Star Odyssey

Chapter C.2720: Evernight

Lu Yin was stunned. What did this mean? No matter what he had said before, there had been no response from any of the cards, and he had not even been able to sense any cards at all. Why had there been such a powerful reaction when he said that he wanted to kill Sovereign Shao Yin? Did the cards also hate the Sovereign? No.

Lu Yin's eyes flickered. The cards did not hate Sovereign Shao Yin; rather, they had seen Lu Yins true self.

He had just spoken his true feelings and goals.

The people who had attracted a card so far had all revealed their true selves to the cards, and Lu Yin genuinely wanted to get revenge and kill the one behind his familys banishment, Sovereign Shao Yin. This was his true self, but it was not enough.

Lu Yin stood up. He felt like something was wrong. He almost always had a mask on and had become accustomed to hiding his true feelings. This made it very difficult for him to expose his true self all of a sudden.

But what the cards wanted was precisely the truest expression of Lu Yins self.

Far away, a card that glowed with a dazzling light appeared in front of Seruzen, bright enough to illuminate the entire island.

Everyone looked over in shock. What kind of card had he attracted for it to create such a big commotion?

Outside the Hanging Island, Shan Zheng exclaimed, "The seven-star Primordial card: Light."

Sovereign Shao Yin was also surprised. "A seven-star Primordial card is pretty impressive. While it is only a Primordial card, it is still a seven-star card. If used well, it can even rival Immemorial cards."

Bureau Director Gan was also impressed. "Seruzen? Haha, I knew that he wouldn't disappoint us."

Shan Zheng was caught off guard. "Is that Seruzen? The young man whose name appeared in the Arboric Scripture?"

Director Gan said, "Not bad."

Shan Zheng felt rather envious. "He actually attracted a seven-star Primordial card, Light. That card is enough for him to use until he becomes a peak powerhouse. On top of that, its power of light is incredible, second only to the Immemorial card Aurora."

While speaking, Shan Zheng was struggling with something. After thinking for a moment, he gritted his teeth and took a step forward.

"Shan Zheng, what do you intend to do?" Xu Wuwei noticed something was off and spoke up. Everyone else also turned to look at Shan Zheng.

He gritted his teeth. "I want to try as well."

Xu Wuwei gave the man an odd look. "You want to change your card?"

Shan Zheng nodded and raised his foot again to step out.

A sharp shout was heard. "Step back!"

The voice startled Shan Zheng so badly that he immediately retreated, though he was also unwilling to give up. "Grand Elder, I- I also want to try."

He had been reprimanded by the Lost Clans Grand Elder.

Xu Wuwei laughed. "Stop causing trouble. You already have one of the best cards available. If you can improve it, you will become your Grand Elder."

Shan Zheng replied in a bitter tone, "I just want to improve."

"How do you intend to trade your card? Are you going to speak empty words?" Sovereign Shao Yin asked, "According to my understanding, your Lost Clans cards are able to see through peoples hearts, and expressing your true self is the only way to attract them. To truly draw a card to yourself, you need to understand your true self and reveal it. Only when the demonstration coincides with what is in a persons heart can they attract a card.

Shan Zheng stared at the Sovereign Shao Yin intently for a long moment. "I didn't expect you to understand my Lost Clan so well, Sovereign Shao Yin."

Sovereign Shao Yin shook his head. "I don't. I really have no idea how your cards can see through peoples hearts or how to achieve the level of resonance that a card will recognize. Some people like to speak empty words, which can never attract a card, but some people can speak truly."

Shan Zheng replied, "The heart and the demonstration of self must be the same. That is what attracts a card to a person."

"Then," Sovereign Shao Yin looked over at Shan Zheng, "How do you intend to reveal your true self?"

Shan Zheng immediately looked conflicted. "I don't know."

