My Rich Wife

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: A Unique Girl

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Yan Ruoxue put on a smile on her face.

Yet, it was terrifying in Lei Hu’s eyes.

”Damn! This chick is hot! Hey girl, do you wanna have some fun with us?” one of Lei Hu’s subordinates taunted.

”I will kill you if you dare to touch her!” Qin Yu shrilled.

”Haha! Brother Hu, did you hear what he said? This lad must be tired of living!”

”Brother Hu, this chick is really fine! Let us do it with her!”

Those ruffians were ogling at Yan Ruoxue.

However, Yan Ruoxue fixed her eyes on Lei Hu expressionlessly without saying a word.

Even Qin Yu felt a little nervous in the presence of her domineering aura.

After wiping the sweats off his forehead, Lei Hu turned around and slapped his subordinate on his face.

”Off with your vulgar request!” Lei Hu yelled.

All of his men were dumbfounded.

What has gotten into brother Hu? Why did he lose his temper all of a sudden?

Yan Ruoxue shot Lei Hu a look and remarked, “Lei Hu, I commend the bravery of your men!”

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Lei Hu immediately fell to his knees hard without hesitation.

Then he stammered, “D-don’t worry. I-I’ll definitely tear his mouth open.”

Yan Ruoxue snorted, “What about you?”

Upon hearing that, Lei Hu shivered in fear.

Gritting his teeth, he took a knife out of his pocket and stabbed himself in the thigh without delay.

”I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know that Qin Yu belonged to you. Please forgive me,” Lei Hu pleaded with a terrified look as he endured the pain.

Glancing at him, Yan Ruoxue rebuked, “Scram!”

”Yes. I’ll leave at once.” Lei Hu struggled to get to his feet before dragging himself towards the van and climbing clumsily into the vehicle with his leg injured.

His underlings were stupefied at the turn of events. All of them left the scene in a hurry without saying a word.

The main entrance fell into silence once again after the van sped off.

Qin Yu was stunned as he stared at Yan Ruoxue blankly. His heart was pumping with mixed emotions.

Just who was Miss Ruoxue? Why would Lei Hu be so afraid of her? Those were the questions running through his mind at that moment.

”What’s going on?” Yan Ruoxue reverted to her cheeky self.

Tiptoeing, she patted Qin Yu’s head and asked, “How did you cross people like that?”

Qin Yu raised a wry smile. “It’s a long story.”

”Okay,” Yan Ruoxue responded and contemplated.

”Miss Ruoxue, you’ve helped me again. I really don’t know what I can do to thank you,” Qin Yu sighed.

After pondering, Yan Ruoxue suggested, “Hmm. Why don’t you treat me to a meal? What do you say?”

Qin Yu was dazed for a moment.

Yan Ruoxue is only asking for a meal in return for all her favors?

”Is it a no-go?” Yan Ruoxue added, seeing that Qin Yu remained passive.

Qin Yu finally regained his composure and nodded. “Okay, sure. But I’m penniless right now, so I can only prepare the meal myself.”

”That’s alright. I’m not a picky eater,” Yan Ruoxue noted.

With that, both of them strolled back to the villa.

On the other hand, Lei Hu had already arrived at the hospital.

”Brother Hu, who is that chick? Why were you so afraid of her?”

”I second that. Even if she is the daughter of Jiangcheng’s mayor, you don’t have to be so fearful.”

Lei Hu looked ashen. Fear was still lingering in his heart as he recounted the scene that played out earlier.

”The mayor couldn’t even match up to her. He is only worthy of serving her beverages in her presence,” Lei Hu explained in dismay while wiping the sweat off his forehead.

He had witnessed the prominent figures of Chuzhou bow their heads before her.

He had seen with his own eyes the elites of Jiangcheng without the right to even converse with her.

”Could it be that she is the one from Jingdu?” Lei Hu’s subordinate put two and two together.

Lei Hu wore a wry smile and lamented in a forlorn tone, “Damn it! We’re in deep sh*t now! What do I do?”


At the villa in the center of Dragon Paradise, Qin Yu prepared two bowls of noodles and a plate of pickles for themselves.

”There’s only noodles left at home. I hope you don’t mind it,” Qin Yu said while placing the bowl before Yan Ruoxue.

After catching a whiff of the noodles, Yan Ruoxue commented in astonishment, “Wow! It smells good!”

Qin Yu scratched his head in embarrassment.

After living in the Su family as a househusband for three years, he had honed his cooking skills to near perfection.

Yan Ruoxue was satisfied with the taste of the noodles after digging into the food.

Wiping her mouth, she gave Qin Yu a thumbs up and commended, “You’re really a man full of surprises. I never expected your cooking skills to be this good.”

Qin Yu forced a smile and bemoaned, “What is in it for a man who is great at cooking? I’ll still be worthless if I remain broke.”

Su Yan had repeated those words to Qin Yu more than once.

”Who said so?” Yan Ruoxue rolled her eyes, so much so that they almost went behind their sockets.

”The ability to make money is never the criteria of judging a person’s worth,” Yan Ruoxue went on with a stern look.

Qin Yu was shocked to hear that.

He could not believe that someone would affirm him like that.

It had never crossed his mind that someone like Yan Ruoxue would exist in his life.

The stark contrast between the two women blew Qin Yu’s mind away.

”You really are an unusual woman!” Qin Yu exclaimed.

”Likewise, you’re quite exceptional yourself,” Yan Ruoxue replied.

At that, she changed the topic abruptly by pointing at the empty bowl before her and requested with a grin, “Can I have seconds?”

Qin Yu was dazed for a while before nodding. “Okay. I’m on it.”

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