Rebirth of the Villainous Female Boss

Chapter 89 - 89 Second Update (Thanks to mia73o527 Fairy +3)

Chapter 89: Chapter 89 Second Update (Thanks to mia73o527 Fairy +3)

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Throughout the meal, Xiao Qian constantly picked on Yu Minglang, but he always maintained a tolerant attitude.

Although he thought he was smiling, to everyone else, his smile was barely a curve of the lips, making him seem quite serious.

So when Xiao Qian kept picking on him, Jia Xiufang couldn’t stand it anymore.

She was afraid that this fierce man would stand up and hit Xiao Qian with a wine bottle. After all, the scene of him intimidating Chen Lin with a brick left a deep impression on her.

But nothing like that happened.

As the meal was almost over, Jia Xiufang went to the restroom, and Chen Zilong was still eating.

The dishes at the big hotel were delicious, and the unfilial Chen Zilong naturally wanted to eat as much as possible. As he ate, he suddenly felt a chill on his back.

Turning around, he saw his sister staring at him with a fierce gaze, making it hard for him to swallow.

“Mom’s out, you follow her. Don’t let her get lost,” Xiao Qian said to her brother.

Although Chen Wanku was usually idle, he could feel that something was amiss from his sister’s overly gentle tone.

Although Xiao Qian’s voice was light, her fierce eyes made it clear that if he dared to delay, he would face the consequences.

Chen Zilong quickly left, leaving Xiao Qian and Yu Minglang in the room.

“Well, Brother Lang, no, I’ll call you Brother Lang from now on. You’re handling this really smoothly.”

As for Lang, he didn’t feel ashamed and remained calm.

“Just a normal performance.” How could it not be smooth?

To make a good impression on his future mother-in-law, Yu Minglang had done a lot of preparation.

His special school at the university and research institute didn’t allow dating, and his old unit was very disciplined, so he had no prior dating experience.

After asking many friends and thinking about it himself, he felt very confident about his approach.

Xiao Qian angrily kicked him.

“You think I’m complimenting you?” Who taught him this skill of taking the initiative and running over to acknowledge her family?

Shouldn’t they discuss this kind of thing with her first?

‘Tve considered a few things, Chen Xiaoqian. Since we’re dating seriously, we can’t be too casual. I’ve already met your parents, so if you think I’m worth entrusting your life to, you can meet my parents in the future. It’s as simple as that,” he stated.

Translated, it means he’s serious about dating her and leaving the decision up to her. He’s done what he needed to do, the rest is up to Xiao Qian.

His straightforwardness left Xiao Qian somewhat speechless.

“Are you always so eager with other girls?”

They had just met for two days, isn’t this too fast?

If it weren’t for her more mature mentality, a younger girl, say, an 18-year-old, might have been scared out of her wits by him.

“If I were eager, I would have had many opportunities to be eager before you.”

“Heh, you’re popular.” Xiao Qian took a sip of her drink to calm herself.

He made it sound like everyone had a few suitors, and that he, Yu Minglang, was particularly attractive.

“But there are some things that can’t be rushed, and some things that can’t be rushed, like choosing a spouse. I’ve always adhered to my family’s excellent tradition.”

“Your family’s excellent tradition is giving carnations as roses to others?”

“That’s a carnation?” He clearly picked the reddest flower. By the way, what’s the difference between a carnation and a rose? He has to look it up quietly when he gets back…

Yu Minglang was a cunning person, knowing not to discuss things he didn’t understand in front of the girl he liked, lest he expose his ignorance.

“Unity, tension, seriousness, and liveliness are the good traditions my father taught us. I think choosing a spouse should also follow these principles.”

“…So, you have a split personality and need me to cure you?”

Seriousness with liveliness, it’s like the immediate silence following a group of mischievous students’ announcement of the homeroom teacher’s arrival.

But she couldn’t say that in front of him, as it would smear his beliefs and risk being hit with a brick…

“Actually, to sum it up, it’s one principle: don’t fool around when it comes to serious matters, and be more casual in daily life. So, what can’t be treated casually in life? Choosing a spouse. Chen Xiaoqian, I think you’ll do. So it’s you. No need to discuss what’s not necessary.”

He was pressed for time.

Every bit of his time was squeezed out. Following the normal process of a man chasing a woman would mean dating for a long time before meeting the parents. But Yu Minglang didn’t even know when he would have time next.

Rather than having the wrong attitude from the start, it’s better for Xiao Qian, who is younger, to meet his family early on as a gentlemanly approach. If she can’t decide for herself, let her family help her.

Of course, Yu Minglang was also holding back.

He couldn’t believe it. You could accept those sissy men who used QQ, almost ruined Zhou Zhiruo, and now he’s worse than that sissy?

“Yu Minglang, who gave you such confidence? You think I’m okay, but how do you know that I think you’re okay, too?”

Actually, you could try… Yu Minglang almost blurted out but suddenly felt something was wrong and stopped himself.

“If you think I’m not good enough, it means I haven’t done enough. I don’t need reasons; I just want a result. The result I want is you. If I don’t achieve that, it means I’m not good enough, and I can do better. It’s that simple, and it has nothing to do with you; you just have to be yourself.”

The logic developed over the years in his old unit was simple and direct. He didn’t understand the fancy tricks of the outside world, nor did he want to. He just knew that if someone caught his eye, he had to keep her with him, and talking about anything else was useless.

Xiao Qian was choked again.

This guy…went all out from the start, and his tone and eyes were so sincere that she couldn’t pick out any problems.

However, the female boss was unwilling to let Yu Minglang control the situation, turning her into a passive daughter-in-law. Was this still okay?

With a slam on the table, she managed to put on a shrewish face.

“Yu Minglang, I was so rude to you in front of my mom just now. Don’t you think it’s humiliating? Don’t you think it’s humiliating to let a woman treat you this way?”

Yu Minglang wanted to laugh a little.

Is she being difficult because he left her with no rebuttal, and now she’s resorting to playing dumb?

Jia Xiufang and Chen Zilong had returned and were standing outside the private room, about to enter when they heard this conversation and stopped.

“A man’s dignity isn’t staged in public, but…” He lowered his head and whispered something into Xiao Qian’s ear.

Xiao Qian’s face turned red instantly.

Jia Xiufang was waiting for Yu Minglang to continue, but he chose the most crucial part to whisper into her ear, making her anxious.

The suspense lasted until they left the table.

Yu Minglang had limited time off, so he sent Xiao Qian and Jia Xiufang home before rushing back to his unit.

Once they were back home, Chen Zilong couldn’t wait to open the takeout food Yu Minglang had praised.. Astonished, he exclaimed, “My new future brother-in-law is so awesome!”

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