My Rich Wife

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Miserable Uncle Wu

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As much as Uncle Wu did not want to believe it, the excruciating pain in his body was unbearable.

Uncle Wu was driven to the hospital. However, the doctor’s examination at the hospital proved fruitless! The medical practitioners could not find out the root cause of his pain. All tests showed that Uncle Wu’s bodily functions were normal.

”This... How can this be?” Uncle Wu wore a gloomy expression, and the constant pain was making him sweat profusely.

This made him think of Qin Yu again.

”Drive to the Yan Family’s manor!” Even though Uncle Wu did not want to believe it, his pain made it impossible for him to think about anything else.

The car quickly drove towards the Yan family’s manor.

Yan Ruoxue sat in the manor sipping tea while enjoying the evening breeze.

”Miss Yan, isn’t it rather unwise to fall out with Mr. Wu over Qin Yu?” The secretary couldn’t resist cautioning her.

Yan Ruoxue gave him a look and said with a smile, “Why is it unwise? He is the one who will suffer a loss, not me.”

The secretary said with a sigh, “Although you are trying to protect Qin Yu, acting this way will only make Mr. Wu detest Qin Yu even more. It might even bring him some trouble...”

”Without trouble, how can he grow?” Yan Ruoxue said with a smile.

”Moreover, Uncle Wu will return,” Yan Ruoxue said calmly while looking towards the door.

As soon as the words left her mouth, Uncle Wu’s car pulled up in the driveway.

”See, he’s already back.” A confident smile formed on Yan Ruoxue’s lips.

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She put down the teacup in her hand and took the initiative to welcome him.

”Uncle Wu, what brings you back again?” Yan Ruoxue said with a smile.

Uncle Wu covered his chest and said in agony, “Ruoxue, hurry... Hurry up and tell Qin Yu to come and see me. Hurry up...”

Yan Ruoxue was not fazed and said with a casual smile, “Uncle Wu, isn’t it rude to ask Qin Yu to come over when you’re one asking for help?”

Uncle Wu’s expression changed. He was aware that Yan Ruoxue was deliberately giving him a hard time.

However, he had no other choice. Uncle Wu could only plead in agony, “I believe in him now. Can you bring me to see him please?”

”That’s too much to ask.” Yan Ruoxue did not look anxious at all.

Uncle Wu said in agony, “Hurry up. I really can’t take the pain anymore...”

Yan Ruoxue simply wanted to teach Uncle Wu a lesson and did not actually mean him any harm. She immediately brought Uncle Wu to the Dragon Paradise Villa.

They arrived at Qin Yu’s house, but after looking around, they could not find Qin Yu anywhere.

”Where is he?” Uncle Wu asked impatiently.

Yan Ruoxue shook her head and said, “I have no idea. I’ll call him.”

Yan Ruoxue took out her cell phone and called Qin Yu.

Unfortunately, Qin Yu’s phone was turned off.

”It’s turned off.” Yan Ruoxue said in a defeated tone.

Uncle Wu’s expression became very unpleasant. He felt like he could faint at any moment from the excruciating pain,

”Quickly find him!” Uncle Wu shouted frantically.

”Yes, Mr. Wu!” Uncle Wu’s men hurriedly ran out.

However, despite searching the entire Jiangcheng, they could not find Qin Yu.

This made Uncle Wu feel extremely frustrated. He said bitterly, “What can we do...”

The man working under him said indignantly, “Qin Yu must have done this on purpose. He’s really a scoundrel!”

Yan Ruoxue glanced at him and said with a grim snicker, “You guys didn’t believe in him at all yet you expected him to wait foolishly for you at home?”

”I...” Uncle Wu’s men were at a loss for words.

Qin Yu did not come back the entire night.

In that night alone, Uncle Wu passed out from pain a total of three times. The pain intensified with every passing second.

It was only in the wee hours of the morning did Qin Yu open his eyes.

”There is still not enough spiritual energy.” Qin Yu frowned.

He had practically sucked all the spiritual energy in his surroundings, but he was still unable to reach the third level of the Qi Refining Stage.

”In the future, cultivation will probably become increasingly difficult,” Qin Yu said with a sigh.

He washed up briefly before heading home.

When he arrived home, it was already eight o’clock in the morning.

When Qin Yu saw the guests at his home, he was surprised.

”Miss Yan, Uncle Wu! Why in the world are the both of you here?” Qin Yu exclaimed in shock.

Before Yan Ruoxue could say anything, Uncle Wu’s men shouted angrily, “Where the h*ll have you been? We’ve been waiting for you for the whole night!”

Qin Yu frowned with displeasure.

”I went out to attend to some business,” Qin Yu replied with an impassive expression.

”What business can you possibly have?” The man said through clenched teeth.

When he heard these words, the anger in Qin Yu’s heart intensified.

”If not for Ruoxue, I definitely would not let you off the hook! Quickly treat me!” Uncle Wu said furiously while glaring at him.

Qin Yu gave him a cold look and said, “Really? To tell you the truth, I only address you as Uncle Wu for Ruoxue’s sake. If not, you would be nothing to me! Your status and identity have nothing to do with me!”

”As for treating your illness, I’m tired now and don’t want to wait on you, so please get out of my house right now!” Qin Yu said in a cold voice.

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