My Rich Wife

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Remove Them From the List

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Qin Yu felt a little awkward.

He knew very well in his heart that they would definitely humiliate him when he returned home.

Qin Yu did not want anyone to witness his most embarrassing state.

However, Yan Ruoxue seemed to read Qin Yu’s mind.

She uttered with a smile, “Regardless of the difficulties, they will remain insurmountable until you’ve faced them, right?”

Taking a deep breath, Qin Yu nodded. Then he led Yan Ruoxue as they strode toward the main entrance.

All the Su family members were gathered in the living room.

Zhao Gang could be seen hugging Su Yan brazenly.

Not only did Qin Yu’s mother-in-law, Sun Yumei, not rebuke Zhao Gang, but she even poured the arrogant man a cup of tea.

Qin Yu lost his cool at the sight and clenched his fists.

Before he could speak up, Yan Ruoxue pulled his arm and shook her head.

Shooting Yan Ruoxue a glance, Qin Yu suppressed his wrath.

”Wow. You’ve found yourself a chick even before we’re officially divorced, huh?” Su Yan scrutinized Yan Ruoxue in displeasure.

Although Su Yan had no feelings for Qin Yu, the former was extremely upset to see her soon-to-be ex-husband courting another woman in such a short time.

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On the other hand, Zhao Gang was ogling at Yan Ruoxue with drool almost leaving his lips.

The lady before his eyes was too captivating for him to avert his gaze away.

Her figure, countenance, and temperament were far too alluring — she was irresistible.

Su Yan, who was beside him, paled in comparison.

”This person is my friend. You better not disrespect her,” Qin Yu warned coldly.

Su Yan let out a snort and disregarded Qin Yu. Then she ridiculed, “Tsk! Tsk! Sis, you really are a fool. To think that you would pick up a scrap that I discarded. Don’t you know that he is a spineless worm?”

Yan Ruoxue was unaffected by the remark. Running her fingers through her hair, she riposted casually, “Only an unsophisticated woman would leech off a distinguished man. I’m nothing like you.”

Su Yan was burning with fury upon hearing that.

”Why, you little!” Su Yan was trembling in outrage, but she could not think of a single thing to say in refute.

Zhao Gang was salivating over Yan Ruoxue. It was impossible not to lust after a beauty like her.

”Miss, you don’t seem to be an average jane. And if you don’t mind my asking, what do you do for a living?” Zhao Gang questioned with a smile.

After contemplating, Yan Ruoxue replied, “I’m involved in all sorts of businesses. Real estate, investments, e-commerce, and so on.”

”Real estate?” Zhao Gang’s eyes widened upon hearing that.

Feeling smug, he asked, “Miss, do you know that Jingdu’s Yan family is bringing in business opportunities to our city?”

Looking unfazed, Yan Ruoxue nodded. “I know.”

Zhao Gang went on in a narcissistic manner, “Truth be told, my family has gotten a deal with the Yan family. Miss, are you perhaps interested in a collaboration?”

Zhao Gang’s intention was obvious. He was luring Yan Ruoxue with the Yan family.

Not only did Yan Ruoxue not appreciate it, but she even let out a snicker.

”The Zhao family, right? Alright, I’ll remember it now,” Yan Ruoxue noted with a smile.

Thinking he had won her attention, Zhao Gang was on cloud nine. Taking out his business card, he said, “Feel free to contact me if you need anything.”

”What are you doing?” Su Yan chided in annoyance.

Zhao Gang let out a cough and returned to the sidelines.

Grabbing the divorce agreement form, Su Yan slammed it on the table before Qin Yu.

”Sign it, and we are done,” Su Yan snorted.

Clenching his fists, Qin Yu glared at Su Yan and piped, “Su Yan, you will regret this one day!”

”Quit it, will you?” Su Yan huffed in irritation.

With that, Qin Yu remained silent and grabbed the pen to sign his name on the papers. Then he pushed the documents back to her.

”I swear I will make both of you adulterers kneel before me and apologize!” Qin Yu bawled with bloodshot eyes. He would never forget the humiliation on that day.

