My Rich Wife

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: I am the One Chosen by the Yan Family!

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Qin Yu’s disgusted facial expression intensified when looking at his ex-father-in-law and ex-mother-in-law.

He could not comprehend how their three-year relationship could be this fragile.

Qin Yu took in a deep breath and said, “I am here to see Grandfather.”

Su Wen sneered and responded, “My father does not need your visit. Get out of here right now!”

Faced with their clamoring, Qin Yu had a lot of mixed feelings.

If it were him in the past, Qin Yu would have evaded cowardly. But he no longer wished to live like a wimp.

“What are you staring at? Why don’t you get out of here right now?” Su Wen pointed to Qin Yu’s nose and cursed.

As Qin Yu was about to respond, Zhao Gang drove over.

Sun Yumei and Su Wen rushed to greet Zhao Gang when he arrived.

“Well! My dear son-in-law, how was the banquet today?” Sun Yumei eagerly asked.

Su Wen also smiled and said, “I heard that the Yan family would be supporting a young man in Jiangcheng. No doubt, the person must be you, my most outstanding son-in-law!”

Zhao Gang was completely silent with an awful look on his face.

Sun Yumei was puzzled and asked, “Son-in-law, why don’t you say something?”

Su Wen grabbed Zhao Gang’s arm and said, “He must be too happy to speak! Come on, let’s get a drink to celebrate!”

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“Damn it!” Zhao Gang pushed Su Wen’s hands away.

Su Wen was stunned and somewhat a bit embarrassed. “What... What is going on now?”

Zhao Gang had a lot of mixed feelings. He did not utter a word but only stared at Qin Yu.

A few days ago, Qin Yu was merely a loser that he taunted as he wished. Overnight, his identity changed to become the most distinguished guest of the Yan family.

Zhao Gang felt utterly fed up. But due to the Yan family’s backing, he did not dare show any disrespect.

“I got it now!” All of a sudden, Sun Yumei clapped her hands in realization. “Are you upset with Qin Yu here? No worries. I will get him out of your sight right now!”

As soon as she finished talking, Sun Yumei ran in front of Qin Yu and scolded, “My son-in-law has come home. Why don’t you get out of here?”

Su Wen waved her fist and threatened, “I’m warning you, you better not mess with my son-in-law. Otherwise, I will make you pay!”

Qin Yu’s patience had reached its limit. He was not an ingrate person like the Su family, let alone a bastard.

Facing the people he had spent so many days and nights together with, Qin Yu found it difficult to treat them heartlessly.

He tried to hold back his anger and said, “I have stated my case. I am only here to see my grandfather.”

Su Wen yelled, “Bullsh*t! Who cares about your visit?”

However, Zhao Gang, who was not far away, suddenly ordered, “Let him in.”

Su Wen and Sun Yumei were stunned when they heard his words.

They scratched their ears, wondering if they had heard him wrong.

“Son-in-law, why should you let him in? Don’t worry, I will...”

Zhao Gang shouted and interrupted Sun Yumei, “I said let him in!”

Sun Yumei froze, overwhelmed with embarrassment.

Su Wen spoke with excitement, “My son-in-law is so soft-hearted! Never mind, I am in a good mood today. Haha! Just let him in.”

Sun Yumei said with threatening gestures, “You brat, you should be thanking Zhao Gang for everything! Do you understand?”

Qin Yu did not respond but walked straight into the Su house.

Zhao Gang was left behind with a deathly pale face.

Zhao Gang had a straightforward idea in mind. Perhaps, everything would be okay if he apologized to Qin Yu.

“Why do I have to apologize to such a loser?” The more Zhao Gang thought about it, the more humiliated he felt.

But things had come to the point where he had no other choice.


After arriving at the Su house, Qin Yu gave Old Mister Su the Soul Nourishment Pill.

Qin Yu quietly looked at Old Mister Su and said, “Grandpa, this may be the last time I come to see you.”

Old Mister Su’s wrinkled face expressed a hint of sorrow, but he soon let go of the sadness.

Old Mister Su sighed and said, “I have to apologize to you, Qin Yu.”

Old Mister Su could not help but tear up. “I married you into the Su family thinking that you would bring good luck to us. You have been humiliated due to my selfishness.”

Qin Yu did not utter a single word. Of course, he knew all about it.

Old Mister Su elaborated, “I had my fortune told. I predict that my life is coming to an end. I have very few days to live.”

Old Mister Su held Qin Yu’s hands tightly and begged, “Can you forgive Su Yan and me?”

Qin Yu stayed silent for quite a while, but in the end, he shook his head and stated, “What comes around goes around. She has to be responsible for what she has done.”

“I will never forgive Su Yan.” Qin Yu walked out of Old Mister Su’s room after saying those words.

The Su family was still gathered in the living room, focusing on Zhao Gang.

Sun Yumei spoke impatiently, “Are you done? If so, get out of here!”

Su Wen sneered, “It always makes me so angry looking at a worthless loser like you! You have wasted our three years.”

“Take a good look at Zhao Gang. He is the chosen one by the Yan family! Now take a look at yourself. Your only worth is doing laundry and cooking.”

Qin Yu initially wanted to ignore them. But he could no longer bear it after hearing those words.

He looked at the Su family coldly and spoke each word bitterly, “Loser? Let me tell you something. I am the one chosen by the Yan family, not Zhao Gang!”

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