Power and Wealth

Chapter 1524: The God of Plagues beat up someone else again

Chapter 1524: The God of Plagues beat up someone else again

At the scene.

Party Secretary Wan Fanglei asked, "Who saved the people?"

"It's that young man over there," the doctor pointed.

Zhong Zhengwei said with relief, "He has made great contributions this time. Which hospital is he from?"

The doctor smiled bitterly, "We don't know. He just said he's not a doctor, but with such professional rescue and professionalism, even real doctors might not be as capable. I suspect he might be a medical student or an intern who has received professional training."

"Oh," Wan Fanglei glanced over there.

The city leaders and staff also looked at Dong Xuebing's back. Many of them felt a sense of familiarity; this back seemed like they had seen it somewhere before, and there was even a feeling that they had seen it many times. But for the moment, they couldn't remember and hadn't seen it clearly; they were a bit far away.


After rescuing the injured, Dong Xuebing was also free.

The woman from the hospital logistics department immediately said, "You should take a rest."

Dong Xuebing waved his hand, "I'm fine. Is everyone taken care of?"

"Yes, they're all sent to the hospital separately, and they're all alive," the woman was also very excited.

In such a major car accident, with ten cars colliding, not a single person died in the end. This was almost miraculous. If anyone else had been present, achieving this would have been impossible. But Dong Xuebing single-handedly accomplished this impossible task. Many media reporters and TV station personnel recorded his powerful performance at the accident scene, and everyone was amazed.

"Thank you."

"Thank you very much."

"Yes, thanks to you."

The families of the injured thanked Dong Xuebing one after another.

Dong Xuebing modestly said, "It's nothing, everyone. Please don't mention it." With that, he looked around and asked, "Where's the truck driver?"

"The driver?"

"Yes, where's that driver?"

"This scumbag caused all this."

"If it weren't for him, this accident wouldn't have happened."

The crowd became excited, and everyone cursed angrily, looking around.

At this moment, a teacher with a serious expression pointed to a middle-aged man nearby whose clothes were covered in dust. "It's him. I saw him get out of the truck."

Immediately, someone became angry, "How did you drive?"

The middle-aged man was indignant, "I was driving normally. Who knew the car would lose control?"

"You still have the nerve to argue," someone said angrily. "It's because you were blocking the road and changing lanes blindly that the center of gravity was lost, and so many people almost died. It's all your fault."

The truck driver was unhappy, "Don't accuse me randomly. I was driving normally. If you didn't pass, it's not my fault."

"Say it again."

"I'll say it as many times as you want, but stop blaming me."

"Do you have no conscience? People's children almost died, and you don't even apologize, but you're standing here swearing."

"The car lost control; it's not my responsibility. Stop yelling at me."

The truck driver said arrogantly, without any guilt.

Everyone became angry upon hearing this and began pointing and scolding him.

The traffic police behind quickly came forward to control the situation. "Stop arguing. Let's clean up the scene first, and we'll investigate the cause of the accident."

A teacher angrily said, "No need to investigate; it's his fault."

The truck driver looked coldly at the teacher, "I'm telling you not to talk nonsense."

Dong Xuebing glanced at him. The truck driver also obviously suffered some injuries, but they were all superficial wounds, not serious at all, even to the point of being painless and itchyless. Initially, it was thought that he would be seriously injured after flipping the truck, but it turned out that he barely had any injuries. It seemed that he had jumped out of the truck at the moment of the accident, thus escaping disaster. Now that he had narrowly escaped death, he began to arrogantly shout at everyone, displaying the same attitude of contempt as he did before the collision, which made people feel extremely annoyed.

"You're looking for trouble," someone couldn't bear to watch anymore.

The truck driver was fearless. "What are you doing, trying to hit someone?"

Many people surrounded him, including several male teachers from the school who were uncontrollably angry and rushed forward, surrounding him. "What's wrong with hitting you?"

The truck driver shouted arrogantly, "Come on, try hitting me." He knew there were city leaders and many traffic police officers here; nothing would happen to him.

Sure enough, the traffic police immediately separated the crowd.

"What are you doing?"

"Stop it."

"Separate, separate."

"Who dares to hit me? I dare you to hit me."

"Don't act impulsively; return to your vehicles and register."

The traffic police separated the excited crowd and protected the truck driver. They didn't know whose fault the accident was; that still needed investigation. At present, no matter whose fault it was, with reporters present and city leaders present, the traffic police would not allow the crowd to fight. That would be considered inciting violence. Already dealing with such a major traffic accident was enough for them to handle; they certainly couldn't let things worsen.

