The Academy's Time Stop Player

Chapter 161

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Chapter 161

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The God with a face identical to hers looked puzzled.

Was it a look of confusion, as if she hadn't expected such an answer from Haruna?

God, after a moment of thought, asked Haruna.

-Is it your grandfather you're talking about?

Haruna, looking equally puzzled, replied.

"Including my grandfather, yes?"

To Haruna, it was an obvious response. She wanted to see her family, including her grandfather, whom she knew, and her parents, whose faces she did not know.

However, God seemed to ponder over her answer.

But the contemplation did not last long.

Seemingly having made a decision, God smiled slyly at Haruna.

-I'll give you two choices.

With that, she raised two fingers.

-Choose either your grandfather or your family. You can only pick one.

"Hmm... why can I only choose one?"

-You'll understand once you make a choice. Now, choose. Who do you want to meet? Your grandfather or your family?

Haruna thought hard about it.

She was skeptical about whether her wish would really come true...

But she didn't take long to decide.

She had already made her choice.

"My family... I want to see my family."

Upon hearing these words, the corners of God's mouth slowly rose.


God responded.

As she spoke, she reached out into thin air, and at that moment, the surrounding field disappeared, and the space began to ripple.

A world where only stark whiteness existed.

She slowly raised her hand towards Haruna.

-Come closer.

Haruna hesitated for a moment.

She felt an inexplicable sense of unease and hesitated.

But God simply smiled kindly.

-Don't worry too much. I'm just here to grant your wish.

After a moment of hesitation, Haruna nodded and slowly approached her.

It was then.

Sssshhh - Crack! Fizzle!

Slowly, cracks began to appear in the white space.

Thin streams of golden magic power leaked through the cracks, causing the white walls to crumble.

Soon, God's expression turned cold.

With an annoyed look, she watched the crumbling space and reached out her hand again.

Parts of the fracture started to mend, but half of the world had already been consumed by another realm.

The world, split in two around Haruna.

One side filled with whiteness and the other, a world of death made of bones.


God looked towards the boy in the other realm.

The boy, cloaked in golden magic power.

He looked at God and slowly began to walk.

With each step, the world seemed to follow him.

Gradually, the world created by God crumbled and was devoured.

Then, in an instant, Hajoon, who had reached right in front of Haruna, glared at God and spoke.

[Stop playing tricks and leave.]

At these words, God quietly glared at Hajoon.

She stared at him in silence, clearly showing her hostility.

However, that lasted only for a moment.

Eventually, with a sigh, God raised her arms in surrender.

-...You intend to interfere until the end?

After that, God looked at Hajoon with a relaxed smile.

As she smiled, she slowly started to turn around.

-But, well... I suppose I have no choice but to retreat for now.

Saying this, she slightly turned her head to glance at Haruna.

Haruna was still looking confused, not understanding what was happening.

God smiled warmly and affectionately at Haruna, as if finding her cute, and bid her farewell.

-See you next time.

As she said her final words to Haruna, she began to slowly disappear.

And when she had completely vanished,

A whisper echoed in Haruna's ear.

If you want your wish granted, come to this place. I'll make it happen.

With this echoing voice,

A faint memory seeped into Haruna's mind, as if guiding her to the place God mentioned.


After God disappeared,

The dazed Haruna regained her senses and turned to look at Hajoon.

"Why are you in my dream?"


Was it somewhat absurd?

Why was he appearing in her dream?

As Haruna looked at Hajoon with a slightly incredulous expression,

Hajoon simply extended his hand towards her calmly.

What, whats this?

Startled by his gesture,

His hand suddenly landed on Harunas head with a thud.


[Stop sleeping and wake up.]

With those final words, Haruna's eyes slowly began to close.

It wasn't her eyes closing, but the world around her darkening.

As the silence filled the world and her consciousness began to fade,


Haruna woke up from the dream.

Confused, she quickly looked around and soon realized she was in her dormitory room.

Uh... what?

She gazed blankly into space.

Was that a dream?

It was certainly a dream, but it felt so real.

As vivid as if it had actually happened.

Haruna scratched her cheek with a slightly bitter look in her eyes.

It was then.

The memory from her dream.

If you want your wish granted, come to this place. I'll make it happen.

The last words left to her by God resurfaced in her mind.

After that strange dream,

Harunas daily life remained unchanged.

It was a peaceful routine, just like before.

