My Rich Wife

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Su Family Received a Shock

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Qin Yu did not want to argue with the Su family, but they crossed the line.

Even a clay figure had a temper — Qin Yu was no exception.

Su Wen and Sun Yumei were stunned for a split second before laughing out loud.

Sun Yumei laughed so hard, her hands were holding her stomach and tears were in her eyes. “Did you hear what he just said? He claims that the Yan family has chosen him. I’m going to die laughing!”

Su Wen displayed the same attitude. He mockingly said, “You might get picked if the Yan family meant to find a maid. Unfortunately, they are looking for a talented person with exceptional ability, not a worthless loser!”

“Maybe you can beg Zhao Gang to let you work as a maid. At the very least, you won’t starve to death, don’t you agree?”

Qin Yu’s expression turned even colder from looking at the pair’s disgusting faces.

He changed his mind about not making a big deal out of it and sat on the sofa.

Sun Yumei let out a high pitch scream, “Did I allow you to sit?”

Qin Yu sneered, “For the past few years when you ordered me to stand, I would not dare to sit. When you told me to go east, I would not dare to seek the west.”

Qin Yu added in a cold voice, “Do you remember anything good about me? You only regard me as a loser with no guts.”

He finally realized that the world showed no mercy to honest people. Kinder people tend to be the ones bullied.

Su Wen stood up at once as if he was about to attack.

Zhao Gang shouted impatiently, “That’s enough! Shut up right now!”

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Su Wen was stunned and glanced at Zhao Gang. He felt that Zhao Gang was acting slightly out of character.

Even so, Su Wen obeyed and quietly sat on the side.

Zhao Gang took a deep breath and said with a forced smile, “Qin Yu, It was all my fault. Please do not stoop to the same level as me. We should keep in touch in the future...”

Su Wen and Sun Yumei could not understand what they just heard.

Zhao Gang usually had a bad temper; what made him a completely different person today?

Qin Yu stared at Zhao Gang and said coldly, “You stole my wife and took over the family I was with the past three years. Are you telling me to let go of all the shame you put me through?”

Qin Yu said coldly, “Unfortunately, I am not that generous.”

Sun Yumei stared and said, “Qin Yu, you should feel ashamed of yourself.”

Zhao Gang also felt unhappy about the situation but did not dare act up.

Zhao Gang said with conviction, “Qin Yu, I will give you back your home and walk away right now if you wish!”

Qin Yu sneered, “Give me back my home? Do you still consider this place my home? I feel sick having to spend even one second here.”

Zhao Gang’s facial expression changed, and he started to feel a bit angry.

Qin Yu took a deep breath and elaborated, “Zhao Gang, I made it very clear to you at the banquet.”

Qin Yu stood up slowly from the sofa. “I do not want to have anything to do with any of you anymore. But I will remember all the things you have done to me.”

He did not want to spend any more time in this house.

“Qin Yu!” Zhao Gang shouted just as Qin Yu was about to step out of the house.

Qin Yu paused and asked with a cold voice, “What else do you want?”

Zhao Gang clenched his teeth and said, “What exactly do you plan to do to us?”

Qin Yu replied with a cold voice, “You should think about it yourself.”

Qin Yu strode away from the Su family without looking back.

Zhao Gang was furious. His face turned cold and pale. However, an intense fear almost brought him to the point of collapse.

“Zhao Gang, what is the matter with you?” Su Wen frowned.

Sun Yumei mumbled, “He’s right. Why did you have to beg a loser like him?”

Zhao Gang remained silent with his head down.

Seeing Zhao Gang not uttering a word, Sun Yumei turned to look at Su Yan on the side.

Sun Yumei asked, “Su Yan, what’s going on? What happened?”

Su Yan opened her mouth but did not know how to explain what happened.

At that moment, Zhao Gang raised his head.

He felt a bit tired and said, “Do you know who the Yan family selected this time?”

Su Wen smiled and said, “It has to be you! If not for you, how could we, the Su family, get invited?”

“Exactly! If not you, who else could it be? Qin Yu? Ha!” Sun Yumei could not help but laugh out loud.

However, Zhao Gang stared at Sun Yumei and said somberly, “The Yan family chose Qin Yu.”

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