Possessed 10 Million Actors

Chapter 121:

"Did Kwon Seokhoon really get promoted to 3rd director?"

When a reporter passing by asked in a casual tone, Go Seoyeong, who had been writing an article nearby, shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, who knows? Seeing the 3rd director staying quiet without saying anything, might be just a baseless rumor. Considering his personality, whether it's one punch or two if he got hit, he would have sued right away, don't you think?"

"Yeah, that's true. Oh, then what kind of article should I write now? Lately, there's been no interesting issue, and the editor keeps nagging me because I keep recycling Kang Jinseok's articles."

"Why is there no issue? This country called South Korea is a place where there's never a quiet day."

As Go Seoyeong said with a dismissive gesture, the reporter sneakily looked at Go Seoyeong's laptop.

"What kind of article are you writing, Ms. Go? Oh, what the… Are you also writing about Kang Jinseok? Give it a rest. Kang Jinseok is overused."

"Oh. I'm also writing about Kang Jinseok. But can we respect each other's privacy? Why do you keep stealing a glance at my laptop?"

"What privacy between us? Hey, but just in case I ask, are you not trying to get an exclusive by asking for a good source and publishing a solo article, right? You always do solo articles about Kang Jinseok. Let's cooperate a bit. Help me out a bit."

"Cooperate? Are we an insurance company? Enough, just go jump around. Reporter Baek. If you keep sitting in the office, will articles come out?"

After casually responding to the fellow reporter, Go Seoyeong picked up her laptop and stood up.

The fellow reporter watched Go Seoyeong as if she was pathetic.

"I'm going to interview and then resign. See you tomorrow."

"Interview? With whom?"


"Oh, who is it?"

"It's a secret."

Ignoring the urgent words of her colleague, Go Seoyeong quickly left the office.

"The interview time is still quite a bit away, but… It won't hurt to go early."

Go Seoyeong caught a taxi on the street in front of the company.

"Welcome. Where can I take you?"

"OS Entertainment."

filming location.

I was in the middle of chatting with Yeo Hyemin to ease the tension before shooting.

"You're shooting a ‘Pizza King' ad, right?"

"Oh, yes. Fortunately, a good opportunity came up. I think we'll probably shoot it next week."

"If it comes out, I'll order one too."

"Haha, thanks for saying that. But you don't have to force yourself to eat it. Pizza puts on a lot of weight. It must be hard for you to manage your weight."

In response to my words, Yeo Hyemin asked with a sly smile.

"Manage weight?"

"Yes. Our manager says that female actors diet 300 days a year… Or something like that?"

"It's zero calories if you enjoy it."

I wondered if it was a joke and scrutinized Yeo Hyemin's expression, but her expression seemed quite serious. She seemed to be contemplating ordering pizza.

‘But, there are so many people.’

There were really a lot of citizens around the filming location. I wondered how they found out and gathered in such numbers.

As the filming drew closer, the crowd increased, and now it seemed challenging for the staff to control.

Today's shooting involved an awkward date between the character who accidentally confesses, ‘The Swindler,' and ‘Moon Hyemin.' It was set to take place at Seokchon Lake, famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms, but since it was still February, the cherry blossoms had not yet bloomed.

According to Director Yeo Jaeyoon, they were shooting now because the flowers hadn't bloomed yet. It was to express the time before the love between the two characters fully blossomed.

"Actor Kang Jinseok, Actress Yeo Hyemin! Please stand by!"

The announcement from the staff made the surroundings even more chaotic. There was anticipation and excitement, a positive disturbance filled with expectations to see our acting.

"Shall we go then?"

Leading the way, Yeo Hyemin followed me.

As we got closer to the camera, we could hear the conversations of the citizens watching us.

"Actors really look different in person," or "Wow. He's even more handsome than in the videos."

There were citizens admiring Yeo Hyemin, and among them, I heard someone say, "Oppa, am I pretty, or is that actress prettier?"

I didn't catch the response, though.

"We're going to start shooting!"

The voice of the staff who called me and Yeo Hyemin a while ago echoed again. In response, other staff members began to ask for cooperation from the citizens.

"We ask for your cooperation, everyone! The shooting is about to start, so please be quiet!"

As the staff spoke, the surroundings quickly quieted down. Some citizens still tried to say something, but they too closed their mouths under the sharp gazes of other citizens.

When the surroundings became somewhat quiet, Yeo Hyemin headed to a bench on the other side. Then, she sat down and stared blankly ahead, following the script.



At the same time as Director Yeo Jaeyoon's sign, the view changed. Now, it was the somewhat familiar memory of Kim Faith.

Next to a lake similar to Seokchon Lake, where I had been a while ago.

People gathered in small groups, strolling around the lake. Some women glanced at Kim Faith.

It was a natural reaction since Kim Faith had dressed up for the ‘first date.' Usually, he would smile lightly and throw a playful remark, but now was not the time.

