My Rich Wife

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Do You Think You Deserve It?

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Yan Ruoxue only had one simple motive.

She wanted to place Qin Yu in the eye of the storm of Jiangcheng and prove to Su Yan that he was not a good-for-nothing.

Needless to say, Yan Ruoxue would give up on Qin Yu if he could not handle the pressure.


In the evening, Qin Yu carried the herbs he had bought earlier and prepared to return home.

When he arrived at the main entrance of the residential area, he noticed Yan Ruoxue standing there.

Adorned in a white dress, her long hair flowing in the cooling evening breeze, she caught the attention of everyone who passed by.

Upon seeing that, Qin Yu rushed towards her hurriedly.

”Miss Ruoxue, what brings you here?” Qin Yu asked.

Yan Ruoxue rolled her eyes and replied, “To come and visit you, of course.”

Feeling a little flattered, Qin Yu scratched his head, as he did not know what to say in response.

”What are you carrying?” Yan Ruoxue asked after noticing the herbs in Qin Yu’s hand.

”Ah. I’ve gotten myself some traditional Chinese medicine,” Qin Yu answered.

Yan Ruoxue took the bag of medicinal herbs from Qin Yu’s hand and questioned in a joking manner, “So, Doctor Qin, who are you gonna treat this time?”

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Scratching his head, Qin Yu chuckled, “These are not for treatment. Um, I don’t know how to explain this to you...”

Yan Ruoxue caught a whiff of the medicinal herbs and commented, “These herbs have lost their medicinal effects, right? Why did you buy them?”

Qin Yu opened his mouth, but no words came out of it.

”Or perhaps you didn’t have enough money?” Yan Ruoxue cast a knowing glance at Qin Yu as though she knew his current miserable state.

Qin Yu nodded in awkwardness.

Yan Ruoxue chuckled and threw the bad of medicinal herbs into the trash can.

”I will send you some another time,” Yan Ruoxue uttered.

Qin Yu shook his head and declined, “No, please don’t, Miss Ruoxue. I already owe you too many favors.”

Yan Ruoxue rolled her eyes and said, “You can pay me back after you become rich.”

Qin Yu forced a smile and asked, “What if I remain broke all my life?”

”Nonsense.” Yan Ruoxue hit Qin Yu’s head.

”I believe you will become someone extraordinary in the future.” Yan Ruoxue stared at Qin Yu with her big doe eyes full of sincerity.

Qin Yu’s eyes became watery upon hearing that. Tears nearly ran down his face.

Since young, almost everyone deemed Qin Yu as a useless worm. Hence, no one ever had faith in him like that.

Qin Yu’s heart was full of gratitude after hearing Yan Ruoxue’s words of affirmation.

”Thank you, Miss Ruoxue,” Qin Yu said while rubbing his eyes. He was touched.

Yan Ruoxue asserted casually, “A man must not cry that easily.”

”Okay!” Qin Yu nodded vigorously.

At the same time, a van sped up toward them from a distance away.

The van came to a stop in front of Qin Yu, and a dozen bulky men got off the vehicle with wooden bats in their hands.

The leading figure was a middle-aged bald man with an iconic scar on his face.

That man was the infamous Lei Hu of Jiangcheng, who went by the name of brother Hu.

”Miss Ruoxue, please get inside immediately,” Qin Yu turned to gaze at Yan Ruoxue and instructed.

Yan Ruoxue laid her eyes on those people but did not show a hint of fear.

”Are they here for you?” Yan Ruoxue asked in curiosity.

Feeling anxious, Qin Yu responded, “Miss Ruoxue, I will explain it to you later on. Please leave this place quickly.”

Yan Ruoxue remarked nonchalantly, “Oh well. I’m just a frail woman. I’m sure they won’t try to harm me.”

Overwhelmed with nervousness, Qin Yu stood before Yan Ruoxue to protect her subconsciously.

A warm feeling swept across Yan Ruoxue’s heart when Qin Yu did that. At once, her opinion of him improved even further.

Hiding behind Qin Yu, she peeked at the bunch of ruffians.

Soon, Lei Hu led his subordinates and strode toward Qin Yu.

Holding a bat in his hand, he scrutinized Qin Yu before asking, “Were you the one who hit Zhao Gang?”

Qin Yu drew in a deep breath and answered honestly, “He was the one who started it first.”

Lei Hu piped in vexation, “Quit rambling! If he hits you, then serves you right! You should just bear with it without retaliation!”

Qin Yu stated, “The law doesn’t work like that in this world!”

”Hahaha!” Lei Hu and his men burst into a chortle upon hearing his remark.

”Hey brother Hu, I think this lad has gone cuckoo! The law? Who gives a sh*t about the law?”

”You said it! Brother Hu is the law here!”

Lei Hu tapped Qin Yu’s shoulder and taunted, “Let me tell you a fact, you rascal! The one with the strongest punch is the law!”

Qin Yu was brimming with fury at that point. But he could not hold his own against a dozen of hooligans before him.

Lei Hu stared at Qin Yu and remarked with a frivolous attitude, “I’ve got a good idea. I will consider letting you off the hook if you grovel at my feet. How does that sound?”

Qin Yu shot Lei Hu a dark look and yelled, “Hell no!”

”No?” Lei Hu’s expression immediately turned sour after hearing that.

Waggling his fingers as a signal, his underlings move toward Qin Yu.

”Well, then I guess I have to break your legs so that you will be on your knees for the rest of your life!” Lei Hu yawped.

”Do you think he deserves to kneel before you?”

Suddenly, a woman’s voice could be heard from behind Qin Yu.

Following that, Yan Ruoxue peered at Lei Hu in amusement.

Qin Yu’s face turned pale. Then he interjected in a panic, “Lei Hu, I’m the only one who was involved in this matter! Leave her out of this!”

”Miss Ruoxue, please leave here at once!” Qin Yu hurried in perturbation.

Yan Ruoxue shook her head and continued to rest her eyes on Lei Hu.

Lei Hu rubbed his eyes the moment he saw Yan Ruoxue.

Dread was written all over his face after he took in Yan Ruoxue’s countenance. His body began to tremble.

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