On the floating island, Lu Yin was unaffected by the card that Seruzen had attracted. The radiant light was blocked by the thick trees, leaving Lu Yin in the shadows. "One day, I will eliminate all of the Lu familys enemies, no matter if they are Sovereign Shao Yin or the Great Sovereign himself. I will make the Heavens Sect the greatest wonder in the entire megaverse. I want to stand at the peak of everything and look down on everyone"

As he spoke, a card quietly appeared and slowly descended before Lu Yin's eyes. He stared at it.

It was a three-star Immemorial card. An Immemorial card possessed power equal to a Progenitor. This was not a bad card at all, though it was not a seven-star card.

There was only a little bit of commotion when Lu Yin attracted a card, so almost no one paid any attention to him. Only Xu Heng remained focused on Lu Yin.

Xu Heng was happy to see that Xuan Qi had attracted a card. While the Void Suprema did not know what the card was, if Xuan Qi traded his card away, then it meant that the card he had attracted was at least a Primordial, or even an Immemorial card. After all, his seven-star Hidden Mountain card was already the best possible Ancient card.

Just as Lu Yin was about to speak, his eyes suddenly grew large as he witnessed something incredible.

The card that had just appeared in front of him was pushed away by another card.

Yes, it was pushed away.

He stared blankly. Was this even possible?

Lu Yin was stunned for a moment, and he stared blankly at the second card that had suddenly appeared. As soon as the card appeared, it had shoved the first card aside. Additionally, a dark and silent aura appeared, overpowering and eliminating the light from Seruzens Light card. In the blink of an eye, dark clouds enveloped the entire island.

Everyones attention was drawn over, and they stared at Lu Yin.

Shan Zheng was so startled that his voice cracked as he exclaimed in horror, "Evernight?"

At this moment, countless people from the Lost Clan who saw Lu Yin's card were stunned. They were seeing something unbelievable.

Next to Shan Zheng, Sovereign Shao Yin's eyes grew sharp. "Seven-star Immemorial card: Evernight."

The others were shocked. Was this actually a seven-star Immemorial card?

To their knowledge, the only seven-star immemorial card that belonged to someone was in the hands of the Lost Clans Grand Elder. That card was named Heavenly King. The card granted Shan Gu, the Lost Clans Grand Elder, the power to roam the Endless Frontier, and its power had been seen by countless people. Heavenly King meant that Shan Gus strength was comparable to the rulers of the Arboreal Realm, the Transcendent Universe, and the other rulers of the Sixverse Associations member universes.

On the surface, it seemed as if the Lost Clan had only been allowed to join the Sixverse Association because they had fiercely resisted the Cyclic Universe and even managed to kill one of the Cyclic Universes most powerful experts. Only a few people knew the truth, which was that Grand Elder Shan Gu had personally gone to the Cyclic Universe to meet with the Great Sovereign.

After he returned to the Lost Clan, their universe had been acknowledged by the Great Sovereign and admitted as a member of the Sixverse Association.

Without Grand Elder Shan Gu, the Lost Clan would no longer exist, and Shan Gus strength came from his card, Heavenly King.

It was the only seven-star Immemorial card possessed by anyone in the megaverse.

No one had expected another seven-star Immemorial card to appear during the Shangsan Festival. This event was so important that it deserved to be recorded in the Lost Clans history.

Even Sovereign Shao Yin was shocked.

The combination of a peak powerhouse and a seven-star Immemorial card was shocking. As soon as Xuan Qi became a peak powerhouse, his strength would undoubtedly surpass the vast majority of his peers.

Shan Zheng had wanted to attempt to change his own card in hopes of attracting a seven-star Immemorial card, as his current card was only a six-star card.

While six-star and seven-star cards seemed to only be separated by a single step, the reality was that the two were completely incomparable. Six-star cards had no names, while every seven-star card had a unique name.

Silence filled the floating islands as everyone just stared at the card floating in front of Xuan Qi.

Lu Yin himself was also staring at the card. As soon as it appeared, the nearby area had grown darker, and Lu Yin felt as though he had been thrown into a freezer. He was a cultivator and was even powerful enough to fight against experts with the strength of Progenitors, and yet he still felt chilled.

This card made him feel danger.

This card was terrifying.

