Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!

Chapter 947 Overwhelming Power


As I saw Lucifer and Partner lead their respective teams and fight the Volcanic Drake Kings, we decided to confront the Three Headed Volcanic Drake King with Tear and Jonathan.

The Three Headed Volcanic Drake King was furiously releasing a storm of flames with its three heads, while flying high in the skies, almost touching the ceiling above, which was covered by bright red crystals illuminating the entire area.


Its flames were incredibly strong, burning through all things. My toughest Undead were barely surviving thanks to all the buffs I stacked on them.


The bombardment of explosions was endless, this beast would simply not stop until it managed to kill all of them… And based in the amount of firepower the Three Headed Volcanic Drake King showcased, it was clear it might be closer to S+ Rank compared to its siblings.

"Tear, use your ice to freeze its wings and keep them frozen as much as you can." I commanded.

"Got it!" Tear roared, flying towards the dragon using her [Phantasmal Veil], a buff that not only allowed people to float in midair but enhanced their Agility and Dexterity, made by yours truly.

"Jonathan, can you help me tank the hits?" I asked him.

"Of course." Jonathan nodded.

Without further ado, all three of us flew into action.


The Three Headed Volcanic Drake King easily detected we were growing closer to it, its three heads widening their eyes as they absorbed air and then released several beams of flames.


Jonathan swung his divine sword, cutting through the beams with ease, while my dress slowly started to absorb the power of my Skills, forming a mighty black armor over my body, shining with both Void and Moonlight Essence.

"[Abyssal Moonlight Void Divine Armor]"


My entire body was covered by the armor, Hecate quickly reacting to the powers and absorbing them, adapting them, and then creating an even better protection than I could usually build out of skills and magic through my usual transformations.

"This is amazing…"

I could feel the effects were at least twice as stronger in terms of defense compared to the previous one, and because they were fully integrated into the dress, the armor could easily regenerate if it was damaged.


Hecate giggled adorably, like a little spoiled child that loved to show off how awesome she was… And honestly, she was!

Her two new pair of siblings were also pretty amazing themselves.


The Three Headed Volcanic Drake King reacted to my transformation with fury, noticing how much power came from me.

The monstrous creature's Aura erupted from its body, spiraling into countless of snake-shaped flames, forming a tornado moving upwards!


However, Jonathan and I greeted it with our own abilities. This time, I didn't summon a single weapon, simply using my bare hands.

And these amazing gloves…


[Phantom Enchantress Gloves of Shadow Gathering]

[Item Type]: [Magic Gloves] [Armored Gloves] [Phantom Gloves] [Living Armor]

[Item Grade]: [S+++]

[Item Level]: [1/100]

[Item Requirement]: [Can Only Be Equipped by Maria]

[Item Durability]: [1.000.000/1.000.000]

[Item Effects]: [Physical Defense]: [+800.000] [Magical Defense]: [+800.000] [HP]: [+300.000] [MP]: [+500.000] [Attack]: [+300.000] [Defense]: [+500.000] [Magic]: [+500.000] [Agility]: [+300.000] [Void Attribute Power]: [+300.000] [Darkness Attribute Power]: [+300.000] [Death Attribute Power]: [+300.000] [Moonlight Attribute Power]: [+300.000]

[Runic Engravings]: [Magic Spell Power & Conjuration Speed +100% (S)] [Elemental Damage Absorption +40% (S)] [Physical Damage Taken -30% (S)] [HP & Defense +27% (S)] [Attack & Agility +26% (S)] [MP & Magic +28% (S)]

[Item Abilities]

[Gloves of Shadow Gathering]: Gloves specially designed to take on the shadows and absorb them to boost the power of all compatible Magic. When equipped, Increases Magic Spell Powers, Effects, and Conjuration Speed by +200%, decreases MP Consumption by -20%. Grants the ability to absorb any Shadows and Gather them within the black jewels of the Gloves. These Shadows can be stored as Shadow Essence, which can further enchant the power of any Magic Spell, especially Darkness, Phantom, and Death Magic by up to +1000%, not only in power alone, but in size, usability, potency, strength, and effects. It is also possible to further evolve these spells and create completely new, improved versions.

[Phantom Enchantress' Spell Hand]: By imbuing Mana, Shadow Essence, Void Essence, or Moonlight Essence into the gloves, it is possible to activate its special abilities, granting the ability to "Save Spells" within its runic inscriptions, which can be automatically conjured at +200% their original power and effects in exchange for +30% increase on Mana Cost. These Saved Spells can be conjured without any Magic Circle or Chanting and can be further mixed and combined into all sorts of new effects with ease. Spell Limit: 0/10


An incredible piece of equipment unique, never seen before made by Blacksmith and Sewing Master Maria.

It has been imbued with many souls, gaining unprecedented powers. This pair of gloves possess the amazing ability to absorb Shadows and save spells within, something any wizard would want and pay with everything they had for.

It possesses the infinite ability to evolve and improve itself and can self-repair itself through the wearer's Mana.

A once in an eon masterpiece that rivals the Divine Treasures of the Gods and might as well have the potential to surpass them.


It was time to use these babies.

"[Shadow Gathering]"


The Shadows within my own body were endlessly absorbed by the Gloves, until the jewels glowed with a gray and bluish light.

The Shadow Essence was gathered by the millions of units, which I swiftly combined with another powerful Spell that I had already placed within the Glove's Spell Hand.

"[Dark Sun] + [Dark Storm] = [Abyssal Flare Storm]!"


A massive and gigantic spiraling mass of black flames surged out of my hands in a split of a second, clashing against the Three Headed Volcanic Drake King own storm of flames and completely destroying it.



The storm damaged its chest tremendously, leaving an ugly scar.

And what followed was even worse from the Three Headed Volcanic Drake King, as Tear swiftly froe his wings, making it collapse on the ground.



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