Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 2145 Preparations

Ivar's actions raised a lot of questions. At first, when Sam appointed this new team as Managers of the hub, they already felt a bit confused. The sudden disappearance of Joker also left them puzzled, but since the Hub was performing as it should, they didn't look too deep into it.

They even drew rationalizations like .. 'they are talented and not bound by any organization, they have strength and skills. Great pick to run organizations.'

Similar speculations were made and without any explanation from Joker, they just accepted it.

That is the nature of the people. They just try to rationalize everything when they stand to benefit from it. They could even rationalize things like cold blooded murder to mass genocide if they want to. The only factor is how big the benefit they gain from it.

If the benefit is big enough, they can rationalize everything. Even after Icarus made his move and brought the Zeus Academy to its knees, they just thought it was a personal vendetta and Icarus was using the hub as his borrowed knife.

Once again, rationalization.

In that rationalization they chose to ignore the fact that the rest of the managers also have grudges. The very reason they are not affiliated with any of the academies is the grudge they held for the academies.

However, they can ignore it once and of it as coincidence, but now that Ivar also did it, they didn't want to act that stupid anymore and decided to take it seriously. Once again, meetings were held. They dug deeper into the situations that turned these talented students into former students.

Of course, they also started looking deeper into hub, but there wasn't much they could find. All of a sudden, they are wary of the bird puppets too. They performed all kinds of test and their methods became a bit drastic. These kinds of things happened all over the realm.

And as this reaction kicked in, the other branch mangers also followed suit in filing the cases. They all picked the most troublesome academy they personally had the grudge with and filed cases against them.

Of course, this action once again made the rest of the academies speculate and they are on the verge of rationalizing once again.

But still, right now, every academy and the administration of these academies are all wary of Hub and its things.

Some seniors and student councils also noticed these, but majority of the people are still oblivious to this. They are all only thinking about their benefits, material or otherwise. Hub and its inventions are benefiting them, so they shall continue using them.

And to do that, they are all in a desperate struggle to find the coins and this increased the crime rate everywhere. Even though there are attacks between students, the primary target right now are the citizens that are not part of any academy.

Particularly, the businessmen.

The people that operate various businesses became the prime targets and one way or the other, there was death in the cities with all the spatial storage rings missing from the dead bodies.

Everyone is dreading the day for the next payment of the Hub and to their dismay the Pocket dimensions are right around the corner. On top of all these, the most nervous of them all are the Seniors from Grade 2 to Grade 4.

Because soon it is going to be the Inter Academy Tournament. They are going to compete once again and this decides the ranking of the Academies until next year. The access for their resources, the favor with the gods they follow… all of these things depend on this ranking.

Of course, there is the point of personal glory too and they cannot miss that part. They need to be in favor with the gods to get better status after leaving this academy life.

With all this chaos, there is some extra unprecedented pressure over their heads.

Meanwhile, the one who caused this, who initiated this never seen before mayhem is ploughing a field like a farmer within his divine dimension.

After a lot of thought on how to make these Yena ingest the newly created serum, he went back to his rooms. Plants and vines has been the greatest way for him to spread terror or anything else for that matter.

However, these Yena wouldn't even eat a divine fruit much less ordinary plants. They only crave and eat meat. Their bodies cannot digest any sort of plant material.

And that made him go on another genetic experiment. He holed himself up in the divine dimension's second floor and ran thousands of simulations simultaneously.

Finally, with the transformation gene and some old experiments, he managed to find a way to make this work.

For that, though the plant has to evolve and he needs to feed it with a lot of vitality. For that, he has to take the help of the Forest Bear.

He ploughed the field and dropped the seeds that he created.

He rearranged the earth back in its place and made the bear work.

"Redirect the vitality of the whole forest in this area. Let it grow until it drops all of its fruit."

He ordered the bear.

Bear looked in the surroundings. It is the wood elemental area within the Divine Dimension's field. In the area, the forest is full of high vitality trees.

There is only small patch of land with the seeds.

The Bear sat on the ground and started diverting the vitality of the trees. It all flowed through the ground and entered the seeds. The sprouts came from multiple spots and soon they grew into the trees. The flowers appeared and then the fruits, after the fruits grew big enough, the tree disintegrated. Bear stopped spreading the vitality. Sam picked a fruit up. It is a red colored fruit. It looked like condensed blood and even the fragrance emitted by it is of blood. As he took a sniff, he could feel his Raiju blood line reacting to it.


At this moment, Raiju who was in a different area of the divine dimension came running there with his tongue out.

"Alright, you can't eat it. It won't be good for you."

Sam said with a smile and buried the fruits as they were. The fruits are a success, but he cannot stop the process here. It needs to go through the process a few more times and he needs to make the gene of the fruit evolve a bit more with the properties of the soil and the surrounding trees.

Only that way, the mutated gene he injected in it will survive and propogate properly. It also increases its strength and resistance from the immunity of the Yena body.

The process went on for a while, he made the trees grow ten times and only took the fruits of the eleventh batch. The blood smell is very thick and the flesh of the fruit resembled actual red meat while the liquid of the fruit resembled actual blood.

He stored the fruits away and went outside. The origin of this chapter's debut can be traced to /n/o/vel/b/in.

He already scouted for the perfect places to spread the trees as fast as possible.

He already placed several formations in place that would attract the vitality of the trees a bit faster. Of course, he could have used the same method in the divine dimension as well. But the energy drawn by the bear is purer and it will have positive effects on the fruits themselves reinforcing the cell structure a bit.

As soon as he buried the fruits, the sprouts came and they started growing out. The surrounding flora started losing their vitality to it and within minutes they turned saplings and within hours the tree is full shape and soon there are fruits.

Sam picked the fruits from them and planted them on the side, he was constantly moving for a couple of days and finally he had tens of thousands of fruits in his storage. Meanwhile, all the trees are still intact and they are still growing fruits albeit a bit slowly.

After he collected enough, he travelled to different areas through which the Yena will pass from different regions. All he had to do was drop those fruits there and the Yena will take care of the rest.

Nothing changes in their original nature. They would still be greedy and they would be still be gluttonous. But the aftereffects will only be more suitable for them to commit to their nature.

Which only makes them more dangerous.

By the time Sam is done with all these, the fourth pocket dimension day has come along with the payment day. He is still not planning to go back. The pocket dimensions are not exactly attractive to him.

They are only for him to disrupt the chaos and his absence there might just benefit him a bit more.

He just needs to finish this.

Of course, the academies are not just boiling by now, they are just short of being drowned in Lava. For the first time in the history of the region, the pocket dimension day was overshadowed by one thing and it was as trivial as the coin.

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