Passionate Devotion

Chapter 1334 - 1334:I am your fiance in name 4

Chapter 1334:I am your fiance in name 4

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Mu li lowered her head and forced herself to eat calmly. Yin Zhan was staring at the back of her head, which made her feel very pressured. Mu li thought that eating was one of her strengths apart from being good at fighting. It didn’t take long for her to finish the bowl in her hand.

She immediately stood up. Auntie, I’m done eating. You guys enjoy your meal. It’s getting late. 1’11 be leaving first. 1 have an appointment tonight.

Yin Zhan stood up, walked her to the door, and opened the door for her, his other hand on the roof of the car to prevent her from hitting her head.

“Who are you meeting tonight?”

He was tall and strong, and the light fell on him from behind, covering her with a strong oppressive shadow.

my Captain, Jian Yifan.

The man who could hold her shoulders and talk to her casually, and her body would react in a relaxed manner? “You have a mission tonight?” Yin Zhan gave her a heavy look.

“No, I didn’t,”

Mu li got into the car, inserted the car key into the keyhole, and pulled down the handbrake, he said that there’s a good movie. It’s a war film, and it’s very popular. It’s ranked first in the box office.

“Didn’t you like Yin Xiong? And you’re so close to Captain, you really like a lot of people!” Yin Zhan didn’t notice the change in his tone. “Don’t forget that you’re my fiancee in name. Don’t make me a cuckold!”

you’re not allowed to date any other man before we’re done! Yin Zhan glared at her.

“We’re not dating. We’re just watching a movie together.” Moreover, he was watching it with several teammates.

Yin Zhan furrowed his brows. He didn’t like her nonchalant expression and said in a deep voice,” “If 1 say no, then no, not even when we’re watching a movie!”

After saying that, he stretched out his long arm and pulled her out of the driver’s seat.

“What are you doing?” Why not? this man had been finding fault with her the whole night.

“I’ll send you back.” Yin Zhan closed the door to the driver’s seat and waited for her to get in. Seeing her standing outside the car, he honked impatiently before mu li got in.

“You’re drunk-driving, so I’ll drive back myself.”

Yin Zhan stepped on the accelerator coldly, and the car instantly flew out with a bang. So what if he was drunk-driving? was he worried that he would be detained by the traffic police? he didn’t expect to encounter such an unlucky incident. Tonight, the traffic police were waiting at the intersection to check for drunk-driving.

Mu li saw the checkpoint from afar, change seats with me. If you’re caught for drunk driving, you’ll be in the headlines tomorrow. Your image will be ruined. Did you bring your driving license?”

“I didn’t bring it!”

“Ran ran” didn’t bring it, but she still said it so righteously!

As expected.

He must have rarely driven himself, so why would he carry a driving license with him? If he was stopped by the traffic police, he would definitely be taken to the police station and locked up for five hours. The next day, the reporters would swarm to report negative news about him.

The headline was,”Republican presidential candidate, the Secretary of State, arrested for drunk driving!”

Mu li urged him to stop the car and switch seats with him. She heaved a sigh of relief after she got into the driver’s seat and continued driving.

Yin Zhan sat in the front passenger seat and unbuttoned his tight collar, revealing his strong pectoral muscles. He saw her frown and relaxed. He could clearly see her worry.

“Why are you so nervous? What does my drunk driving have to do with you?” didn’t you say it yourself? you’re my fiance in name. If you’re found out, I’ll lose face.

so, you know that I’m your fiance in name?” Yin Zhan said coldly..

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