My Rich Wife

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: I Refuse to Treat Him!

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Everyone froze when they heard what Qin Yu said.

Even Yan Ruoxue looked at Qin Yu in astonishment.

As far as she could remember, Qin Yu was a person who rarely lost his temper.

However, Yan Ruoxue immediately laughed out loud. It appeared that she was extremely pleased with Qin Yu’s reaction.

”Brat, what did you just say?!” Upon hearing this, Uncle Wu immediately went into a fit of anger.

The man under his command stepped forward and said in a cold tone of voice, “Do you know who Mr. Wu is? How dare you talk to him in that way?”

Upon hearing this, Qin Yu eyed them indifferently and retorted, “I told you that his status and position have nothing to do with me.”

”Originally, I warned him about his ailment out of the goodness of my heart, but your entitled attitude disgusts me. I refuse to treat him, so scram!”

Upon hearing this, the man under Uncle Wu’s command was instantly enraged. He took a step forward as he warned in a cold voice, “Treat Mr. Wu right now or I’ll kill you!”

”Is that so?” Qin Yu shouted. He decided to strike first and punched him in the face.

This punch sent the man flying. The impact even caused one of his teeth to fall out of his mouth.

”You!” He glared at Qin Yu in rage.

”Go back and train properly before you run your mouth,” Qin Yu warned in a cold tone of voice.

With that, Qin Yu turned and walked back into the house.

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With a bang, he slammed the door shut.

There was dead silence. Uncle Wu’s expression made it clear that he was feeling indignant.

However, because of the pain, he could only compromise.

”Ruoxue, is this the way one should treat their elders?” Uncle Wu took a deep breath and said.

Yan Ruoxue laughed and said, “Uncle Wu, now that you are the one begging others for help, you shouldn’t act so cocky and condescending.”

”I won’t interfere in what happens between you guys,” Yan Ruoxue said with indifference.

To prove her point, she got into the car and left the place.

Uncle Wu’s face contorted in pain as he covered his chest in agony.

However, Qin Yu paid no heed to the man.

Time passed by quickly — an hour came and went in the blink of an eye.

Eventually, Uncle Wu could not stand it anymore.

He went forward with difficulty and knocked on Qin Yu’s door. He said in agony, “Qin Yu, I was rude. Let me apologize to you...”

There was silence in the room.

Uncle Wu said in anguish, “Qin Yu, please just help me out. I really can’t take it anymore...”

”It’s my fault for being so full of myself...”

”Just help me for Ruoxue’s sake. I...”

Before Uncle Wu could finish his sentence, the door opened.

Qin Yu stood in the doorway with a pill in his hand.

”Take this pill and you will feel better.” Qin Yu tossed him a black, ugly pill.

Upon hearing this, Uncle Wu hurriedly picked up the pill and carefully examined it.

The pill was extremely unattractive and resembled sheep’s poop.

This led Uncle Wu to believe that Qin Yu was purposely toying with him.

”Qin Yu, are you certain that this can treat my illness...” Uncle Wu said hesitantly.

”Whether you believe it or not is up to you. If you don’t believe me, you can throw it away,” Qin Yu replied coldly.

The younger man closed the door again and went back to the room.

Uncle Wu stared at the pill. Even though he had doubts, he could barely think properly due to the pain. He decided to take a leap of faith.

Uncle Wu put the pill into his mouth and swallowed it.

The moment the pill entered his body, Uncle Wu felt a rush of heat.

The heat wandered through his body before congregating at his heart.

Very quickly, the pain at his heart began to subside.

In the span of a few minutes, Uncle Wu discovered to his amazement that the piercing pain in his heart had vanished completely.

Uncle Wu touched his chest in astonishment. “I can’t believe it... I’m cured?”

Who in the world was Qin Yu? How could he have such excellent medical skills?

Could it be that what Yan Ruoxue said was true?

”If you don’t need anything else, you guys may leave now.” Qin Yu’s voice sounded from the room.

At this moment, Qin Yu did not have any good feeling towards Uncle Wu. If not for Yan Ruoxue’s sake, he would not have helped the old man at all.

Uncle Wu opened his mouth but no sound came out. Instead, he simply shook his head.

”Mr. Wu, your illness must have been this kid’s doing! Otherwise, how could the hospital not be able to diagnose your pain? Furthermore, how is it possible that you became better just by taking a pill?” The person under Uncle Wu’s command accused Qin Yu relentlessly.

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