He had come to the meeting place for the promised date with Lee Hyemin.


‘…She's really pretty.'

About 10 meters away.

Lee Hyemin sitting on a bench not far away is visible. The sunlight and the reflection on the lake illuminate her face.

‘Well… Have I succeeded halfway in teasing Hyemin?'

As there's a saying that you only need to go to Seoul no matter where you're headed, Kim Faith was quite satisfied with the fact that he was dating Hyemin.

Such thoughts lasted only a moment. Kim Faith shook off his thoughts by tapping his head.

Now was not the time to be admiring; it was time to capture Hyemin's heart, just like he had been doing until now.

Having made up his mind, Kim Faith approached Hyemin slowly and called her from behind to startle her, using a fast and appropriately loud voice.

"Hye-min-ssi! I'm here. Have you been waiting long?"

Whether surprised by the sudden words from behind or just startled, Hyemin was taken aback. She quickly adjusted her appearance, stood up, and looked at Kim Faith.

Once their eyes met, Hyemin couldn't speak.

Whether it was because she recalled the embarrassing confession he made a few days ago or for some other reason.

Whatever the reason, Kim Faith had his mouth closed and was awkwardly rubbing his nose.

It was something unheard of for Kim Faith, who had met countless women until now.

As the two continued to gaze at each other,

Hyemin took out a notebook from her bag and wrote something, showing it to Kim Faith.


"Oh, yes! Haha, yes! Um… Yes. Hello. I'm Kim Faith."


"Well, um… I'm not usually like this, but I'm nervous. Stuttering and all. Haha… Oh, right, food! Shall we go eat? Is there anything you like? Something you want to eat? Oh, your clothes are pretty. Really… Haha."

‘…What am I saying? Pull yourself together!'

After a light walk, they had planned to go to a cafe and then have a meal, but Kim Faith couldn't say anything properly. Moreover, all the restaurants that seemed good for Hyemin were already reserved, and he left the choice even for that to Hyemin.

Watching Kim Faith ramble on, Hyemin gazed at him in silence.


Whether she found Kim Faith's fluster amusing or for some other reason, Hyemin let out a small smile and a short laugh.

Then, she showed a short phrase written in her notebook.

-It's a bit early for lunch. Can we take a short walk? It's my first time coming to a place like this.

"Oh… Is that so? Lunch is a bit early, right? Haha, sure! Let's walk. I like walking. Actually, I looked around a bit before coming here, and there's a place over there where the photos come out nicely. Oh, your bag! Should I carry it for you?"

Somewhat absentmindedly, but with a strong desire to look good to the other person, Kim Faith spoke in a tone and manner that were quite enthusiastic.

Hyemin let out another short laugh.


"Seeing it in person, he's really good at acting."

When Kwon Seokhoon admired Jinseok's acting, Jang Sunho, who was standing beside him, asked.

"Seeing it in person, he's good… Any particular reason for saying that?"

"Oh, sorry. What I meant was, seeing it in person, he's ‘even' better. I'm not at the level to evaluate Kang Jinseok's acting."

With a faint smile, he said that and then looked at Yeo Hyemin this time.

Yeo Hyemin, who was acting without any lines, expressed everything with subtle facial expressions and eyes from the beginning to the end. Even for Kwon Seokhoon, the skill was impressive.

"Is that actress a protege of Director Yeo Jaeyoon?"

"Yes, that's correct."

"Amazing. Shining brightly without a single line of dialogue. Is this person also under OS Entertainment?"

Jang Sunho nodded.

"No, this person is currently not affiliated with any agency."

"Do you have any intention to sign her?"

"I don't have any specific plans yet. The matter of signing actors is entirely handled by our CEO, not me."

"I see."

At the mention of ‘CEO,' Kwon Seokhoon's eyes showed a hint of interest. After all, Yoon Gayeon, the CEO of OS Entertainment, was someone he wanted to meet at least once.

Just when Kwon Seokhoon seemed like he was about to say something, his vibrating phone caught his attention. Stepping a bit back from the shooting site, he checked his phone.

[10 missed calls]

It was a call from Yang Manchun, the head of KL Entertainment. As soon as Kwon Seokhoon saw the caller ID, without much hesitation, he ended the call.

[10 missed calls]

Soon after, another call came in. Frowning at his phone, Kwon Seokhoon answered it quietly.

"What's going on?"

"Oh, it's nothing much. Just…"

[10 missed calls]

"3rd Manager keeps calling. I was considering blocking him, but since I'm keeping an eye on it due to the contract termination, I thought he might contact me with a different number anyway."

Kwon Seokhoon rejected the call once again. Simultaneously, the phone rang.

"I guess I'll just leave it. I'm tired of dealing with this."

As Kwon Seokhoon shrugged, about to put his phone back in his pocket, Jang Sunho quietly asked, "Is there something wrong?"

"Oh, it's nothing. Just…"

"May I make a call?"

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