Pick Me Up!

Chapter 151: Past Present and Future (3) (2)

Yurnet looked at me with a pleading expression.

‘This manipulative…’

30 minutes later.



I was walking down the corridor.

With every step, the stiff sensation brushed against my entire body.

“You look magnificent. It’s truly breathtaking.”

“Didn’t I tell you to be quiet?”

“This is quite the imposition.”

I felt mortifyingly embarrassed.

I pressed down the cap’s brim.

Silently, I walked down the corridor.

Yurnet followed, continuously expressing her bizarre admiration.


Given her personality, she’s bound to keep a photo of this.

Today, a dark history has been made.

Of course, Yurnet’s point had some merit.

I was the one who had provided the heroes with their uniforms to foster a sense of belonging.

Yurnet was wearing one of those uniforms. I never imagined I would end up wearing one myself.

After about five minutes of walking, the command bridge of Brunhild was revealed.

The size of a small sports field. The leader’s seat was at the center, with the control station and crew seats arranged in a circle. Several heroes who were busy with their duties turned to look at me and bowed.

“The identity of the Master won’t spread. Only those with tight lips were selected.”

“I hope so.”

I looked away.

The glass showing the blue sky was visible.

“Please, take a seat.”

Yurnet pointed to the leader’s seat.

I clicked my tongue and sat down.

In front of me was a circular table with a hologram map floating above it.



“Have we located all the members of the first party?”

I needed Yurnet because I didn’t have command authority over the first party.

Without the five from the 13th floor, there could be losses. Yurnet nodded.

“As you can see, Nihaku has already joined us. Ridgion will come rushing if you give the word. We’ve received a reply from Myuden. However…”

“It’s Seris we’re missing.”

“It seems she’s quite far away. What would you like to do? We can call her if necessary.”

“Leave her be.”

Seris wasn’t necessary.

That was the conclusion I reached after analyzing the Union Guild’s forces.

“Understood. I’ll immediately issue command authority in your name to the other members.”

“Do that.”

“I’ll be stepping out for a moment.”

Yurnet bowed respectfully.

“The combat data you requested will be brought by a new intern.”


“They’ll be here shortly.”

Yurnet left with a meaningful smile.

I examined the table. It was covered in documents with various information, including Niflheimr’s mobilizable forces and various details about the Union Guild.

I used to receive this information digitally when I was a Master.

Looks like I won’t be sleeping tonight. I started flipping through the documents at the front.

Then, suddenly.


A small fairy, struggling with a document bag, flew towards me.

[Why does that fox always make me do this! Go make coffee or something! Always nagging! I’m so annoyed! Just you wait, when Loki recognizes my value, I’ll show you…]


Our eyes met.

[You, you’re!]

“How have you been, Pirate King?”

[I didn’t hear you were coming. When did you arrive?]

“Just now.”

Iselle placed the document bag on the table.

I looked her over. She wasn’t wearing her Pirate King outfit, but she had on a black uniform and a cap. The eyepatch covering her left eye remained.

“Adjusting well? You were dreaming about coming to Niflheimr.”


“Not as easy as you thought?”

[Hmph! Did you think it would be? To abandon my grand dream of soaring through the skies, to be suddenly kidnapped and turned into a slave. It’s miserable. So miserable. The name of the Pirate King cries out…]

“Then I’ll release you.”


Iselle spread her hands.

[Being Niflheimr’s intern is the best!]

Iselle spun around, and in her right hand appeared a ‘MIXIM’ brand instant coffee packet, and in her left hand, a paper cup filled with hot water.

She quickly made the coffee and placed the paper cup on the table.

[Coffee, scanning, copying! I’m perfect. Dreams change. From now on, I’ll be the King of Interns. Remember that!]

After doing this and that, Iselle zoomed away.


I opened the document bag.

It contained records of the attack on the Bartz Alliance.

As I touched the edge of the paper, it crumbled into light.

[The record has been entered.]

The table’s hologram displayed the text.

So it’s digital after all.

I drank the coffee.

It tasted just like the coffee I used to have on Earth.

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