Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects!

Chapter 239: Master... Are You Greedy for My Body?

Chapter 239: Master... Are You Greedy for My Body?

Body Condition... 100%

Physique Evaluation... Healthy.

Mental State... Damaged.

Blood Storage... Normal.

Semen Storage... Extremely Excess.

In the quiet apartment, Prosperity accompanied her master silently.

After Tyrapotter left, Prosperity did a physical examination for Rayne.

Under the healing of a demigod-level spell, the fatal wound that had its heart dug out recovered completely in a few minutes.

As expected of the final reincarnation world.

The spiritual factors of this era were so exuberant that elite combat strength could casually reverse life and death.

Rayne's body had completely recovered and was even severely overly energetic.

However, Rayne's mind was severely injured in the previous battle.

Forcefully extracting memories through the Detection Module was extremely harmful to the brain to begin with and would definitely leave behind serious aftereffects.

However, under the treatment of Tyrapotter, Rayne only needed to sleep quietly for 12 hours.

This was truly good news

Tyrapotter, this Vampire Queen who had never met her master, had become a part of her master's plan right from the beginning.

Prosperity had to admit that the master she served was an unbelievable existence.

Even without the strong love in her heart

Rayne Haines was also an existence worthy of her respect and even fear.


Prosperity stared at the sleeping Rayne.

Not even a day had passed since Prosperity awakened.

Too many things had happened in that half a day After awakening and obtaining a user that she could serve, she was hunted down and escaped death. Thereafter she was saved by an unfamiliar native species.

The other contents were not important.

Right now, Prosperity only had eyes for her beloved master.

Prosperity stared at Rayne. At that moment, her intelligence gave Prosperity a signal.


To be honest, serving an individual human was a rather unfamiliar job for Prosperity.

The mechagod was created to serve all the citizens of the Utmost World of Logic.

The mission she was in charge of was also extremely simple.

War, annihilation and defense.

She was a completely pure weapon.

However... How should she get along with this only master of hers outside of the battlefield?

She had no experience.

According to her common sense, as an annihilator, her choice should be to turn off her system during a safe period and wait for battle. Then, when her master needed combat strength support, she would turn it on and activate it to remove all obstacles for him.

However, that was not suitable for the current situation.

Prosperity felt that even when there was no battle, she should stay by her master's side and be his guard, completing any work given to her by her master other than combat.

Apart from the value of the weapon, Prosperity should have more uses for her master.

In that case

In order to be qualified for a new job, her appearance might need to change as well.

Today, when Prosperity visited the cafe on Anna Street, she was inspired.

The attendants in black and white short skirts left a deep impression on her

Their attire was the symbolic attire of maidservants in this era.

Prosperity stood up and came to the dressing table in the Vampire Queen's bedroom.

She looked at herself in the mirror.

Right now, Prosperity was wearing a plain white dress.

The dress was woven from extremely thin divinity crystal fibers. Its function was not to cover the body, but the uniform prison attire of the underground prison.

Due to the characteristics of the demonized crystal structure, the dress emitted a faint fluorescent light in the dimly lit room.

Prosperity did not know if her attire could be considered beautiful or appropriate in the aesthetic standards of this world's civilization.


According to common sense in this world, normal clothes should not glow, right?

Therefore, the nanomodule armor that resided in Prosperity's body turned into a trickle of black liquid that wrapped around her body.

The prison uniform made of structural crystals was dismantled and abandoned. Prosperity used her exclusive combat armor to create a new set of clothes for herself.

It was a set of white maid attire with black patterns.

Prosperity had yet to build a sense of beauty that was compatible with this civilization. Therefore, she did not make any unnecessary modifications to her clothes and copied the scene she saw in the cafe.

She wore a snow-white flounced headdress and a slim black and white short skirt. Her legs were not directly exposed. Instead, she covered her skin with a thin white fabric that resembled a pair of pants It was something called stockings.

Finally, she topped everything off with a pair of leather shoes.

That was enough, right?

Prosperity looked at herself in the mirror expressionlessly, silently hoping that she could obtain her master's admiration.

Right then, there was a knock on the bedroom door.

The Vampire Queen, Tyrapotter, pushed open the door and a head popped in.

She carried a steaming bag of packed food. In order not to disturb Rayne's rest, she whispered to Prosperity, "Time~ To~ Eat..."

However, the next moment, the Vampire Queen was shocked.

"What the f*ck? !"

At the dining table, Prosperity and the Vampire Queen sat opposite each other with a plate of fast food in front of them.

That was the dinner prepared by the Vampire Queen for Prosperity.

As for the Vampire Queen, Tyrapotter, she had already eaten outside.

"Why do you keep looking at me?"

Prosperity asked Tyrapotter.

Tyrapotter stared at Prosperity and sized her up. When she heard that, she chuckled and said, "I'm sorry, I was too ignorant. This is the first time I've seen a goddess in a maid uniform!"

Prosperity: "Goddess"

Tyrapotter smiled. "Am I right? Isn't your face exactly the same as that goddess in the sky? When I went out just now, I specially flew up to take a look at her face Good lord, I was so lucky not to be killed by her."

Prosperity explained, "She's sealing off this country, so she's very sensitive to airspace dominance."

Tyrapotter smiled and expressed that she would take note next time. Thereafter, she asked, "I haven't asked yet. What's your name?"


Tyrapotter: "Ha, it's indeed a name that a god would have!"

However, Prosperity What kind of god was that?

It was neither an emotion born from the mortal world nor from nature. Instead, the name Prosperity was very similar to

"Could you be a relative of Goddess Order?"

"According to secular ethics, I'm her sister."