Su Yan and Zhao Gang burst into laughter after hearing that.

”What a fool! We’re signing a deal with the Yan family soon, and we’ll climb our way up to become the richest in Jiangcheng! What about you? You’re nothing but an incompetent scum!” Su Yan taunted.

Taking in a deep breath, Qin Yu took Yan Ruoxue’s hand and turned around to leave while remaining silent.

Qin Yu could not hold back his overflowing animosity after getting in the car.

Gritting his teeth, he uttered, “Just you wait!”

With the knowledge he inherited from his father, Qin Yu was full of confidence.

At that moment, Yan Ruoxue queried, “Do you loathe them?”

Turning to gaze at Yan Ruoxue, Qin Yu forced a smile. “No sane man could be unmoved by a humiliation like this.”

Blinking, Yan Ruoxue contemplated.

In a short time, the car arrived at a residential area in the city center of Jiangcheng, Dragon Paradise.

Passing a set of keys to Qin Yu, she pointed towards a villa a stone’s throw away from them and explained, “You should stay here for now.”

Qin Yu was dumbfounded when he caught sight of the luxurious abode.

Shaking his head, he said, “Miss Ruoxue, this house is too big for me. I don’t deserve this.”

Yan Ruoxue shrugged. “This is the smallest property I own.”

Qin Yu gaped at her, feeling speechless.

Seeing that he had no place to go, he took the keys from Yan Ruoxue.

”Miss Ruoxue, I’ll never forget your kindness for as long as I live.” Holding the keys in his hands, Qin Yu looked determined.

Yan Ruoxue rolled her eyes and commented, “Take care of yourself first, silly.”

Yan Ruoxue sped off and left soon after.

At dusk, Yan Ruoxue came to a dinner party in a Maybach with Jingdu’s license plate.

Nearly all the prominent individuals of Chuzhou were gathered at the dinner. Even Jiangcheng’s richest was as insignificant as a server who refilled drinks for the guests.

Yan Ruoxue, with her hand on her cheek, was lost in deep thoughts during the journey to the banquet.

”Miss, do you really want to marry that worm?” her secretary blurted out.

Glaring at him, Yan Ruoxue answered, “To be honest, I kind of believe what grandpa told me earlier already.”

”What do you mean by believing in Old Mister Yan’s words?” the secretary questioned in concern.

”He is nothing but worthless scum. He is far too inconsequential in comparison with the young masters in Jingdu,” the secretary reminded.

Yan Ruoxue shook her head. “I don’t think so. Look, he’s a man with many skills at his command, yet he chooses to remain low-key. Besides, he did not ask anything from me in return for his favor, despite living in such a bad condition.”

”Tell me, what would you do if your wife humiliated you like that?” Yan Ruoxue queried.

The secretary furrowed his brows and snorted, “I would never forgive them for that.”

”See. That’s the normal reaction,” Yan Ruoxue mentioned.

”The fact that he did not ask for my help indicates that he’s a man with a spine,” Yan Ruoxue added with a wide smile.

The secretary mumbled, “Who knows if he will just bear with it silently and do nothing?”

”No. I know he will become someone significant in the future,” Yan Ruoxue declared with an air of expectancy.

The secretary forced a smile and scoffed, “In the future? Even if we were to give him ten lifetimes, I doubt he could even hold a candle to the young masters in Jingdu.”

”Don’t be so sure.” Yan Ruoxue shook her head and continued, “You should give the man a little time to prove himself.”

Following that, Yan Ruoxue changed the topic and asked, “Speaking of which, is there any company in our collaboration list that is run by the Zhao family?”

Switching on the laptop, the secretary ran through the list thoroughly and nodded. “Yes, Miss Ruoxue. There’s one. The Zhao family is pretty sincere. Furthermore, their company is considered one of the top in Jiangcheng based on their total annual revenue. This company is a pretty good collaboration partner.”

Having heard that, Yan Ruoxue ordered without hesitation, “Okay. Remove them from the list.”

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