Second World

Chapter 1808 1808. Going to a Psychologist

Chapter 1808 1808. Going to a Psychologist

The meeting continued for another half day. They mostly decided on the details of troop managements and the arrangements with the guilds. After the world announcement, all players knew they couldn't sit this one out. They had to fight, or the world was doomed.

The unfortunate thing was most of the player populace were low levels. This was because the majority of players preferred to stay safe inside the settlements and work normal jobs. While many with adventurous spirits were clueless for a long time. They went with the trial-and-error method and hence, their development was very slow. Not to mention, a lot died and had to repeat their levels multiple times. More than half the player population was still below level 50.

Even so, the number of players who volunteered to fight now was many times more compared to when it was during country wars. Although they were weak, these players supplemented the shortcomings of native soldiers which had diminished after the numerous wars.

As the leading guild in the player community, many players came to Everlasting Heavenly Legends to receive guidance on how to help. John happily arranged their mobilization. The remaining players who chose to be independent just marched to the frontline to assist however they could.

Jack instructed Thaergood to create a war summon quest against the underworld forces. He also suggested that other countries did the same. Even if the world announcement had compelled most players to act, the promise of rewards should motivate these players even more.

After finishing the meeting, Jack called for the team who entered the Ancient Battleground Legacy Dungeon with him the last time. He believed they should now be able to defeat the Herald of Greed. He thought they should try improving their gears before they left for Chris' secret location.

After checking with everyone, they agreed to gather the next morning in Heavenly Citadel.

Before everyone dispersed, Jet came to Jack. He said, "Yo, Jack boy. You said you need your mind to be empty to go into this mana-awakening form, right?"

"That's correct," Jack replied.

"Maybe you should try this person I know. He used to be a psychologist in real life. He is working the same gig here in this capital. He provides counsel for many frustrated players."

"Why do I need a psychologist for?" Jack asked.

"Because this one uses a special method. He used hypnotherapy. He can put you into a state where your mind is completely blank. Maybe you can get into that empty mind condition with his help."

"Hm… Okay, let's give it a try. Give me his address. By the way, you sound like you have experience with this psychologist. Did you use his counsel?"

"No. Of course, not. Why would I need a counsel? Haha. I just know this from a friend. Okay, I have sent his address to you via message. I have to go now. See you tomorrow morning!"

Jet walked away rather fast after saying that. Jack just looked at him suspiciously.


Jack decided to go check out this psychologist. He originally wanted to do the challenge stages in either the League of Champions or the Order of Magi, but he supposed he still had another day free after tomorrow. So, he postponed his trip to those places.

Grace heard it when Jack was talking to Jet. She wanted to accompany Jack to see this psychologist.

Jack didn't object. He said, "If I can get into mana awakening again, I would prefer you to be there. Maybe you can see something with your mana perception to understand how I enter that state."

When Jack used mana awakening the first time, he was with Grace. But at the time, Grace's whole attention was on the battle between Broidrireg, Eoranth, and Azzarilth. She was only aware something was happening to Jack when the multicolor aura blanketed Jack's body. That was a short instant before Jack opened his eyes.

"Normally, a psychologist requires us to book a session in advance. You think he will meet us if we just come over unannounced?" Grace asked.

"I'm a king. I doubt he will pass up the chance of earning a king's favor," Jack replied. "Let's go."

The two of them went to the address Jet gave. It was in the business district. It was in a rather crowded area. The building at the address was a five-story building. There was a plaque at the entrance of the building. The building housed different businesses on each floor. The psychologist was on the third floor.

"Although he only owned one floor, he must be doing rather well to open his practice in this area," Grace remarked.

"Doctor Schreber," Jack read the name on the plaque describing the psychologist on the third floor. "I am certain this is his real name. What kind of people use this for an alias?"

The two went upstairs. On the third floor, they saw a woman behind a receptionist's desk and three people sitting on a row of chairs. All of them were players.

"Whoa, so professional," Jack said after seeing the receptionist.

"Welcome. How can we…," The receptionist stopped mid-way when she turned to Jack. Jack wasn't in disguise. He was wearing his regal outfit.

"I… Your Majesty! Welcome to our humble establishment. How can we help?" The receptionist asked.

"We want to meet Doctor Schreber," Jack said. He then turned to the three players sitting on the chairs and asked, "Are they in a queue to see the doctor?"

"They are, but… uh, excuse me for a minute. The doctor is with a patient. I will inform him of your visit."

The receptionist hurriedly entered the room where the doctor should be. After a few seconds, she came out again. She had the face of one who seemed to bring bad news and would prefer someone else to tell the news if possible.

"Uh… The doctor… I'm sorry. The doctor is still with another patient," She said nervously. "He still needs maybe ten minutes. After that, Your Majesty can enter without having to wait for the queue."

When she expected Jack to burst out in rage, he heard a sigh of relief instead.

"Oh, thank goodness! I thought I had to wait till the end of the queue. Thank you very much," Jack uttered. He then sat next to the three players. Grace sat next to him. He said to the three, "I'm sorry. I hope you three didn't mind I cut the line. I'm rather in a hurry."

"We, uh… we don't mind," One of them said. The other two nodded in agreement.

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