My Rich Wife

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Flustered Uncle Wu

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Uncle Wu burst into laughter and said, “Ruoxue, do you truly believe this? If you do, don’t help him. We’ll see what he can accomplish without your assistance!”

The reason Uncle Wu targeted Qin Yu so aggressively was not only because he did not like Qin Yu, but also because he had a personal agenda.

The reason was that his late friend’s son has been in love with Yan Ruoxue for many years, but Yan Ruoxue always remained apathetic towards his affections.

However, Yan Ruoxue suddenly showed such interest in an ordinary man who had been married once. It was no wonder that he was upset.

Yan Ruoxue remained quiet for some time, then laughed lightly and said, “Uncle Wu, I won’t show mercy to anyone who tries to harm him.”

Yan Ruoxue’s tone was calm, but a layer of threat was weaved into her voice.

This was targeted at Uncle Wu.

Uncle Wu was no fool — he understood what Yan Ruoxue was suggesting.

He snorted and said, “It seems that you also think Qin Yu is no match for Shen Tian. Otherwise, why would you not have the guts to give them a fair fight?”

Shen Tian was the son of Uncle Wu’s old friend.

Hearing this, Yan Ruoxue could not help but laugh.

”So you’re referring to Shen Tian... I can agree to that,” Yan Ruoxue said with a shake of her head.

Uncle Wu froze and hastily asked, “Are you serious?”

”Of course,” Yan Ruoxue replied with a smile.

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”Indeed, Qin Yu isn’t on par with the gentries in Jingdu, but when it comes to Shen Tian... He can become a stepping stone for Qin Yu.” Yan Ruoxue sneered.

This comment infuriated Uncle Wu.

He scolded, “You look down on Shen Tian that much? Well, well, I’d like to see what Qin Yu can do against Shen Tian!”

After saying that, Uncle Wu turned his head and was ready to leave.

”Uncle Wu, the time isn’t up yet, so please pay attention to your health.” Yan Ruoxue reminded.

Uncle Wu stopped in his tracks and sneered, “I’m in good health, so Qin Yu doesn’t have to worry about it.”

After making this remark, Uncle Wu got into the car and set off back to Chuzhou.

”You will come back soon to beg him for help,” Yan Ruoxue murmured in a low voice.


Qin Yu was at home and was searching through the memories in his mind.

The inheritance left behind by his father was a genuine treasure trove.

”Other than relying on spiritual energy and pills, the other method is the formation,” Qin Yu mused.

Nowadays, spiritual energy has become extremely scarce, especially in the city.

Qin Yu had to use a formation to congregate all the spiritual energy in his surroundings into a single place.

By doing so, Qin Yu’s cultivation methods’ speed increased significantly.

However, with Qin Yu’s current skills, setting up formation was almost impossible.

Qin Yu took a deep breath and murmured, “I will rise to the top for sure.”

Throughout Qin Yu’s life, no one ever had any faith in him, nor did anyone ever give him any encouragement.

Yet, Yan Ruoxue believed in him so much, so Qin Yu did not want to disappoint her.

At nightfall, Qin Yu left the Dragon Paradise Villa’s neighborhood and came to the foot of a mountain.

This place had mountains and rivers, and the population was sparse compared to that of the city, so the spiritual energy was much more concentrated.

”This is it.” Qin Yu sat down next to a small stream.

After that, he closed his eyes as he started to take in the spiritual energy in his surroundings.

As he breathed in and out, the spiritual energy around him began to slowly coalesce.

With Qin Yu at the center, the spiritual energy formed a small vortex.

If someone passed by, they would be able to feel a slight breeze.

On the other hand, Uncle Wu’s car was slowly departing from Jiangcheng.

”Hmph, I’d like to see what Qin Yu is capable of doing,” Uncle Wu said indignantly.

The man beside him said with a forced smile, “Mr. Wu, Qin Yu is indeed a nobody, but if you anger the Yan family because of him, things would be bad...”

Uncle Wu waved his hand and said, “I have a sense of discretion. Now that the Shen family has been informed of this, I believe it won’t take long before Shen Tian arrives in Jiangcheng.”

”Shen Tian is far more outstanding than Qin Yu in many ways. I believe it won’t take long before Qin Yu backs off!”

In Uncle Wu’s opinion, Qin Yu was simply no match for Shen Tian.

As he was talking, Uncle Wu suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his heart. Although it was fleeting, Uncle Wu could not resist the urge to cough.

”Looks like I’ll have to smoke less in the future.” Uncle Wu did not think much about it and assumed it was because he had been smoking too many cigarettes recently.

The instant he put out his cigarette, the stabbing pain struck his heart again.

But this time, the pain was even more intense.

Uncle Wu covered his chest and said with a frown, “What... What’s happening?”

Before he could react, the pain struck again.

It felt like a million arrows had gone through his heart, which stung and itched at the same time.

An agonized expression appeared on Uncle Wu’s face as he covered his chest and said with difficulty, “No... Oh no...”

He was instantly reminded of Qin Yu’s cautionary words.

”Return to Jiangcheng immediately!” Uncle Wu shouted in a hurry.

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