Sacrifice's Rise: I Became Invincible After Entering Godslayer Temple

Chapter 676 The Fury Of The Half-Orc

Deep within the jungle, a hidden spot had been prepared in advance by the subhuman village.

More than half of the village's populace was gathered here, primarily comprised of the young and able-bodied, including nearly all of the village's hunters, representing the bulk of the village's combat strength.

"Our village... is destroyed."

The words fell heavily from a hunter, revealing the expression of a half-orc.

His dog-like, brown-yellow head and the dull yellow eyes betrayed a weakness never shown by orcs.

Despite the orc bloodline flowing through their veins, many half-orcs had been significantly influenced and assimilated by humans by now.

Weakness, selfishness, scheming.

It's no wonder that the prototype for Code 1 was designed with such trials, where only the true inheritors of the orc bloodline could prevail.

Jelia was one; Roronora was half.

He inherited the orc's resilience but not their wisdom and sharpness.

Even in beasts, hunting relies not solely on strength and speed but also on insight and planning.

A species that boasts only of muscle is always the first to be annihilated.

"Antaro, be quiet! If the village is destroyed, then we'll build another! We are still here. Yes, sacrifices were made, but we will reclaim what was lost from our enemies tenfold, a hundredfold!"

A voice, rough with a tinge of hoarseness, cut through the Kobold's lamentation.

It was none other than Rudo.

As the strongest hunter in the village, no one truly knew the extent of Rudo's strength, much like the mysteries surrounding the preparations made by Elder Monka.

This time was no different.

Before the attack had even occurred, Elder Monka had organized everyone to leave the village.

Although the pretext sounded absurd—aiding an outsider in searching the vicinity of the village—it ultimately ensured the survival of the vast majority.

Those who perished in the attack were mainly the young subhumans who had recently arrived in the village, including a few half-dwarves, some gnomes, and even two half-elves.

Although half-elves, too, are considered subhumans, they generally hold a not-so-low status in human society, owing to their often high magus talents, unlike half-orcs, who are mostly brawn.

Legend has it that orcs once had their own era of glory, complete with a magus legacy.

However, the catastrophe that led to the destruction of the Orc United Empire resulted in the loss of too much, to the extent that orcs have yet to recover their former strength, with half-orcs falling even further in status, nearly equated with livestock in human societies.

"The immediate priority is to identify the attackers!" Rudo's gaze was menacing, the prime of his werewolf life instilling fear even in half-orcs.

"Those bastards destroyed my house, and not one of them can be spared!"

While Antaro spoke of the village's destruction as a calamity, from Rudo's lips, it transformed into vengeance.

Compared to natural disasters, human-caused tragedies are invariably more manageable—simply a matter of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

While it may not appear that Rudo was the decision-maker, being the strongest hunter in the village, how could he be someone without his own ideas?

Although Monka had not spoken up, this plan had been agreed upon by the two of them long ago.

The destruction of the village was indeed a disaster, but it also represented a concentrated outbreak of past dangers.

If they could withstand this wave, they would be free to find a deserted place and start their lives anew without any worries.

"Rudo is absolutely right."

Elder Monka, who had been silent until now, finally spoke up, immediately drawing everyone's attention.

Although Elder Monka had always maintained a relatively mild attitude towards outsiders, and there had been instances where strangers had stumbled into the village, Monka had always advocated for their lives against Rudo's suggestions of expulsion or even execution.

It was precisely because of Elder Monka's philosophy that the village had maintained good relations with Oak Village.

But this time, it seemed that Elder Monka was truly angered, abandoning his previous conciliatory stance to actively support Rudo's call for vengeance.

Indeed, seeing the village one had lived in for decades destroyed in flames, no one could remain indifferent.

Elder Monka was among the earliest settlers of the village, even living for a considerable time with the founders.

This was one of the reasons for his high prestige within the village.

Only he knew the true significance of the village's existence, and only he understood how to ensure its continued survival.

Everyone desired a safe place to live, where the fear of orc hunters suddenly appearing at one's doorstep and rounding up families to be sold as slaves was non-existent.

For these subhumans, the arrival of orc hunters represented the worst and most vile curse imaginable.

Monka's gaze swept over everyone present, making eye contact with each individual.

His look remained calm, yet beneath that tranquility, something fierce was burning.

It was anger.

"I know it may seem strange for me to say this now, going against the image I've upheld in the past, but still, I must declare: a blood debt must be repaid in blood, it's only just! The burdens our enemies have forced upon us should be returned tenfold, a hundredfold!"

Monka, leaning on his staff, rose to his feet and slowly walked into the midst of the subhumans, his steps so steady they seemed to echo with the heartbeat of everyone present.

"Yes, I have been exceedingly tolerant towards outsiders in the past, to the point of conceding without limits."

"But that was for the sake of our village's continued existence."

"Facing individuals, we might be strong, but against humanity, we are insignificant!"

"Perhaps we can kill a few people, slay some orc hunters, even repel an army or two!"

At this, Monka paused, his gaze sweeping over all those present once again.


"But to humanity, that makes no difference. It will only anger them further, only bring more armies and orc hunters upon us! It will only worsen the plight of all half-orcs, all subhumans!"

"Against the human race, we are indeed too weak."

"However, we are not without our limits!"

"We have lived here for so long, we have coexisted peacefully, we have never intentionally harmed any human!"

"Yet they attack us, burn our houses, destroy our fields, tear down our animal pens!"

"This is unreasonable, this is outrage!"

"In the face of anger, all other emotions should yield. Because courage is the very bone of a half-orc!"

"We can yield, we can endure, but when there is no longer anything to bear or room to retreat, we must let them know what courage means, what the bones of a half-orc are made of!"

"We may not be able to defeat humans, but we can make them fear us! Let other half-orcs understand that we are not born to be inferior!"

"Half-orcs! Never slaves!"

Each word of the last sentence was delivered with deliberation, his staff striking the ground emphatically, each thud echoing in the hearts of all those present.

Something was ignited, a fire started burning deep within the eyes of everyone there.

If Rudo's words had sparked their anger, then Monka's speech made them understand why they were angry.

Indeed, they might be weak, and the weak naturally yield before the strong—this is the law of nature.

But yielding has its limits.

When even the right to live is threatened, then let there be bloodshed.

A fight to the death, an all-out war.

Since you relish flames, then behold the fiery rage of a half-orc.


Monka's staff tapped the ground once more.

"Take half of the hunters and see the state of our village!"

"If anyone is still alive, make sure to bring them back. We cannot afford to lose any more brethren. Also, thoroughly investigate the identities of those attackers!"

"I want to know where they came from, who stands behind them!"

"I will make them understand how terrifying the wrath of a half-

orc can be!"


With a firm nod, Rudo's gaze swept across the half-orcs in the cave, selecting a few.

No one hesitated; those chosen even wore a look of proud honor on their faces, picking up their weapons and standing behind Rudo.

This was not senseless violence but a fight for self-


When anger is rightly directed, the upheaval it causes can overturn everything.


By the time Ali followed the arrow's direction back to the location of the subhuman village, it was unrecognizable.

Flames had razed everything to the ground—houses, fields, animal pens—all reduced to smoldering charcoal, emitting a burnt stench.

Thick smoke filled the air, with columns visible from miles away.

This was not good news.

It signified that this small village hidden deep in the jungle was now utterly exposed.

Adventurers would inevitably come to investigate, discovering traces of subhuman life.

Then, drawn by the news, orc hunters would initiate a sweeping hunt for subhumans in the area.

The fallout would affect many more.

Ali could already envision the chaos that was about to unfold.

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