My Rich Wife

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Shameless Sun Yumei

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It seemed that even Yan Ruoxue did not expect Qin Yu to be so bold.

She stared at Qin Yu in astonishment without saying anything for a long time.

”Staying with me... It will be dangerous.” Yan Ruoxue stared straight at Qin Yu with her large eyes.

”I’m not scared!” Qin Yu’s gaze was extremely determined.

Yan Ruoxue shook her head with a smile and said, “Qin Yu, Jiangcheng is just a small, small place. You have not even seen how people in Jingdu do business. I...”

”So what if it’s Jingdu?!” Qin Yu cut off Yan Ruoxue.

”If I’m able to be with you, I won’t be afraid of anything!” Qin Yu’s tone was passionate.

Yan Ruoxue remained silent for a moment before patting Qin Yu’s head and smiling as she said, “I believe in you, but... I still need to see how you fare, and... I have to see if you can pass the test.”

”Test?” Qin Yu froze. He asked quickly, “What test? I’ll give it my best shot!”

Yan Ruoxue giggled and said, “You’ll find out later.”

”Your words are all that’s needed.” Qin Yu was so excited that he almost jumped up and down. He was extremely motivated at this moment.

He rose and said earnestly, “If you give me some time, I promise to become good enough for you! I will show the entire world that I like you! I will go to Jingdu, to the Yan family, and propose to you with sincerity!”

As she looked at Qin Yu’s confident appearance, Yan Ruoxue also began to feel emotional.

Men with confidence were the most attractive, and Qin Yu was no different.

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Yan Ruoxue glanced at Qin Yu and snickered as she said, “Okay, then don’t keep me waiting for too long.”

”I won’t!” Qin Yu nodded his head passionately.

Yan Ruoxue’s appearance in Qin Yu’s life had changed him completely.

When Yan Ruoxue was gone, Qin Yu sat on the ground and inhaled the spiritual energy around him.

But the spiritual energy in this area was too diluted, and throughout the night, Qin Yu’s strength did not make any progress.

But it wasn’t all for nothing. Ever since he set out on the path of spiritual cultivation, Qin Yu had the feeling that his state of mind was gradually changing.

His state of mind seemed to be incredibly strengthened and was completely different from how self-deprecating and cowardly he used to be.

”As the saying goes, the longer the path of cultivation, the colder one will be. This appears to be true,” Qin Yu thought to himself.

As he was preparing to go out, a car suddenly raced by.

Lei Hu stepped out from the car with his bodyguard, who was holding two gift boxes.

Qin Yu was a bit surprised. He had no interactions with Lei Hu, so why did he suddenly appear?

However, Qin Yu immediately understood.

People like Lei Hu almost always relied on connections to do business.

Now, his relationship with Miss Yan had already spread all over Jiangcheng. Lei Hu must have come here to butter him up.

Qin Yu rubbed his chin and thought, “Right now, I really would like someone to help me pluck a batch of medicinal herbs. Lei Hu would be a good candidate.”

”Mr. Qin!” Speedily, Lei Hu ran up to Qin Yu in a frenzy.

”Mr. Lei, what brings you here?” Qin Yu was surprised.

When he heard Qin Yu’s address, Lei Hu instantly felt flattered.

He immediately replied, “Mr. Qin, please call me by my first name. If not, I’ll be too burdened by the honor.”

Qin Yu did not dwell on this with him, and continued to ask, “What do you want to see me for?”

”Ever since I upset Miss Yan the other day, everyone in Jiangcheng no longer has the desire to do business with me... You know I have a bunch of employees, so if I don’t earn any profit, I’ll be in serious trouble...” Lei Hu lamented.

Qin Yu frowned and said, “If that’s the case, what do you want from me?”

Lei Hu placed his palms together. With a pleading smile, he asked, “Mr. Qin, if it’s all right with you, can you please put in a good word about me with Miss Yan so that she can let me off the hook...”

”Of course, you will get something out of it as well. I’m willing to give you ten percent of the profit!” Lei Hu said with a pat on his chest.

Qin Yu pondered over it for a moment and said, “Ms. Yan won’t necessarily do what I say.”

”What are you talking about? Everyone in Jiangcheng is privy to the relationship between you two. If you put in a word, Ms. Yan would definitely agree!” Lei Hu said hurriedly.

Qin Yu remained quiet for a moment, then said audaciously, “Okay, I will give it a try, but... I want thirty percent of the profit.”

Qin Yu really needed money, and after recent events, Qin Yu also realized that being too soft-hearted would make it hard to establish himself in this business world.

Lei Hu frowned and said through gritted teeth, “Fine! I will give you my word!”

Lei Hu looked at the bodyguard beside him and yelled, “Place the gifts inside the house for Mr. Qin!”

”No, just leave it here.” Qin Yu took the gifts and turned to look at Lei Hu’s bodyguard.

This bodyguard was sturdy and serious. From his scent, it was obvious that he was a practitioner.

”Mr. Qin, this is Lance, my personal bodyguard. As you know, people like me are always in danger, so I have to be on my guard.” Lei Hu, noticing Qin Yu’s gaze, explained.

Then, Lei Hu said proudly, “Lance is also a disciple of Lincheng’s Mr. Lin!”

”Lincheng?” This name was rather unfamiliar to Qin Yu.

”Yes, Lincheng’s Mr. Lin, who is deemed the number one martial art practitioner in Jiangcheng!” Lei Hu said with a smile.

Jiangcheng’s number one martial arts practitioner? This title was a bit surprising to Qin Yu.

”Then... If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving,” Lei Hu said.

”Wait a moment,” Qin Yu called out to Lei Hu.

He said in a hushed voice, “I do have a favor to ask you.”

”Mr. Qin, ask away! I won’t refuse if it’s within my ability!” Lei Hu patted his chest and said.

Qin Yu said in a hushed voice, “I need some herbs. The more the better, and the older the better.”

Lei Hu was stunned. He asked with some confusion, “Mr. Qin, what do you need herbs for?”

”I will tell you the details later,” Qin Yu said, waving his hand dismissively.

”All right, it’s no problem.” Lei Hu hurriedly nodded his head.

Just as the words left his mouth, someone else walked in the door. Sun Yumei and Su Yan were walking through the doorway and were looking around.

From the looks of it, Su Yan even made a special effort to dress up. She wore a super short pink skirt paired with a tiny tank top that barely covered anything. On her legs were black silk stockings.

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