Pregnant Before the Royal Marriage

Chapter 173 - 173: The Fragrant Noble Consort

Chapter 173: Chapter 173: The Fragrant Noble Consort

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She wouldn’t necessarily take her son’s requests seriously.

People who are too spontaneous are not considered rivals.

Concubine Xian completely disregarded her, using a young palace girl to seduce the Emperor, precisely because she knew she wouldn’t bother with this matter.

However, this time she miscalculated.

As soon as the Emperor had sent someone to bring Hongling to Crystal Frost Hall, a eunuch from Splendid Palace rushed over, knocking on the door: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Concubine Jin says she has a headache.”

“Concubine Jin has a headache?” The Emperor immediately got up and came out, “I’ll go and see.”

Hongling was wrapped like a bundle, left on the bed. Seeing the situation, she anxiously cooed, “Your Majesty…”

But the Emperor didn’t even look back and ran off.

Hongling was angry, anxious, and embarrassed.

She was wrapped up, wearing nothing inside, and now she was left hanging like this.

Normally, Concubine Jin would keep the Emperor waiting and pay him no attention. But now, with just a single mention of a headache, he abandoned the woman he was about to sleep with and hurried off to her side.

He was utterly smitten.

The Emperor ran to Splendid Palace, only to see Concubine Jin reclining on the bedhead, leisurely reading a book, with a small jar in her hand, not knowing what she was eating.

“Zhuzhu, are you alright?” The Emperor asked with concern, “Where’s the Imperial Physician? Why hasn’t he come?”

“The Imperial Physician has already been here.”

“What did the Imperial Physician say?”

“There’s no major issue, just dizziness. The Imperial Physician said I need to rest calmly and avoid getting upset,” Concubine Jin said languidly. “I’m sorry for troubling Your Majesty to come all this way. I really shouldn’t delay your important affairs.”

The Emperor sat next to her: “I don’t have much to do.”

“I feel much better now, Your Majesty. Please go back. Don’t keep others waiting anxiously.”

The Emperor leaned closer to her: “I’m too lazy to go back. It’s tiring running back and forth.”

Concubine Jin did not reply.

The Emperor smelled her and said, “Zhuzhu, what scent are you wearing today? It’s so fragrant.”

“Nothing much. It’s just some osmanthus honey preserves sent by the fifth daughter-in-law.”.

“No wonder there’s a strong osmanthus fragrance.” The Emperor laughed, “The fifth daughter-in-law is quite filial.”


“I am quite tired.” The Emperor called someone, “Bring water. I’ll rest here tonight.”

Seeing that Concubine Jin didn’t object, he immediately called someone to bring water for washing and changing clothes, and then got into the bed.

That night, the Emperor stayed at the Splendid Palace.

Hongling, on the other hand, was left in Crystal Frost Palace all night.

As for how she was brought there, and how she was sent back after dawn…

Concubine Xian was eagerly waiting for good news, such as the Emperor promoting Hongling to a female attendant or freeing Prince Huai from prison.

Who would have thought that instead, she would hear that Hongling had been returned in disgrace.

Not only that, but the eunuch from Crystal Frost Palace said to please send Hongling away and not let her appear in front of His Majesty again.

The meaning was very clear.

The Emperor, in order to please Concubine Jin, did not hesitate to kick Concubine Xian aside.

So, they definitely couldn’t release Prince Huai from prison before things were clear.

Concubine Xian was so angry that she almost vomited blood.

She never expected that Concubine Jin, who had never fought for favor in the harem, would suddenly make a move.

What did it matter if Hongling, a mere palace maid, was involved?

Don’t even mention a palace maid, even if Concubine Xian herself was lying in bed at that time, the Emperor would not hesitate to throw her aside and rush to the embrace of Concubine Jin’s Splendid Palace.

All these years, it was the first time that Concubine Jin took the initiative to get close to the Emperor.

The Emperor was ecstatic.

Concubine Xian had a fit of temper, cursing Hongling as useless, saying that she had been given a chance but failed to take it.

Lastly, she sent her to the hard labor house.

As for Concubine Jin in Splendid Palace, she didn’t help the Emperor dress in the morning, and slept in until late. When she woke up and remembered the preserves, she discovered that she had eaten them all.

She slapped the box: “How come there’s none left?”

The palace maid hurriedly said, “The Princess Consort of Yu only sent this little bit.”

“Go and ask for more! Does this palace only deserve this small box of preserves? At least send three more boxes..”

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