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Chapter 776 - 776: The Heaven Alliance Members Have Arrived

Chapter 776: The Heaven Alliance Members Have Arrived

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After dealing with these disciples, Chu Bai returned to his room alone.

He did not dare to be so brazen now.

“Now that so many people have died in the sect, and almost all of them have something to do with me, I’m afraid 1’11 soon be suspected.”

Chu Bai sat in his room drinking tea while thinking about his future. He should be noticed soon, and that so-called sect master should come looking for him. He had to think of an escape route immediately.

Chu Bai opened the map and looked at the nearby coordinates carefully. He had already found a good place to teleport to.

As long as they came to kill him, he could hide in that position. There should be no problem.

“Brother, I feel like I’ve improved a lot.” Liu Feixu was pleasantly surprised to see that her ability points had already reached 90 points.

“Oh? How did you suddenly improve so much?”

Chu Bai looked at the little girl in surprise. He did not understand why she had suddenly improved so much. She had not improved before.

“I used all that money to buy what 1 needed,” Liu Feixu said embarrassedly. It seemed that she had spent all the money to buy cultivation techniques.

Chu Bai shook his head helplessly. It seemed like this little girl was eager to improve.

It was just that in the current situation, even if she improved like this, the effect would not be very great.

“You shouldn’t live with me for the time being. Take some money and find a place to live. It’s too dangerous to live with me.”

Chu Bai gave Liu Feixu some money again. After all, he would definitely be suspected soon. The rest of the matter would not be so simple.

“Brother, I don’t want to leave. Anyway, I don’t think I understand those things. After leaving you, 1 won’t be able to learn anything.”

Liu Feixu had already thought of her future path. It seemed that this little girl was also very smart. Indeed, she would not be able to learn anything if she was alone.

She would not be able to learn anything if she stayed here alone.

“Alright, then you have to be prepared to run away at any time. Moreover, if necessary, I’ll run away alone.” Chu Bai immediately reminded the little girl, hoping that she would understand him.

Liu Feixu nodded to show that it did not matter. Anyway, as long as she could learn more and have a smoother journey in the future, it was fine.

After Chu Bai rested for the night, he brought Liu Feixu to attend the morning class the next day.

During the morning class, Li He’s gaze was very unfriendly. He no longer had the kind expression from yesterday because more than ten rookies had suddenly died today. This was simply unforgivable to him.

“I think you’ve all heard the news. Recently, the sect is filled with danger. It’s best if everyone doesn’t go out. 1’11 also send out patrols. If anyone goes out and is discovered, they’ll bear the consequences.

“1 said that you’ll bear the consequences, but basically, 1’11 attack you directly.” Li He left a harsh sentence and turned to leave. Today’s morning class ended on a bad note.

Chu Bai could not be bothered with this matter. He had already gotten what he wanted anyway. Since he could not go out at night, he would go out during the day.

Chu Bai waited until noon and left the Cloud Sky Palace with Liu Feixu. The two of them returned to the fishing village near the coastline.

“Brother, why did we come here? Is there something going on here?” Liu Feixu looked at him in confusion. Why were they here all of a sudden?

This was the place where they had met before. It was just that Chu Bai did not notice her at the first moment.

“I’m waiting for my people. They’ll be here soon. Things will be much simpler then.”

Chu Bai had already seen the message sent by Playboy and the others. They had already entered the route of this continent and would arrive in about an hour.

“Your people? Could it be that you’re also the leader of a sect?” Liu Feixu blinked her eyes curiously at Chu Bai. After all, a force with so many people must not be simple.

“That’s not it. It’s just that they’re all people who will listen to me.”

Chu Bai did not know how to explain himself, so he stood at the side and waited awkwardly.

Finally, an hour passed very quickly, and a ship could be clearly seen coming from the distant coast.

The ship did not seem big, and it could only hold a few hundred people at most.

“Guild Leader, we only had one ship come first. The rest are still being built.” Playboy jumped off the ship and said directly. It seemed that they had wasted a lot of time to build this ship.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as they come. Remember, the strength of the people here is extraordinary. It won’t be easy to deal with them,” Chu Bai reminded everyone again and again, hoping that they would understand.

However, no one seemed to mind. Seeing Chu Bai doing so well, the situation here must be very optimistic. What danger could there be in such a situation? “What a cute little kid. Where did you find her?” Follow the Strong deliberately emphasized the word ‘kid’, but in fact, she was already a girl.

The meaning of Follow the Strong was obvious. Chu Bai had kidnapped a child again.

“She’s already 15 years old, and don’t look down on her. I’m sure this little girl’s strength is slightly stronger than yours.”

Although Liu Feixu’s cultivation was not that good, because of this mainland, the people’s overall strength was definitely far superior to theirs.

Playboy was obviously in disbelief. He planned to fight Liu Feixu. The other members also looked over. Everyone wanted to know their strength and rank.

Liu Feixu looked at the people around her with some fear. However, with Chu Bai’s encouragement, she seemed to look at them with more determination.

“Just fight with him and see how strong you are. They need to know that they can’t have the same attitude as before.”

With Chu Bai’s words, Liu Feixu immediately ran up and waved her little fist at Playboy.

The moment Follow the Strong saw this scene, she reacted quickly and healed Playboy.

Playboy looked at his HP bar in shock and almost cried. This was a HP bar that had already been healed.

“Liu Feixu doesn’t know any combat skills, so you’re very lucky that you didn’t die.. Do you still think that this place is easy?”

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