Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing!

Chapter 529 - 529: So Excited?

Chapter 529: So Excited?

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“Did you miss me?” Feng Sheng rubbed Luo Yangyang’s face with his fingers.

Their bodies were pressed against each other without a gap. Their body temperature rose rapidly, and Luo Yangyang’s ears turned red from the heat.

Luo Yangyang lowered her head shyly and buried her head in Feng Sheng’s neck. She did not want to raise her head again.

How embarrassing.

It was too crazy to be at home in broad daylight.

“Did you think about it or not?”

Feng Sheng, who did not get an answer, became stubborn. His deep voice rang in Luo Yangyang’s ears.

“Yes.” Luo Yangyang turned her head away in embarrassment and lowered her face like a coward.

“How much?”

Luo Yangyang’s furry head rubbed against his shoulder. The familiar aura and body in his arms made Feng Sheng chuckle.

“I do.” Luo Yangyang’s slender arms wrapped around Feng Sheng’s neck tightly.

When he heard Luo Yangyang’s muffled reply, Feng Sheng’s cold eyes faded away and his doting smile grew wider.

Luo Yangyang was hiding in Feng Sheng’s program. After being a coward for a while, she suddenly remembered something and looked up at Feng Sheng. “How are you doing in Hillford? Are you still going to work at the Feng Corporation?”

” I don’t need to work anymore. I’m unemployed now.””Feng Sheng’s lips were still curled up in a cold smile.” I don’t have a job anymore. Will you despise me?””

Luo Yangyang quickly shook her head, and the smile on her face became even sweeter.””You don’t have to go to work. You can accompany me when you have time.”

Feng Sheng’s hand that was caressing Luo Yangyang’s back felt a little cold. He reached out with his long arm and pulled the blanket that was scattered on the bed over Luo Yangyang’s body.

The spring scenery of the two of them was hidden under the sheets.

“If you don’t go to work, who will be the CEO of the Feng Corporation?”

Luo Yangyang lowered her head and rested her head on Feng Sheng’s shoulder.

“Feng Yi or Feng Heng.”

Feng Sheng pushed Luo Yangyang’s long hair aside, revealing her entire right cheek.

“Haven’t you chosen who will be the next two??”

Luo Yangyang, who was lying on Feng Sheng’s body, reached out her index finger and gently stroked Feng Sheng’s sexy chin.

“It’s about time. In the end, Feng Yi should be the CEO of the Feng Corporation.”Feng Sheng grabbed the little hand on his chin and kissed it.” Didn’t you say that you had something to tell me on the phone? What is it?”

Luo Yangyang suddenly straightened her back excitedly when the topic changed.

“What’s wrong? Why are you so excited?”

Luo Yangyang stood up straight. Feng Sheng looked up at her face. It was so beautiful that his eyes darkened again.

Luo Yangyang noticed the change in Feng Sheng’s expression. She immediately lay down and pressed herself against Feng Sheng’s body.

“When we went upstairs, did you see a foreigner on the sofa?”

Luo Yangyang pulled the blanket over her body. It was better to wrap it tightly.

It would be bad if Feng Sheng was provoked again.

“I saw it.” Feng Sheng could not help but laugh when he saw Luo Yangyang holding the blanket tightly. He could tell what she was thinking at a glance.

His hands were still under the sheets, so there was no use in holding his shoulders tightly.

“That foreigner’s Chinese name is Luo Ye. He has the same surname as me.”Luo Yangyang said.

“Yes.” Feng Sheng waited for Luo Yangyang to continue.

“Luo Ye said that his name was given to him by his uncle. His uncle came here 20 years ago, in this ancient town in Jiangnan, and he also stayed in this small hotel we are now in.”Luo Yangyang continued.

“And then?” Feng Sheng listened attentively..

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