The truck driver looked coldly at the crowd.

A city leader behind said, "Everyone calm down and don't act recklessly."

The woman from the hospital logistics department also looked at the truck driver with gritted teeth, obviously hating him intensely, either because of his actions or unrepentant attitude.

The scene quieted down.

The deterrence of the traffic police was still significant.

But while they remained calm, Dong Xuebing slowly walked towards the truck driver. Everyone might have forgotten what kind of temper Dong Xuebing had, but they had all seen his selfless actions in saving people. They had forgotten that Dong Xuebing wanted to use his Land Rover to ram into the truck when the conflict occurred. Dong Xuebing's steps quickened, thinking there was no need to waste your breath with such a person, no need to argue.

There was no need.

Why waste breath?

The traffic police knew this young man had saved everyone and respected him. Seeing him approaching, they thought Dong Xuebing would check the truck driver's injuries, so they didn't stop him.

However, Dong Xuebing, who had approached, made a move that stunned everyone. He raised one foot and motioned like kicking a soccer ball in mid-air. Then, his shoe swiftly swept forward, making a heavy thud as it kicked the truck driver's stomach. Under the shocked gaze of the truck driver and everyone else, the driver was lifted off the ground and sent flying by Dong Xuebing.

"Ah!" The truck driver screamed in agony.

Dong Xuebing didn't stop there; he followed up with another kick in mid-air, hitting the driver's wrinkled face hard.

"Ah!" Another painful cry rang out.

Everyone was stunned, unable to react.

Several nearby traffic police officers hurriedly approached.

"What are you doing?"

"Stop it."

"Didn't you hear me?"

"Who told you to hit people? Stop it!"

Two people grabbed Dong Xuebing's arms from both sides, but he was so strong. With a slight shake of his shoulders, the two traffic police officers were pushed back five or six steps, and one of them even fell to the ground due to losing his balance.

Dong Xuebing took another step forward and looked at the truck driver, who had fallen. He delivered another heavy kick to the driver's thigh.

The truck driver was already hoarse from screaming.

Seeing this, several more traffic police officers rushed forward one after another to try to stop Dong Xuebing from assaulting the driver. However, they were no match for Dong Xuebing. With just a slight movement of his shoulders and arms, several traffic police officers were sent flying.

Many onlookers cheered.

"Well done!"

"This kind of person deserves to be taught a lesson."

"Even if he were beaten to death, it wouldn't be too much."

Dong Xuebing squatted down, grabbed the truck driver's hair, and pulled his head close, saying, "These kicks aren't for me but for those injured people. Listen. Don't think that nobody can deal with you. Don't be so arrogant. I'm telling you. Remember my words. From today onwards, if you will never get another driver's license."

Dong Xuebing assaulted the truck driver in front of the traffic police and city leaders, making several traffic police officers feel ashamed. Dong Xuebing's shoulder had also bumped some of them, and they were also getting angry.

A young traffic police officer said, "Come with me."

After the crowd cheered, they calmed down and began to worry about Dong Xuebing.

However, Dong Xuebing didn't seem to care. He looked at the traffic police officer and walked towards him. "Oh, calling for me? Here I am. What's the matter?"

The young traffic police officer thought Dong Xuebing was too arrogant and was about to approach to apprehend him.

But at that moment, an experienced old traffic police officer who had just arrived realized who Dong Xuebing was. He hurriedly pulled the young traffic police officer back.

The young traffic police officer was puzzled. "What's wrong, Brother Liu?"

The old traffic police officer repeatedly signaled to him with his eyes, then calmly looked at Dong Xuebing. "Director Dong, um, when did you come back?"

Dong Xuebing replied indifferently, "Just got back. Ran into a little trouble as soon as I arrived. But luckily, I was able to be of some use."

Director Dong.

What Director Dong?

Several traffic police officers were initially surprised, but then they realized what had happened. They were shocked and broke out in a cold sweat.

How many Director Dong does Fenzhou City have?

It was Dong Xuebing.

Damn, it's Director Dong!

The young traffic police officer, who had just stared at Dong Xuebing, was dumbfounded. He almost fainted and fell to the ground. He quickly tried to remedy the situation. "Director Dong, I I didn't know it was you." He turned around and saw Director Dong's wife, Mayor Xie, behind him. He couldn't afford to offend either of them whether it was Mayor Xie or Director Dong. Both of them were fierce and influential figures.

Dong Xuebing said casually, "It's okay, it's all for work."

The "God of Plagues" reputation in Fenzhou City was too notorious. Some people might not have seen him, but everyone had heard of his name.

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