Attending academy classes, enjoying delicious meals, and sleeping soundly.

Of course, there was something that bothered her a bit.

Was that really just a dream?

She found herself involuntarily looking at Hajoon, wondering.

Hajoon appeared the same as usual when he looked at her, but ever since that incident, she couldn't help feeling a bit suspicious.

Her suspicions went something like this:

Could Kim Hajoon have the ability to enter someone else's dreams?

It seemed like something he might be capable of...

But that dream was just too vivid.

It felt almost like a real experience...

Apart from this issue, there was another concern related to the dream.

Was that... real?

The few words and the memory left by the girl as she vanished.

The promise that her wish would be granted if she went to that place lingered in her mind.

Naturally, she hadn't forgotten it, and the memory of the location was still clear.

But Haruna couldn't easily bring herself to go there.

It was one thing to be somewhat suspicious, but this was just too suspicious.


Despite knowing this, Haruna couldn't help but ponder.

If what the girl had said was true... if she really could grant her wish... shouldn't she go to that place? The thought circled in Haruna's head.


In the end, she let out a sigh.

Fortunately, the next day was the weekend.

She decided to go and see, and if it felt too creepy, she would just run away.

So, the next morning.

Haruna headed to the location she had seen in her dream.

The place she remembered from her dream was a small house.

Of course, its outward appearance was just an ordinary house, nothing out of the ordinary.

Is this really the place?

It seemed to be the house God-like figure had directed her to...

Haruna decided to enter the house.

Although there was a 'No Entry' sign on the iron gate of the house, she thought she could sneak in and out quickly.

As she passed through the yard and entered the house, Haruna began to look around inside.

Hello...? Is anyone there?

Considering the 'No Entry' sign, it was likely that the house was empty, but Haruna called out just in case.

Naturally, there was no response.

Haruna, confirming the house was empty, decided to look around the entire place.

The house seemed to have been left unattended for a long time.

It was not well-maintained, suggesting as much.

While exploring various parts of the first floor, Haruna's eyes suddenly widened as she noticed something.


She picked up a photo frame from the TV stand in the living room.

In the photo were the familiar face of her grandfather and a younger version of herself.

She remembered taking a picture with her grandfather when she was young.

Could it be...?

Haruna quickly looked around the room.

And then she realized.

The owner of this house was her grandfather, Zehar.

Did my wish really come true?

She had wished to meet her family, but... could it actually have come true?

For now, Haruna decided to look around the entire first floor.

There were still many rooms she hadn't checked.

Just as she was about to explore the rooms,


An irresistible drowsiness began to overwhelm her.

She felt extremely lethargic.

Her body relaxed, and her eyes started closing gradually.


Thus, Haruna, losing consciousness in the middle of the living room, quietly fell asleep.

And the moment she fell asleep,


The girl appeared before Haruna again.


Haruna slowly sat up, scratching her head with a dazed expression, and looked around.

Just the same plain white space.

The colorless space was identical to the one in her dream yesterday, and the woman from the dream was the same as before.

-You came?

God looked at Haruna and smiled.

A bright smile, as if she was pleased to see her.

Approaching the girl, Haruna asked,

Is this... a dream?

-Yes. It's a dream. I've come to see you again.

Hearing that, Haruna still looked bewildered.

God took a step towards Haruna, coming face to face with her.

She asked Haruna again about her wish.

-Do you really want to see your family?

Her voice carried a mixture of kindness and seriousness.

At this, Haruna's head slowly dropped.

After a moment of quiet contemplation, Haruna lifted her head, her face resolute as if she had made a decision, and nodded.

God, with a calm expression, closed her eyes and stretched out her hand towards Haruna with a sorrowful look.

-Alright. I will show you the memory you desire.

God's hand gently touched Haruna's head.

Haruna, looking tense, swallowed nervously.

In that moment.



A dark silence enveloped the surroundings.

It felt as if her consciousness was being transported elsewhere.

After a brief wait, the darkness around her began to lift, and the space started to transform.

As the place changed, Haruna found herself in a different location.

She saw a familiar face.

Ah, it's Grandfather.

She saw her grandfather in front of her.

He looked much younger than he did now.

He was with a group of odd people wearing robes, but it was unmistakably her grandfather.

Haruna watched as her grandfather and his group headed somewhere.

Without realizing it, she began following her grandfather's footsteps.


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