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Chapter 419 - 419 He Just Want To Take Revenge On You

Chapter 419: Chapter 419 He Just Want To Take Revenge On You

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“My mother? Why is my mother involved in this?”

[Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master], who was immersed in self-blame and frustration, suddenly raised his head.

His eyes were glued to the screen.

“Of course. The money you earned from your business is all your mother’s private money.”

“Due to some special reasons, your father hates women managing money the most.”

“Because, although your mother is his wife, she can’t touch a single cent of the company.”

“After a few years of suffering, not only did your father’s impression of you become lower and lower,”

“Your mother’s wallet has also been emptied by you.”

Hearing this, [Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master ]’s chest heaved up and down in anger. He roared, “Zhou Yong!!! Did I dig up your ancestral grave or cuckold you?”

“I treat you like my own brother, but you treat me like a fool.”

“It’s not enough that you scammed me. You’re not even letting go of my mother’s private savings!”

“You ingrate! If it weren’t for my dad promoting you, would you have your status? I… I’m not done with you!”

[Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] got angrier the more he thought about it.

After Chen Yu’s guidance, [Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] roughly understood Zhou Yong’s scheme.

He did not badmouth him in front of his father.

Instead, he used an even more ruthless method.

It was a disguised form of flattery!

Whenever he started a business under Zhou Yong’s instigation, Zhou Yong would praise him before his father, attracting his father’s attention.

With the bankruptcy of his business, his father must have been deeply disappointed.

He will think that [Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] was a piece of trash that would never be able to support himself.

He foolishly treated Zhou Yong as an excellent big brother.

Afraid that Zhou Yong would be scolded by his father, [Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] would take on the responsibility alone every time.

He did not mention that Zhou Yong was the one who suggested that he start a business.

His father would only look down on [Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] more and more when he failed again and again.

On the other hand, Zhou Yong, as the company’s vice president, helped his father make the company prosperous.

In comparison, his father would definitely admire Zhou Yong more and more.

It was not an unexpected decision to hand the company over to him.

“Dr. Chen, Zhou Yong did all these things to reduce my mother and my influence on my father, right?”

“When he decided to hand the company over to Zhou Yong, no matter how much my mother and I opposed it, it was impossible to change my father’s mind, right?”

[Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] felt his mind clearer than ever.

If he hadn’t come to join Chen Yu’s call today…

Next, he would definitely be sent to prison by Zhou Yong.

Zhou Yong will probably take away the shares his father left him in the future.

As for his mother, she was a housewife.

She was no match for the ambitious and scheming Zhou Yong.

“Uncle Zhou is such an honest person, but he actually gave birth to such a venomous son! I really want to strangle that bastard Zhou Yong to death!”

[Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] snarled.

“The saddest rich second-generation heir achievement achieved.”

“As long as a rich second-generation heir doesn’t start a business, it’s very difficult for them to squander all their assets. Even if he deposits them in the bank, the interest generated alone can allow them to survive for a long time. Zhou Yong is hardcore and ruthless, guiding Blondie to step on every possible landmine.”

“First, 1 watched my son work hard to start a business. Then, my son squandered all his investment. If 1 were his father, I would also look down on him.”

“Work hard? That’s because he has the luxury of trial and error. He has his mother’s private money as backing, so he can do it again and again.”

“It’s very difficult for ordinary people to recover after a blow. Rich kids don’t have to be afraid at all. Success and failure are just experiences.

At this time, [Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] paid 10,000 yuan to Chen Yu.

As he did that, the livestream displayed the special effects of a carnival gift.

[Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] gave carnival gifts as he said, “Dr. Chen, I can’t quantify the help you’ve given me.”

“A hundred carnivals is just a little token of my appreciation.”

“If you hadn’t helped me expose Zhou Yong’s true colors, 1 would still be in the dark like a dumbass.”

“Dear patient,” Chen Yu said, “please stop giving gifts first and listen to me.”

Hearing this, [Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] stopped typing on his phone.

He quietly waited for Chen Yu’s instructions.

“You’ve already paid 10,000 yuan for the consultation and treatment. There’s no need to tip me anymore.”

Seeing that [Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] was about to speak, Chen Yu raised his hand and interrupted him.

“Soon, you will have nothing.”

“So, please save your money.”

Chen Yu said it in a strange tone.

“You don’t have to worry about me. After 1 deliver these carnivals, 1’11 go find my dad and remove Zhou Yong’s mask.”

“If my dad doesn’t believe me, I’ll show him the livestream recording,” said [Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] indifferently.

“My dad is a smart person. As long as he does a little investigation, he will definitely know the truth.”

“Yes, your dad is a smart man,” Chen Yu said with a faint smile. “After learning the truth, he’ll immediately confront Zhou Yong on the spot.”

“He’ll soon find out what he did to you and your mother.”

“Isn’t that great?”

“When my dad finds out the truth, he won’t tolerate Zhou Yong’s despicable behavior. He’ll definitely kick him out of the company,” said [Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] with a relaxed expression.

“Ihe won’t.”


[Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] was stunned.

“Zhou Yong did all this, and my dad still wants him to stay by his side? Isn’t this raising a tiger to invite disaster?”

“In order to get my family’s assets, Zhou Yong played me like a fool and deliberately lowered my status in my father’s heart.”

“He even wanted to use despicable means to send me to prison.”

“He also after my mother while dealing with me, creating an illusion for my father that my loving mother is spoiling a loser rotten.”

[Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] huffed.

“Do you think he’s doing all this for the sake of obtaining the family property?” Chen Yu asked.

“Isn’t that so?”

“Of course not.”

“He schemed against you and your mother purely to take revenge on you,” Chen Yu said indifferently. “He doesn’t have any other thoughts.”

“You can say that he has no interest in your family’s assets.”

Chen Yu tossed out one revelation after another.

[Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] went dizzy.

The viewers listened intently and didn’t even bother to type anything in the chat.

What Zhou Yong did had nothing to do with money.

It was just to take revenge on [Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] and his mother.

What did this mother and son do to make Zhou Yong hate them so much?

“Dr. Chen, you’re confusing me.” [Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] had the same question.

“My mother and I have never done anything wrong to Zhou Yong. Why would he want to take revenge on the two of us?”

“Zhou Yong thinks that it’s your family of three that ruined his life,” Chen Yu said with a bitter smile.

“That you made his adoptive father, Mr. Zhou, a cuckold for half his life.”

“If it weren’t for you and your mother, a lot of pain could have been avoided.”

[Diligent and Upward Noble Young Master] was dumbstruck, his mouth gaping open widely..

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