No matter if it was a Seasonal card, an Ancient card, or an Immemorial card, every seven-star card had its own unique power.

The danger that Lu Yin felt came from the card itself, which was called Evernight.

"How did he get that card?" Shan Zheng was both stunned and overcome with envy. He wanted that card.

No one could give an answer, as Lu Yin had not done anything of note.

Lu Yin himself did not know how he had attracted such a terrifying card. This card had pushed away another Immemorial card, as though it was overly eager to belong to Lu Yin.

What had he done? He had only said a few words, which sounded so boastful that no one would ever believe them.

Who would truly believe that they could surpass the entire Sixverse Association? Who truly believed that they could bring back the glory of the ancient Heavens Sect?

No matter how anyone looked at Lu Yins words, they all sounded ridiculous. If it were possible to attract cards just by exaggerated boasting, all of the Lost Clans cards would have been taken already.

Clearly, things were not so simple. buddy. com

The appearance of the seven-star Immemorial card Evernight drew out even the Lost Clans Grand Elder.

When an odd pressure appeared, Sovereign Shao Yin's eyes grew sharp, and he looked to the side. Xu Wuwei looked in the same direction at about the same time, while Chen Le and the others reacted a step slower. Still, they all looked over within the space of a few breaths to see an old man in a plain white robe. Both his beard and eyebrows were white, and he looked like a distinguished expert.

Shan Zheng quickly stepped forward and bowed. "Grand Elder."

The old man was Shan Gu, the Lost Clans Grand Elder. This person was equal to Lord Wei, the ruler of the Arboreal Realm, and the rulers of the other universes.

Shan Gu turned his head. He looked past Shan Zheng and Sovereign Shao Yin to focus on Xu Wuwei. "This child Xuan Qi is your prospective disciple. Can you allow him to join my Lost Clan?"

Xu Wuwei revealed a completely different attitude towards Shan Gu. This senior was able to sit and speak casually with Lord Xu, so Xu Wuwei answered Shan Gu in a very respectful manner. "You will have to ask Lord Xu. The only reason why Xuan Qi was able to join our Voidforce Universe is because he crossed the Void Pass and met with Lord Xu. He was only able to join our universe with Lord Xus permission."

Shan Gu stroked his long white beard. "It appears that it's time to visit an old friend. We can't remain on the sidelines forever."

Xu Wuwei looked back at the floating island. Personally, he did not care at all whether Xuan Qi stayed in the Voidforce Universe. After all, he had forbidden the young man from joining the Voidforce Universe, and the only reason why Xu Wuweis orders had been overridden was because the youth had crossed the Void Pass.

Shan Gu wanted to take the brat away, which was exactly what Xu Wuwei also wanted. The incident concerning the Transcendent Universe still felt like a thorn in his heart.

On the central island, Lu Yin stretched out his hand, and the Evernight card slowly floated closer to him. He knew that this was an amazing card. After all, he had revealed his true self to the cards, which was why he had attracted this particular card. However, he had not finished speaking. After letting himself go, he had spilled out everything that had been on his mind, especially what had accumulated after his visit to the Sixth Mainland, which had given him a depressing, practically impossible thought.

"Is the megaverse that we see even real? Is it possible that there is a pair of eyes watching us from some unimaginable height, and a hand that controls the universes that we know of? Honestly, I want to reach those heights myself. If the universes that we know are false, then I want to restore things to reality, just like how the false sky that the Sixth Mainland once placed over the Fifth Mainland was destroyed.

These were Lu Yins true feelings. He had started to consider this possibility long ago. "Long ago, for the people of Earth, Frostwave Weave was untouchable. The Great Yu Empire could have made the people of Earth think that it was a god by doing whatever they wanted. It was necessary to first expand beyond Earth to see the truth, but who can say that what we are seeing now is the truth?

"For the ordinary people living on Earth, nuclear weapons are able to destroy mountains, or even an entire planet, but this is the limit of their imagination. For cultivators, Progenitors are able to alter the rules of a universe, which is the limit of our imagination.

"However, is that really the limit?"

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