Tyrapotter was shocked. She had just been targeted by Order's sister and was not killed yet. In that case, wasn't she rather powerful herself as well?

However, speaking of which

Tyrapotter looked at the food on the table and asked curiously, "Goddess can you eat steak sandwiches?"

Prosperity shook her head. "I don't have a metabolism."

Tyrapotter: " Does that mean there's no need?"

Prosperity: "That's right."

Tyrapotter asked, "Can you taste it though?"

Prosperity nodded.

Tyrapotter hurriedly wrapped the sandwich and handed it to Prosperity. "Come and try it then! This shop is very popular. I was waiting in line for a long time!"

Prosperity took a bite.

Even if products that were cooked with all sorts of organic materials were consumed, they would only be burned by the god core.

Eating could not change the emotions of the mechagod.

That was the norm for mechagods.

Although she possessed a complete set of bionic organs for humans, she did not possess the ability to feel joy from the life of a living being.

Mechagods possessed clear work goals.

They did not have to be driven by pleasure.

That was precisely the reason why she developed an abnormal admiration for Rayne today. After all, he managed to create such an intense sensation of delight such that her intelligence was about to collapse...

... As expected of her master.

Tyrapotter watched as Prosperity swallowed the food and asked curiously, "Is it delicious?"

Prosperity: "I can't tell."

"Aha Indeed, a goddess is not used to the food of the mortal world."

Tyrapotter chuckled. She stood up and walked outside the windows.

When the curtains were opened, the sky was already gradually dark.

However, in the sky, the Sun Goddess carrying the sun on her back was still dazzling.

In reality, the entire city had already fallen into panic due to the sudden appearance of the Sun Goddess and the previous battle between Prosperity and her other self.

No one knew what this goddess wanted to do or how long she would stay in Eternal Night. This was an unknown calamity that was brewing.

Furthermore, that was not all.

The appearance of the Goddess Prosperity, her silicon-based pseudogods and this current Miss Prosperity had already severely destroyed the combat strength balance of Eternal Night and became an unpredictable unknown.

Tyrapotter guessed that with the descent of this goddess as an opportunity, there was a high chance that Eternal Night would welcome a huge conflict.

"By the way, is it convenient for me to ask?"

Tyrapotter looked at the mechagod in the skies.

"What grudge do you have with her?"

Prosperity: "I threatened the legitimacy of her existence. She needs to maintain the purity of her intelligent personality by destroying me."

Tyrapotter asked, "In other words you and yourself don't see eye to eye?"

Prosperity: "Yes."

Tyrapotter: "Haha, goddesses are truly mystical. In that case, is it possible for the two of you to reconcile?"

When Prosperity heard that, she was silent for two seconds.

"Absolutely impossible."

Tyrapotter: "Therefore, you can only fight to the death"

Prosperity: "Yes."

Although she was happy with every single bit of time she spent with her master, she naturally could not forget the threat above her head.

The mechagod's target was her.

Furthermore, if not for her master's help, she would probably have been destroyed long ago.

Speaking of which, it was truly magical. As a mechagod, she had relied on the protection of a mortal master to survive until now

At that thought, Prosperity suddenly said, "I don't understand"

Tyrapotter tilted her head. "Is there a problem, goddess?"

Prosperity looked at the bedroom at the side and asked the question that her intelligent system could not resolve.

"Why doesn't Master want to lose me? I mean why is Master protecting me with all his might?"

Tyrapotter shrugged. Was this question difficult to answer?

"You're so beautiful and you're a goddess after all. Who would want to lose a goddess maid?"

"Is that so? So Master wanted to protect me because he covets my body?"

"Eh, erm, that's not what I meant either"

Prosperity lowered her head and stared at her body. "I understand. Regardless of the outcome of this war, I'll let Master enjoy his fill before we part."

"Enjoy his fill..."

Upon hearing that meaningful remark, endless thoughts appeared in Tyrapotter's mind.

White and milky...




Although she had just eaten, Tyrapotter felt that she could not hold it in at the thought of that unique delicacy being readily available on her bed

However, before long, Tyrapotter woke up in alarm.

"Cough, cough, cough!"

Restraint! !

She had to restrain herself! !

As a vampire, the food that Tyrapotter loved the most was naturally blood. However, the reason why she fasted blood for 300 years was not only because the vampires were short of supplies right now and she had to set an example and eat food in its place.

More than that, it was a warning for Tyrapotter herself to remember the humiliation of living in the bottom ecosystem.

The only way for the vampires to reproduce freely and enjoy normal food again was to regain their place in Eternal Night.


While her clansmen were starving in the sewers...

How could she

How could she enjoy this decadent, alluring and extremely extravagant top-grade item of the world alone?

Tyrapotter gulped. She felt that she could not stay here for long.

"It's getting late. I'll head out first!"

Tyrapotter stuffed her spare key into Prosperity's hands. "Stay here in peace and take care of your master. I have work to do today and will be back tomorrow morning!"

Tonight, Tyrapotter and her compatriots agreed to act together.

With the sudden appearance of the Sun Goddess out of thin air...

Right now, the vampires had an additional important question that they had to get an answer to.

For that, they had to gather information.

They had to test the attitude of the wolves towards the goddess in the skies.

Apart from the sealed sisters and mother of the Tyrapotter family...

Wolf Queen Hedwig was the strongest existence in Eternal Night.

Tyrapotter was very curious.

The Eternal Night Queen was the most likely to threaten Goddess Prosperity's plans. In fact, she had already substantially hindered the latter.

What would Goddess Prosperity do to her?

What was the attitude of the Wolf Queen towards Prosperity as well?

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