My Rich Wife

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Make a Bet

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Su Yan glared at Qin Yu, confident that the mention of Lei Hu would intimidate Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nearly burst out laughing. Lei Hu was standing right next to him.

Lei Hu also felt puzzled. How did the conversation lead to him?

”What, are you afraid? Too late for that!” When she saw that Qin Yu did not say anything, Su Yan thought she had successfully intimidated Qin Yu.

”Scared?” Su Yan taunted. Qin Yu could not help but snicker.

”Afraid of what? Afraid that Lei Hu will trouble me?” Qin Yu asked in return.

Su Yan said proudly, “That’s right, Qin Yu. This is Jiangcheng! The Yan family, no matter how formidable they are, can’t possibly extend their influence here. If you still want to stay in Jiangcheng, behave!”

Qin Yu paid no attention to Su Yan, but turned his head to Lei Hu and said, “Mr. Lei, are you going to trouble me?”

Lei Hu hurriedly shook his head and smiled, “Mr. Qin, you must be joking. I’m here to ask for your help, so how could I possibly have the nerve to trouble you...”

Qin Yu glanced at Su Yan and said with a sneer, “Did you hear that?”

Su Yan was stunned as she sized up Lei Hu and muttered, “Who are you? Did I tell you to answer?”

Before Lei Hu could say anything, Lance could not help but interject, “He’s Brother Hu, Lei Hu!”

When she heard this, Su Yan’s expression changed dramatically.

”You... You are Lei Hu?” Su Yan gulped and looked extremely embarrassed.

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Lei Hu said in a cold voice, “Do you think I’m joking with you? Do you need me to call Zhao Gang?”

Su Yan shook her head quickly and said, “No... No need, Brother Hu, I... I’m just kidding. Excuse me, I’ll leave now...”

With that, Su Yan dragged Sun Yumei with her and fled.

When they were gone, Lei Hu tentatively asked, “Mr. Qin, do you want me to deal with those two?”

Qin Yu shook his head. “No need. I don’t want to waste any time on them.”

When Lei Hu heard this, he did not push the matter anymore.

After some thought, Lei Hu spoke up with a sly grin, “Mr. Qin, I would like to say one more thing. Sometimes, I think you’re too soft-hearted. To put it nicely, it’s indecisiveness, but to put it bluntly, it’s timidity... I hope you’re not offended.”

Lei Hu’s words reminded Qin Yu of something.

He stared at Lei Hu as he nodded and said, “Alright, thank you for the reminder. I will keep it in mind.”


Yan Family Manor.

Yan Ruoxue was sitting in the courtyard and having tea with Uncle Wu.

It was already the third day that Uncle Wu has been in Jiangcheng.

”Ruoxue, it looks like you’re in for a disappointment. I’m in good health.” Uncle Wu chuckled lightly as he moved his arms and legs freely.

Yan Ruoxue looked at Uncle Wu and said, “There’s no need to rush to a judgment of the situation.”

Uncle Wu frowned and sighed, “Ruoxue, the Yan family is one of the top gentries in the country. I really don’t know what you see in Qin Yu.”

”Sometimes, falling in love with someone is an instantaneous thing,” Yan Ruoxue replied softly.

When Qin Yu was mentioned, Yan Ruoxue’s eyes seemed to sparkle, and a smile broke her cold countenance.

Uncle Wu said with a light snort, “Ruoxue, I’m afraid you’ve misjudged the man! I’ve already had someone check him out.”

”He is nearly 30 years old and he has no achievements whatsoever. To put it nicely, he is an ordinary person, but to put it bluntly, he is a loser!” Uncle Wu said with a snort.

Yan Ruoxue’s eyes filled with discontent.

She set down the cup of tea in her hand and said in a gentle voice, “Uncle Wu, people in high-ranking positions are well-versed and perceptive. Are you aware that ninety percent of the people in the vast Yan country are ordinary? Do you know that 90 percent of the people in Pyro are ordinary? Are they all losers?”

”From my point of view, if a man is willing to be responsible, he is worthy of praise and recognition regardless of his mediocrity.”

She left Uncle Wu speechless.

”That’s true, but you’re out of Qin Yu’s league! Everything he has comes from you and the Yan family. If you leave Jiangcheng, Qin Yu won’t be able to survive longer than two days,” Uncle Wu said in a cold voice.

When she heard this, Yan Ruoxue simply laughed.

”Do you really think a city as small as Jiangcheng is enough to stop him?” Yan Ruoxue raised her eyebrows.

Uncle Wu snorted and retorted, “He’s a loser, so why do you say that he can’t be stopped?”

Yan Ruoxue pondered over it and said, “How about this, Uncle Wu, I’ll make a bet with you. In a month, Qin Yu will definitely impress you.”

”Beyond the small city of Jiangcheng, and even beyond Chuzhou, there is no one who can rival him!”

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