Talent Awakening: I, the Weakest Awakened, Start with Dragonfire Spell

Chapter 524 Chapter525-The Half-Orc Army

Having found everything she was searching for, Ali promptly left the "Hall of Truth."

Through the terminal, Ali could directly exit the "Hall of Truth" and return to the location of her "entry" portal.

Even now, Ali couldn't determine whether the "Hall of Truth" was a physical place or merely a virtual space constructed by The Truth Society.

If it were a real space, then the level of technology hidden by The Truth Society would be terrifyingly advanced, far surpassing any nation on the continent.

And then, there's the astonishing volume of intelligence in their database...

The most common response Ali received here was not "insufficient access," but rather pages and pages of detailed intelligence!

Just the sheer act of collecting intelligence of such magnitude implies a horrifying level of resources and manpower behind the scenes.

Yet, even more astonishing was the "portal" technology.

If the "Hall of Truth" is a real space, it implies that The Truth Society has the capability to open a portal in any corner of the continent!

This might mean they have fully unraveled the mysteries of mana, possessing authority rivaling that of deities!

However, dismissing this hypothesis provides a reasonable explanation for everything.

But such a seemingly simple verification is not easily achieved.

First off, the "portal" cannot be opened in the presence of a second observer.

This means if there are people around Ali, or perhaps not even people, but any creature with a certain level of intelligence, the "portal" would not open.

It would still exist but would not respond to Ali's commands.

Furthermore, The Truth Society has strict rules: no member may disclose their identity.

If breached, membership is revoked, related memories erased, and the individual is forever barred from rejoining The Truth Society.

Ali doesn't know if anyone has ever violated this rule because those who have completely vanished.

As consciousness seemed to travel back through a tunnel to her body, Ali instinctively glanced around.

Her body had shifted slightly, likely a side effect of traversing the "portal."

The sky had darkened considerably, suggesting she had spent a not insignificant amount of time in the "Hall of Truth."

However, time in a completely isolated space is meaningless.

Just as one cannot accurately gauge time without a clock, without a point of reference, Ali couldn't determine how long she actually spent in the "Hall of Truth."

It only felt "very long," but then again, it always felt "very long" to Ali.

The fire that had ravaged the village ruins had completely died down.

Waving her hand, Ali cast a faint glow of mana, creating a shield that kept the surrounding burnt smell at bay.

The odor of charred bodies was particularly unpleasant.

Wandering through the village with her mana shield, Ali heard a rustling noise.

It sounded like something slicing rapidly through the air, but it didn't seem to be small, lightweight objects like arrows or throwing knives.

It was something larger.

Like a person.

Shadowy figures flickered at the edge of Ali's vision!

It was only then that the thunderous roar of the air reverberated in Ali's ears.

The ruins around her were engulfed in a fierce wind that swept away the black smoke, briefly purifying the air.

However, Ali's mood was far from clear.

The glint of a cold blade was already before her eyes!

To dodge?

It was already too late!

The attacker's speed far exceeded her expectations; at such a distance, effective evasion was impossible!

Then defense it must be! Although speed implies power, without a sufficient base, this force is but a flower reflected in a mirror or the moon's reflection on water—merely superficially impressive.

A sharp buzzing exploded at that instant!

Ali's eyes instantly reflected a splendid golden light! A complex, multi-layered spell matrix rapidly formed beneath her feet, dazzling golden light rising up.

A semi-circular shield expanded outwards from Ali at its center!

Repulsion Shield, a skill known to any level 3 magus, was merely a simple application of mana, not even considered magic.

But supported by formidable mana, such a simple spell exhibited astonishing effectiveness!

It was like a knife stabbing into a resilient membrane.

Although the Repulsion Shield indented inward from the impact, the blade ultimately failed to pierce through.

Consequently, its wielder was forced to halt before the shield, retreating.

Like a ball rebounding off an elastic net, the attacker was almost flung back at the speed they came, flying upward at an angle.

Ali couldn't make out the face of the person, but in the final moment, when their speed dropped to zero, she did get a clear view of their attire.

Leather jackets and cloth pants, which didn't resemble any uniform but rather looked like roughly made, handcrafted armor.

Then, more figures landed with menacing momentum, their eyes cold, each with bizarre and unique appearances, their expressions fiercely aggressive.

Ali scratched her face, feeling somewhat uneasy under their intense gaze.

Although the newcomers were of strange and varied forms, a quick scan by Ali led her to a conjecture.

Most appeared to be dressed like hunters, their armor simple yet evidently refined through real combat experience.

These were the village hunters.

Oak Village's years of stability in this chaotic region owed much to them.

They were the ones who had repeatedly defeated bands of brigands and spellbeasts in the shadows, ensuring the order around Oak Village.

This was an exchange of equivalents: they provided manpower and effort, while Oak Village offered protection in return, providing cover for Forest Village and supplying basic human constructs to sustain life.

It was a sort of special symbiotic relationship.

"It's so good to see that you all didn't perish!"

Even though she was at the point of several knives and arrows, Ali managed to smile.

A smile is always the best way to break the ice, no matter the situation.

There was no response.

Half-orcs seem naturally fit for the military, their strict racial hierarchy making it clear to every half-orc their place and duty.

Unless facing a dire crisis related to life or death, it was unlikely for a half-orc army to descend into chaos or mutiny.

Although it might sound like they're merely machines following orders, it was this very rigidity that allowed the army, centuries ago, to sweep across the continent, overpowering all the nations combined against the might of the Orc United Empire.

Such was their splendor and loneliness.

Seeing that her smile did nothing to ease the situation, Ali's face began to tense, the corner of her eye twitching.

"Um, don't you remember me? The outsider from earlier today! You there, in the blue, wielding a shortsword with yellow eyes—

we even greeted each other at noon!"

It was as if she was speaking to the air; Ali's words fell on deaf ears.

No one responded or reacted, leading to an incredibly awkward moment.

Until Rudo, carrying a small and thin Catfolk in his arms, made his way from behind the crowd.

Ali recognized the leather armor on the Catfolk; it was the one Rudo had launched away...

"Ali, it's no use; you don't understand half-orcs," Rudo said, glancing at Ali as he set the Catfolk on the ground.

"Orcs are all stubborn; once they've set their mind on something, they won't easily change their perception."

"Now, I am their leader. Unless I speak, they will not make any disgraceful move."

"Answering questions? Launching attacks? Fleeing in battle? None of these are conceivable for half-orcs."

This is the most efficient army, the force that once made the entire continent tremble in fear.

Though now they might lack the soul, merely shells of their former selves, they remain incomparable to the frail humans.

"Why are you here? And the attackers, where have they gone?"

Everyone had anticipated the village's dire state; the moment thick smoke was seen rising, all subhumans knew they no longer had a home to return to.

Thus, despite the grave situation of the village, it wasn't enough to shock or destabilize them.

But it certainly didn't improve their mood either.

All half-orcs were now itching for a fight, eager to spill some blood to vent their emotions.

The sight of any animal by the roadside instinctively made their hands gravitate towards their weapon hilts.

This propensity for violence is partly why humans shun half-


There's always a reason behind everything; it takes two to tango, as they say in this world.

"I don't know," Ali shook her head.

She was lying.

Of course, she had to lie.

The half-orcs appeared menacingly aggressive, and if she showed any connection to the cloaked attackers, she could easily be deemed suspicious and possibly skewered on their blades.

Ali had no desire to die.

"I fought them, killed two, but they were many, so I fled. They chased after me, but I managed to lose them. I've come back to assess the situation."

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