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Chapter 311 Qualifier Finals XXVIII

Playing swift one-two passes, opposing players after regaining control of the ball immediately started their counter-attack. From defenders to attackers, everybody got involved in this one last struggle as they all moved forward for an all out attack.

On the other hand, upon witnessing this hordes of players charging towards them like enraged wild beast, players of Japan started to panic as they all began to fall back. Simply keeping watch on the player close to them wasn't enough.

If they wanted to stop this tsunami like wave which was rushing towards them at a threatening pace with outrageous strength then they ought to be willing to put their bodies on the line while at the same time keep their mind open-minded. Anything could happen in this moment.

A simple carelessness could very well deter the outcome of the game.

Not only the players on the field but even the people outside the field, everybody became extremely tensed as the match entered it's climax. Tightly clenching onto their seats, several fans while holding onto their breath watched this scene anxiously.

Takeshi, Suzuki and Kenta all of them were trying their absolute best to win the ball back. However despite their desperate efforts, opposing players were still retaining the position of the ball with their excellent coordination and footwork.

Right now, their whole team had united for a greater cause— to score a goal and sent the game into extra time. Not only the players but the entire fanbase of the opposing team had united and were all rooting for their players.

"Don't stop...."

"Go team go..."

Right now with score at 3-2, the stadium was erupting with every passes and every tackles. Elongated shadows of the players on the field was ever changing just like their movements.

Given the looks of the players, anxiousness and resolve was flashing in their desperate eyes. With neither side backing down, the situation in the field was getting dire with every passing seconds. Even the air around the stadium right now was thick with anticipation.

The sounds of the drums and cheers were raging louder than ever. Truly the game had entered it's climax.

All of a sudden, the already intense game became even more intense as the opposing midfielder sent the ball rolling towards the left flank. Along the way as the ball got past the reach of several players, it left a bitter taste in the mouth of every opposing player who failed to stop the ball.

Rolling at an lightning speed, the ball then found itself at the feet of Lee Jun, one of the opposing winger of the South Korean team with quick reflexes and lightning fast footwork.

Upon witnessing this scene several fans of Japan who were already on their toes became even more anxious as dark shadow started looming over their seemingly anxious face.

Quickly to recover this mistake, Japan's right-back rushed towards the direction of the ball with the sole intention of intercepting or preventing Lee Jun from moving forward. He wanted to snap this danger called Lee Jun as fast as possible.

Thus despite him being already on the verge of collapsing, he moved his legs as fast as he could to reach Lee Jun before he could cut in or make a pass. Every single step he took felt like he was walking on fire, still that didn't stop Takumi from making his move.

But Lee Jun was no fool as well. He had noticed the sprint of Takumi from the moment he had started his sprint. Even so, he didn't have any intention of making an error. Right now, he couldn't see any of his teammates free which meant he needed stall for time.

However stalling for time at this stage was like a double edged sword. As much as it could slice through his enemies, it could also slice him.

They were simply rushing against the time. If he hogged onto ball for even a second more than the time he could hog onto the ball, then the final whistle was bound to be rung. Thus not only he needed to stall time for his teammates to free themselves, he also needed to keep track of the time.

Right now, even after receiving the ball, he was under great pressure. As much as this moment could make him a hero, it could also turn him into villain.

But as the saying goes, "The greater the risk, the greater the benefit"

Steeling his mind, Lee Jun then charged forward with unwavering determination. Immediately in no time, he caught up to Takumi who was rushing towards him with the sole intention of stopping him from moving forward.

If situation required it, Takumi was even prepared to use his body as meat-shield or a human barricade to stop Lee Jun. However fouling him at this location had much greater risk than reward. Sure a tactical foul could put a stop to this threatening Lee Jun.

However they had already experienced the brilliance of Park Seung-Gyu. If he got an opportunity in this position, for sure he'd convert the freekick. And Takumi wasn't willing to take that risk.

Intending to stop him from advancing forward, while making use of his physique Takumi tried to interject Lee Jun. And although Lee Jun was a fairly good dribbler, Takumi's defending couldn't be taken lightly either.

But the next instant as Lee Jun got close to Takumi, instead of trying to dribble past Takumi or passing the ball to one of his teammates, he kicked the ball forward where seemingly no-one from either of the team was present.

This action greatly shocked Takumi as he couldn't help himself from looking at the ball with frantic look on his eyes.

However the next instant as he was about to rush towards the ball, his pupils constricted as he noticed the figure of the person who a moment ago was behind him but now was sprinting in front of him.

Wasn't he behind me? Now why is he infront of me? When did he got past me?

Several questions started popping one after other while he moved his legs to try to keep up with Lee Jun whose back was the only thing which he could see at this moment.

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