My Rich Wife

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Kneel Before Me and Apologize

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The secretary was dumbstruck. Although he could not comprehend the reason for Yan Ruoxue’s request, he dared not ask.

“All right, Miss, I’ll revoke the Zhao family’s invitation,” the secretary replied.

He speedily executed Yan Ruoxue’s order on the laptop.

“Hold on a second.” Yan Ruoxue had a sudden change of mind.

She commanded with a sly look on her face, “Don’t revoke their invitation.”

“Huh?” The secretary was confused.

Yan Ruoxue’s big dewy eyes shined as she murmured, “I can’t wait to see their reaction when they see Qin Yu at the banquet.”


Dragon Paradise was the most high-end residential area in Jiangcheng.

And the villa that Yan Ruoxue let Qin Yu stay in was in the center of that area.

Everything before Qin Yu’s eyes felt surreal as he gazed at the luxurious interior of the villa.

“I wonder who Miss Ruoxue really is,” Qin Yu stated.

Qin Yu knew that he could not live off others’ favors forever. Only after gaining sufficient power, wealth, and authority could he earn respect from people.

Wasting no time, Qin Yu sat in a lotus position on the sofa and closed his eyes.

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Golden flares lit up in his mind one after another.

Those lights contained sacred medical knowledge and cultivation methods—wisdom beyond anyone’s imagination.

Thirsting for knowledge, Qin Yu scanned through all the information thoroughly. Soon, he realized that the sacred medical knowledge contained information beyond his wildest dreams.

At the pinnacle of its prowess, not only could he cure illnesses, but also he could resurrect people.

On top of that, Qin Yu was confounded by what cultivation was capable of.

In the first level of the Qi Refining Stage alone, one could already run wild in the world without a problem.

One could be considered invincible when they reached the Foundation Establishment Stage. And their lifespan could be extended to several hundreds of years.

Qin Yu was gradually getting excited as he ran through the information. Glee was written all over his face.

“As soon as I begin my journey in cultivation, the Zhao family and other families will be irrelevant.” Qin Yu clenched his fists as he became filled with newfound confidence.

“Zhao Gang, Su Yan! Just you wait!” A gleam of frenzy flashed across Qin Yu’s eyes.

Wasting no time, he began to absorb nature’s spiritual energy all around him in accordance to the methods recorded in his memory.

With Qin Yu as the pivot, the spiritual energy around the residential area flowed toward him.

The spiritual energy seeped through the pores of Qin Yu’s skin and finally merged with his Qi in his dantian.

Qin Yu continued the process unceasingly with his eyes closed until sunrise the next day.

After opening his eyes, a cloud of turbid Qi came out of his mouth. Not only was he energized and refreshed, but also he did not feel an ounce of lethargy despite staying up the entire night.

“So this is the first level of the Qi Refining Stage, huh?” Qin Yu drew in a deep breath.

Clenching his fists, he could feel inexhaustible energy inside his body. A smile played on his lips upon realizing it.

Compared to the feeble person he was before, he could be considered a reborn man at his current stage.

Qin Yu then threw a punch at the boulder next to him.

Following a loud bang, the boulder turned into debris.

At this show of power, Qin Yu drew in a cold breath.

He did not expect his fist to produce so much power with just the first level of the Qi Refining Stage. He could not help but wonder just how much could he continue to grow.

The mere thought itself caused Qin Yu to be filled with ecstasy.

“It’s such a shame that the spiritual energy’s concentration level around this area is too diluted.” Qin Yu let out a deep sigh.

He had drawn in every drop of the spiritual energy around this area in one night. It was impossible for him to keep improving further.

According to the records in his memory, there was still another way to make progress other than absorbing nature’s spiritual energy. That would be through the use of herbs.

The older the herbs, the more spiritual energy they contained.

After some pondering, Qin Yu decided to head to the herbal pharmacy to procure a batch of herbs.

After rummaging in his pocket, he procured a sum of 132.

Looking at the meager cash in his hand, Qin Yu put on a wary smile.

Ever since Qin Yu was married to Su Yan, he turned in every cent of his salary to her. The amount of pocket money he received every month would depend solely on her mood.

If the total asset of a man in his thirties was only around a hundred plus, everyone’s jaw would drop as they burst into a chortle.

“It looks like cultivation requires a strong financial backing,” Qin Yu commented with a forced smile.

He left the house with only a hundred dollars’ worth of cash in his possession.

As he was strolling near the main entrance of the residential area, a Mercedes-Benz blocked his way.

The moment the car came to a halt, Zhao Gang and Su Yan could be seen getting out of it.

“Qin Yu, are you serious? How dare you stalk us all the way here?” Su Yan bellowed as soon as she got out of the car.

“What more do you want after signing the divorce agreement form? Do you think this is funny?” Su Yan added with disdain.

Qin Yu shot her a look and uttered, “Don’t flatter yourself.”

“I’m flattering myself, you say?” Su Yan pointed her finger at herself. She had a hard time holding back her laughter.

“You show up before me early in the morning, and you dare say that I’m flattering myself?” Su Yan jeered.

Zhao Gang, who was at the side, came up to Qin Yu and tapped his shoulder.

“Hey, man, Su Yan is mine! If you continue to play games with me, I’m gonna break your legs! You hear me?” Zhao Gang warned in a flippant tone.

Qin Yu was repulsed at the sight of the adulterers.

At that moment, he could not understand how he even put up with such a lousy woman and even stayed under the same roof with her for three years.

Drawing in a deep breath, Qin Yu mocked, “Don’t worry. I’m not interested in a hussy. Keep her to yourself.”

“What did you just say? Who are you calling a hussy?” Su Yan roared in rage like a shrew.

Zhao Gang immediately moved forward and stopped Qin Yu in his tracks.

Then he bawled, “Qin Yu, are you tired of living? Apologize to my wife! Otherwise, I will surely break your legs! Consider yourself warned!”

Qin Yu shoved Zhao Gang’s hand away, clenched his fists, and remarked, “I will also grant you a chance to kneel before me and apologize! Do it, and I will let this slide!”

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