My Rich Wife

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Miss Yan, Can You and I be Together?

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The Su family members were stunned, especially Su Wen and Sun Yumei. Their faces expressed total disbelief.

Sun Yumei waved her hand dismissively. “Zhao Gang, you must have lost your mind. Why would the Yan family choose Qin Yu?”

Unless the Yan family were blind, it was not a possible decision.

Zhao Gang looked at Sun Yumei with cold eyes and said, “I did not want to believe it either. But the Yan family did choose Qin Yu.”

Su Yan added with reluctance, “Do you still remember the girl Qin Yu brought home a few days ago? That girl was Miss Yan.”

The sound of the news from the television interrupted Su Yan.

The news media was reporting on the Yan family banquet.

They could see Qin Yu standing on the stage, speaking confidently with composure.

Most shockingly, Zhao Gang also appeared on the screen.

The embarrassed and regretful look on his face was even more obvious under the spotlight.

“Damn it!” Zhao Gang stood up in anger.

He finally realized why there was a spotlight on him.

The purpose was for everyone in Jiangcheng City to view him as a hypocritical and contemptible scoundrel.

Sun Yumei’s face was painted with misery. “How... How could this be possible?”

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Su Wen also sat in silence with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Qin Yu is not worthy of this!” Sun Yumei said through clenched teeth.

Clenching his teeth while holding his cellphone tightly in his hand, Zhao Gang wished to crawl into a hole.

Sun Yumei suddenly thought about something. “This is terrible! Now that the Yan family has chosen Qin Yu, will he retaliate against us?”

Su Wen’s face also turned dark after hearing her words.

“He will never let us go...” Su Wen started to feel frightened after thinking about all the sarcastic words they shot at him earlier.

Sun Yumei suddenly thought about Old Mister Su. “Quick, go talk to your father. He will know what to do!”

Old Mister Su was the only person that treated Qin Yu like a human being. He might be able to beg him for forgiveness.

The whole Su family rushed to Old Mister Su’s room.

Old Mister Su was sitting inside his room feeling upset.

Qin Yu’s departure was also a big blow to him.

“Dad, stop mourning. Please speak to Qin Yu and ask him for forgiveness for all our sakes.” Sun Yumei eagerly asked.

Old Mister Su was confused about what was going on.

Sun Yumei hurriedly said, “Well, I don’t know how to explain it in such a short time.”

Su Wen stated, “Basically, we must obtain Qin Yu’s forgiveness as soon as possible! It would be even better if we can get him back into our household!”

Old Mister Su could not help but shake his head.

Qin Yu made a firm decision when he left. Old Mister Su understood that he would never come back.

Old Mister Su weakly waved his hand. “You were the ones who forced him to leave. Do you think he will come back here just because you ask him to?”

“Just try to talk to him. If he does not come back, it will be the end for our Su family!” Su Wen looked alarmed.

Old Mister Su ignored him.

He waved his hand and murmured, “Let it be! Let it be! This is destiny. I should never have selfishly brought him into our Su family in the first place.”

What goes around comes around. Old Mister Su had already seen it through.

Sun Yumei responded with anger, “You are useless when we need you!”

“Never mind, I will go. I will do it myself. I refuse to believe that he will reject me!” Sun Yumei said resolutely.


Meanwhile, Qin Yu was sitting in the courtyard of Dragon Paradise Villa in a daze.

Qin Yu felt uncomfortable about how the Su family treated him.

Qin Yu had no feelings towards the Su family anymore. He only felt unspeakable disgust and revulsion toward them.

Qin Yu quickly stood up.

He looked into the distance and murmured, “I will never be as cowardly as I used to be.”

Things in the past are beyond redemption, but we can pursue what lies in the future.

Yan Ruoxue’s car suddenly drove into the villa at that moment.

Yan Ruoxue walked out by herself when the car came to a stop.

When Qin Yu saw Yan Ruoxue, it brought a smile to his face and swept away the dark thoughts in his mind.

He stood up and rushed over to greet her. He said with surprise, “Miss Yan, what brings you here?”

Yan Ruoxue smiled while taking a good look at Qin Yu, “How do you feel today?”

Qin Yu pondered for a bit and said, “Feel? To be honest with you, it was my first time being the center of attention, and also the first time I got a taste of what it feels like to be respected.”

Yan Ruoxue burst into a chortle.

She stood on tiptoes, patted Qin Yu’s head, and said, “Do you know that with greater attention comes greater risks?”

“Risks?” Qin Yu frowned, unable to comprehend what she was saying.

Yan Ruoxue explained, “Do you know why Uncle Wu targeted you like that today? He was looking down on you.”

“Uncle Wu would not be the only one who does so. Now that everyone knows about my relationship with you, more people will deliberately try to find fault with us.”

Qin Yu did not make a sound.

He stood there, pondering for a moment, and said jokingly, “Do you mean... Like a love rival?”

“To hell with you!” Yan Ruoxue gave Qin Yu an angry stare.

Yan Ruoxue stated in a strict tone, “But... What you said makes sense.”

Qin Yu smiled bitterly. He had undoubtedly thought about the consequences.

Since Yan Ruoxue was such an exceptional girl, countless people with social and political influence were gunning for her.

Even though Qin Yu and Yan Ruoxue were not in an official relationship, it was pretty clear that Yan Ruoxue favored Qin Yu.

“Are you afraid?” Yan Ruoxue blinked and asked.

Qin Yu looked at Yan Ruoxue with a steadfast expression. “As long as I can be by your side, even if there is extreme danger awaiting me, such as a mountain of swords or a sea of flames, a dragon’s pool or a tiger’s den, I will not be scared!”

The atmosphere turned intense — there was an ambiguous tension in the air.

Yan Ruoxue’s eyes were clear like water. Her long hair flowed in the wind, gently brushing Qin Yu’s face.

A touch of charming red surfaced unexpectedly on Yan Ruoxue’s cheeks.

Qin Yu boldly asked, “Miss Yan, can you and I be together?”

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