sword instinctively.”

Indeed, contrary to his demeanor and presence, the man exuded the aura of a strong person. This incongruity left an indelible sense of discomfort.

“…What’s that?”

As he pondered for a while, it seemed someone had knocked on the door.

When Alfred opened it,

“Ah, Alfred-san! Good morning. Is Luke-kun here?”

There stood a black-haired young man, an old friend, Eruka Ai Sutherland, had mentioned.


“…Is he at the castle?”

It was Meety, the half-elf girl with spirit eyes. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, whenever she focused, she could tell the location of those who had come from that kingdom.

Because of this, her gaze would inadvertently turn towards them. No matter how far away, the overwhelming presence they emitted stirred her heart. How many people in this country truly understand the danger posed by that group?

It’s not just the blond young man who received the spirits’ favor exclusively. There were two others with exceptionally abnormal magical power. If these three decided to, the worst-case scenario could lead to the destruction of the country.

And yet,

“That jerk Cyrus… He must still be sleeping carefree, huh!”

Her angry voice made the people around involuntarily look her way, but she continued walking without a care.

More importantly, it was problematic that the person she trusted most regarding “strength” had absolutely no sense of crisis.

Even putting that aside, with the Sword Saint Festival drawing near, that behavior was absolutely wrong.

“Damn, looks like I have to wake him up again today—”

Just then, a sound shattered the silence like something breaking.

Everyone stopped in their tracks, including Meety, who turned to look. There, amidst the shattered remains of a flowerpot, lay a white-haired boy, bleeding from the head.

Meety immediately ran over.

“If you’re just going to stand there and watch, get lost! Hey, you, are you alrigh— it’s you?”

The youth had ears slightly longer than hers.

“—Arthur, what are you doing here?”

“Ah… haha, it’s been a while, Meety. —Ow, ow, ow.”

The bloodied youth laughed wearily.

Despite her irritation, Meety roughly splashed a potion on his face.

But she knew.

This elf youth, seemingly harmless to anyone’s eye, served as the leader of the terrorist organization “Vritra.”

“I’ve said it many times, I’m not going to join you guys, okay?”

“Yeah. It’s unfortunate, but I’m not here to force you. Actually, I came to the imperial capital today for a different reason. That is—”

—And thus, their twisted fates intersected.

“There you are, half-elf girl.”

Why hadn’t she noticed someone approaching so close?

Though she had only heard it once, Meety recognized the voice without needing to turn around.

That the boy beloved by spirits was there—.

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