Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 2269 - 2269: Two years, a huge increase in strength

Chapter 2269: Two years, a huge increase in strength

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“Come and save me!”

The evil god race member roared and called for the others to come and save him.

One of the evil god race members who was fighting Bai tai had the combat power of a rank six true Emperor. He abandoned Bai tai and charged toward Lu Ming. The other evil god race member with the combat power of a rank seven true Emperor continued to fight Bai tai.

Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzzz!

The evil god race member that was charging toward Lu Ming was thin and small. He had four arms and was extremely fast. He flashed in the void and charged toward Lu Ming.

Lu Ming immediately took out the fallen star bow!

Lu Ming had achieved his goal in this battle. There was no need to delay any further.

With the breakthrough in Lu Ming’s laws, the power of the fallen star bow had become stronger.

Zhao Fu sent his law power and world power into the fallen star bow, and an arrow that gave off nine colors shot out like a comet.

what?! the small evil god race member was shocked. He waved his four arms continuously, and the four sharp blades slashed out in an attempt to block the nine-colored arrow.

Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzzz!

With four consecutive explosions, the four sharp blades of the thin evil god race member were knocked away. His body trembled violently as he retreated.

Although he managed to block a portion of the Arrow’s power, he didn’t block it completely. The arrow didn’t stop and continued to shoot.


The thin evil god race member was directly pierced through by the arrow, leaving a huge hole in his body. The destructive power of the arrow had already wiped out his life force.

Currently, Lu Ming’s combat strength had already reached the peak of a fifth stage true Emperor. It was not difficult for him to shoot a sixth stage true Emperor to death with the fallen star bow.

At the sight of this, the evil god tribe member who was injured by Lu Ming earlier was almost scared to death.


Lu Ming put away the fallen star bow and charged at him. This time, he did not spend much effort to kill the other party.

At this moment, the evil god tribe member who was fighting with Bai tai was shocked. It was simply unbelievable.

Two sixth stage true Emperor experts from the evil god race were actually no match for a void Emperor and were killed by him. He almost thought that he was dreaming.

Distracted, he was hit by Bai Tai’s move and was sent flying, spitting out blood.

Bai tai would not let go of such an opportunity and took the opportunity to launch a storm of attacks.


The evil god tribe member tried his best to attack before turning around to escape.

Lu Ming took out the fallen star bow and shot it.


The evil god race member was pierced by an arrow and was on the verge of death. Bai tai, who had rushed over, seized the opportunity and killed him with a single sword strike.

All three members of the evil god race had been killed.

&Nbsp; the two of them kept the evil god race’s storage bracelets and crystal cores and left the area. They hid in another secret place and checked their spoils.

In this battle, Lu Ming had obtained two storage bracelets. In addition to the previous storage bracelets, Lu Ming checked them one by one.

“The world core!”

Lu Ming’s eyes lit up. He found five pieces of the world core in his storage bracelet.

Generally speaking, only true Emperor realm experts with stable small worlds could obtain the complete world core after killing them.

After the evil god tribe killed the true Emperor from the heaven realm, they returned with the world core to receive their reward.

The realm core was very useful to the beings in the heaven realm.

As long as the nomological laws on the world core were removed, the energy of the world core could be directly absorbed and refined. It could be used to condense a small world and improve cultivation.

Of course, if the other party’s world core’s nomological laws were exactly the same as your own, then congratulations, the effect would be even greater.

However, the higher-ups of two world city had a rule that on the battlefield, people from the heaven realm were not allowed to kill each other. Therefore, if they wanted to obtain the world core, they could only do so from the evil god tribe.

The evil god race would hunt down heaven realm experts and obtain the world core. As long as they killed the evil god race, they would be able to obtain the world core.

He took out the world core and put it away. He checked the other things and put them away.

“Lu Ming, these three world-cores are for you!”

At this moment, Bai tai had also finished counting. He took out three pieces of the world-core and handed them to Lu Ming.

“Senior, you…”

Lu Ming was slightly stunned.

take it. You’re so young and have unparalleled talent. Your future is limitless. I’m different. I’ve used up all my potential. It’ll be very difficult for me to improve. I’ll just keep some for myself. I might as well give you the resources!

Bai tai smiled.

“Senior, how can this be!”

Lu Ming refused.

take it. My ancestors were from the Hunyuan heavenly region. When the Hunyuan heavenly region was invaded by the alien races, my ancestors fled to the taiqing heavenly region. For so many years, the Bai family has been fighting the alien races in two world city. Almost all of our ancestors died in the battle. The purpose of my life is to hunt the alien races!

however, with my talent, my achievements are limited. The number of alien races I can kill is also limited. In the future, I’ll still have to rely on a genius with endless potential like you. Take it!

Bai tai said.

Looking at the old man’s sincere and expectant eyes, Lu Ming could not refuse and accepted the three world cores.

After that, they set up an ambush here. However, it was a pity that they did not see a single member of the evil god race for three consecutive days.

Lu Ming simply took out a piece of the world core and started refining it.

The surging energy was refined and turned into a part of Lu Ming’s small world.

His world power was increasing rapidly.

These world-cores were left behind by low-level true emperors. Their energy was limited and it was impossible for Lu Ming to improve by leaps and bounds. However, the speed of his improvement was very shocking.

Lu Ming’s cultivation level was rapidly advancing towards the peak of the five-star illusionary Emperor stage.

In the next half a month, Lu Ming refined five pieces of the world core. His cultivation had reached the peak of the five-star illusionary Emperor stage.

For the past half a month, they had not encountered a single member of the evil god race.

The two of them planned to leave this place and set up an ambush elsewhere.

The two of them concealed their auras and ran carefully.

Unfortunately, they were ambushed by the evil god tribe a few hours later.

This time, the opponents were very powerful. There were three seventh stage true Emperor powerhouses. Lu Ming took out the fallen star bow immediately and killed one of them. The other two escaped.

In this battle, Bai tai was seriously injured. They found a hidden place and Bai tai healed himself.

After Bai Tai’s injuries recovered, they continued to hunt down the evil god race.

In the following days, Lu Ming was on the true Emperor battlefield. Together with Bai tai, they continued to hunt and be hunted. Every once in a while, they would encounter a huge battle.

Time flew by. Lu Ming had been fighting in the battlefield of the true emperors for almost two years.

In the past two years, Lu Ming had experienced 56 battles. There were a few times when he almost died and was almost forced to use the celestial Thearch’s physical body.

The rewards he received from dozens of life-and-death battles were shocking. Lu Ming improved very quickly.

The law of devouring, the law of extremity, the law of craftsmanship, and the law of alchemy had all reached the second realm.

Only the life law and the penetration law had not broken through.

However, Lu Ming felt that it would be soon and he could break through at any time.

Lu Ming’s cultivation had also reached the peak of the six-star illusionary Emperor stage. He was just a step away from breaking through to the seven-star illusionary Emperor stage..

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