The Big-Shot is Pampered after She Becomes the Villainness

Chapter 724 - 724: True Love

Chapter 724: True Love

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This was not a big deal, but Tang Zhe inexplicably felt something different from his investigation, so he still told Yi Zheng this news and let him make his own judgment.

The lights outside had just been turned on. The light shone into the glass window, but it was blocked by the darkness inside.

Yi Zheng sat behind his desk with a dark expression. His fingertips tapped on the documents on the table as he said calmly, “Go and check who she has interacted with since she came to the capital. Your cousin is not as innocent as you think.”

Tang Zhe went out silently.

As soon as he walked out of the office, he bumped into the anxious Chen Jiao.

“Cousin, did President Yi cause trouble for you because of me again?”

Tang Zhe said coldly, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll take you to eat.”

Chen Jiao immediately pulled an innocent face, but her gaze was still a little nervous as she looked in the direction of the office. “Is President not eating today? How can his body endure this? Cousin, as the closest secretary to the President, why don’t we bring a dinner back for the President?”

Of course, Tang Zhe had thought of this too, but after experiencing the strange feeling in his heart just now, he saw that Chen Jiao was concerned about Yi Zheng. His gaze was meaningful. “Jiaojiao, will you like President Yi because of what happened with him?”

Chen Jiao was stunned for a moment before she shook her head hesitantly. “President Yi is high up in the air. How can I be worthy of him? Moreover, he already has a fiancee. Won’t I be annoying if I go up to him?”

She didn’t seem to be saying that she didn’t like him. She was just expressing her pitiful and aggrieved thoughts.

Tang Zhe could tell and said calmly, “That’s good. By the way, I’ve been calling you Jiaojiao. Are you not used to it?”

Chen Jiao blinked in confusion. “No, I like it when Cousin calls me that.”

“It seems that you like this name very much,” Tang Zhe replied with a smile. As he walked out slowly with her, he said casually, “Actually, I think the name Ah Lan is not bad. What do you think?”

Chen Jiao forced a smile. “1 don’t like this name. Orchids have the bearing of orchids. 1 can’t match this name. I think the name Chen Jiao suits me more.”

Tang Zhe heaved a sigh of relief and said, “It’s good that you like it. What do you want to eat?”

Chen Jiao smiled and hugged his arm. “Cousin, bring me to the new restaurant nearby. When the time comes, 1 can get the boss to make more and send it to President Yi.”

“Okay,” Tang Zhe agreed happily, and most of the doubts in his heart disappeared.

He felt that he was really possessed just now. For a moment, he actually felt that Chen Jiao was lying to him!

This was her cousin. Her mother had also called and asked him to help take care of his sister, who had just entered the capital. What was there to suspect?

However, although he thought so, he would still investigate what Yi Zheng asked him to. After all, the President’s orders were his job.

On the other side, Shi Man received a call from Shen Xian. She said that she had received a package with her name on it. The sender’s name and address were unknown.

She never bought things online. The only sender she could think of was the Netherworld Pavilion, which had agreed to return her bracelet after the system was repaired.

It seemed that the other party had really figured out her background after not contacting her for so long.

Shi Man narrowed her eyes and said, “Mom, help me put the things on the table in my bedroom. I’ll go back tonight.”

Shen Xian agreed and hung up without asking further.

However, after she put down her cell phone, she thought about it and felt uneasy. She called Yi Zheng again and said that Shi Man would be back tonight.

Yi Zheng immediately put on his coat and walked out, wishing he could fly home immediately.

Tang Zhe and Chen Jiao returned with the thermal lunch box and saw Yi Zheng walking out anxiously.

“What happened, President Yi? 1’11 get the chauffeur to bring the car out from the garage first.” Tang Zhe hurriedly put down his things and followed.

Chen Jiao also jogged behind him. “President Yi, is there anything I can help you with?”

Yi Zheng stopped in his tracks and raised his hand to stop Tang Zhe. “I’ll drive home myself. Get off work.”

Chen Jiao’s hesitant gaze darted back and forth between Yi Zheng and Tang Zhe.

He only gave Tang Zhe an order. Did he want her to be with him…

Before she could finish fantasizing about the next moment when she would be alone with Yi Zheng, the elevator door happened to open in the next second. She subconsciously entered the elevator, but Tang Zhe suddenly grabbed her arm.

She watched as the elevator door closed, blocking Yi Zheng’s cold face.

For a moment, the entire elevator fell silent. Even the air froze for a moment.

Chen Jiao came back to her senses and was secretly angry at her carelessness just now. She hurriedly defended herself. “I just thought that President Yi had something else to instruct me to do, so I…”

“There’s no need to say anything else.” Tang Zhe interrupted her and pulled her arm to another elevator. His chest heaved up and down for a moment. After holding it in, he finally looked at Chen Jiao coldly.. “Have you really fallen in love with President Yi?”

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